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Membership Restored

May 6, 2013

My full membership to Unity of New York, A Spiritual Center for Creative Living, has been restored. The church has 248 members and 2,000 on the mailing list, typically 5-600 for Sunday services (held at Symphony Space, which has 756 seats). We would have 250, but I learned at yesterday’s membership meeting that someone forged documents, and his membership was revoked, and his wife’s membership was suspended. This was a big disappointment for the minister, who married them (this congregation is only 14 years old). I guess e-mailing the choir about housing when you’ve lost your out of state job isn’t exactly on the level of misrepresenting the entire church an an illegal fashion to get us office space we own rather than rent.

Perhaps I’ll be allowed back into the choir next season, although choir rehearsal and housing committee meetings of Picture the Homeless overlap.

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