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Phil Hardy’s Science Fiction

Although I did make a list of omitted films (the first leaf is missing, and it starts with Death Ray (Gianfranco Baldanello (1967)), pre-internet, Phil Hardy’s The Overlook Film Encyclopedia: Science Fiction (originally published in Britain by Aurum as The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Science Fiction) was one of the most comprehensive guides to the genre from 1895-1995 (earlier editions were published in 1984 and 1991). Other volumes include The Western, Horror, and The Gangster Film. I have The Western because I got a really good price on it*, but still don’t have the others. Hardy died unexpectedly in 2014 at the age of 69. Although he was the editor and not the author (at least not exclusively–contributors included Denis Gifford, Anthony Masters, Paul Taylor, and Paul Willemen), there are enough film websites that it seems unlikely another book encyclopedia will arrive. Not every film covered here was marketed as science fiction, and sometimes not all films in a series (e.g. James Bond) are included for lacking science fiