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Chronological Resume


Freelance Creative Artist various

Research, Writing, Directing, Editing, Composing, and Web Design 1998 – present

• Clients have included R.L. Migdal Creative Multimedia/Bank Street Bookstore (Bronx/New York, NY), Bolt Web Solutions (Brooklyn, NY), Best Real Estate Service (Great Neck, NY), WFYI-PBS (Indianapolis, IN), Uzo/Cold Grey Studio (Jamaica, NY), Harry S. Robins (San Francisco, CA), Tony Bennett/Bennettech (Staten Island, NY), Philomena Muinzer/Pennant Books (London, UK), Always Your Choice (New York, NY), Remilon (Mountain View, CA), JB Productions (New York, NY), Big Shoulders Productions (Chicago, IL), Docuwriter/Ace Hardware (Indianapolis, IN), The Baum Bugle/The International Wizard of Oz Club (Alameda, CA), Film Score Monthly (Los Angeles, CA), Video Watchdog (Cincinnati, OH), Robert Rini/Stage Actors’ Workshop (Indianapolis, IN), Sharon Jean Hamilton (Indianapolis, IN), Bobbie Horowitz Productions (New York, NY)

• Created three stage plays, five screenplays, a novel, an opera, and shorter works of fiction, non-fiction, and drama.

• Wrote a screenplay based on an orally-delivered outline by the director.

• Produced, wrote, and edited segment for Across Indiana, WFYI’s Peabody award winning documentary series

• Generated SEO-driven content.

• Wrote press releases and documentary narration.

• Edited video and audio content with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.

• Researched and wrote on a variety of topics including film, literature, juvenile literature, music, hooliganism, health, education, home improvement, technology, real estate, and cookware.

• Indexed commercial catalogs.

• Created websites using Unix editors, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Flash.

• Created specialized MySpace pages on health topics.

• Directed and assistant directed stage productions.

69 Productions/Maruti Transit Jacksonville, FL

Research/Administrative Assistant 10/11 – 05/12

• Edited and revised master’s level material into doctoral dissertation.

• Video editing on Final Cut Pro.

• Researched details on film festivals worldwide.

• Dispatched paratransit vehicles using telephone and CB radio.

• Calculated mileage and fuel use of vehicles.

• General office duties, Word, Excel.

Motéma Music New York, NY

Proofreader and Administrative Associate 07/11 – 10/11

• Edited album cover music videos on Final Cut Pro.

• Researched African and Asian Studies departments at universities throughout the world for tours by Randy Weston and A Moving Sound.

• Proofread and corrected liner notes and press releases for all albums released during the period of my employment.

• General office duties, Word, Excel.

Champion Learning Center New York, NY

Freelance Tutor (seasonal) 12/10 – 06/11

• Tutored students in grades 7-10 in English/Language Arts and Mathematics.

Boricua College Brooklyn, NY

Freelance Adjunct Professor/Tutor (English Composition) 09/09 – 02/10

• Tutored students in English composition.

• Promoted to adjunct professor in 10/09, teaching one first year composition course. Kane Holdings New York, NY

Project Manager 01/07 – 02/08

• Wrote “Old Into Gold” column for print magazine, DOTmed Business News

• Researched health news and wrote articles for DOTmed News website.

• Interviewed clients for exclusive articles for website and magazine.

• Typing dictation for the company president.

• General office duties, message delivery, liaison with corporate attorney.

The Employment Line, Snelling Personnel Staffing, et al. (temporary agencies) New York, NY

Proofreader and General Clerical Work 05/05 – 12/06

• Clients included Morgan Stanley (Jersey City, NJ), Housing Works Thrift Shop Administrative Offices (New York, NY), and Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services (Staten Island, NY), among others.

• Proofread documents for discrepancies and name changes.

• Typing dictation of psychological reports.

• General office duties, Word, Excel, Filing.

CUNY Research Foundation Staten Island, NY

Academic Advisor (temporary), The College of Staten Island 12/04 – 02/05

• Customer service: assisted freshmen and sophomores as to general education requirements.

The Bronx Opera Bronx, NY

Singer 02/04 – 05/04

• Cover for Dottore Grenvil and bass chorus in La Traviata.

ETS Princeton, NJ

Scoring Supervisor (freelance/seasonal) 06/03 – 09/03

• Supervised up to six other employees.

• Scored short answer and essay portions of standardized educational examinations.


Certificate in Web Page Design from New York City Department of Education 2011

Master of Arts in Cinema and Media Studies (GPA: 3.5) 2005

The College of Staten Island/The City University of New York

Bachelor of Arts in English (GPA: 3.5) and Communication Studies (GPA: 3.0) 1999

Indiana University – Purdue University at Indianapolis


• Adobe Certified Associate, Web Communication using Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe Systems Incorporated, 7547604 July 2011

• Adobe Certified Associate, Rich Media Communication using Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe Systems Incorporated, 7646745 July 2011

• Adobe Certified Associate, Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Systems Incorporated, 7646947 July 2011


• Typing 60 WPM

• Movie Magic Screenwriter


• Final Cut Pro

• Adobe Premiere

• Chyron

• Quark Xpress

• Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, FrontPage


The Frederick E. Otto Fiction Award, The International Wizard of Oz Club Away from the Prosaic Gas-Light: A Theatrical Celebration of the Works of L. Frank Baum 2001




  • Editor, promotional videos, Bank Street Bookstore/R.L. Migdal Creative Multimedia, October 2012:
  • Writer/Cinematographer/Director/Editor, 2005 16mm short film, “Broken Panes,” starring Jacqueline Milena Thompson
  • Writer/Director/Videographer, Oz En Gage, 2004 documentary featuring Mimi Kennedy, John Fricke, and Sally Roesch Wagner
  • Writer/Producer/Editor, WFYI/PBS segment, “On the Trail of John Hunt Morgan,” February 3, 2003:

  • Co-Writer/Director/Videographer, 1998 short video The Quest for _____ starring A.K. Murtadha

Web Design


Articles (print)

  • “Old Into Gold” columns for DOTmed Business News, September 2007-February 2008
  • “A Revised and Expanded Oz Filmography” [edited by Marc Berezin] The Baum Bugle 48: 1 (Spring 2004), 11.
  • “Who Says Obscure Video Is Dead?” Video Watchdog 106 (April 2004), 80.
  • “Ease on Down the Groove,” Film Score Monthly 3: 6 (July 1998), 35.


Articles (online)


SEO Writing




  • “The Garden of Meats” (short story, 2011)
  • “For Guy Maddin” (silent film treatment, 2010)
  • [title not public] (opera (music and adaptation), 2009-2010)
  • [title not public] (screenplay, 2008-2009), contracted by Cold Grey Studio
  • The Sketch (screenplay, 2004)
  • Misused Minds: Curse of the Educated Youth (stage play, 2002-2004)
    • Poem from the play:
    • The Life of Timon of Athens (Shakespeare screen adaptation, 2001)
    • Away from the Prosaic Gas-Light: A Theatrical Celebration of the Works of L. Frank Baum (stage play, 2000—winner: Frederick E. Otto Fiction Award, 2001)
    • What Killed Bartók (stage play and screenplay, 2000)
    • “BasCelik: A Folk Tale from Serbia” (short play for shadow puppets, 1999)
    • “The Hollow People” (short screenplay, 1999)
    • [title not public] (epic-length screenplay, 1997-1999)
    • Dhyrak: A Dramatic Work for Three Players and Camera (short screenplay, 1999)
    • Tip of Oz (novel, 1998)
      • Essay on Dario Argento’s film, Phenomena, for an edited book (1996)
  1. It’s actually an interesting resume… Not sure why all these people didn’t adopt you and make you a partner or whatnot…. USA really sucks… Not sure how to fix it… The oligarchy wants personal service while they collect their 17% yearly earnings on mutual funds, ie. covert stealing.

  2. Do you ever call your old clients and employers and ask if they can use your services? Maybe they actually miss you. Could happen.

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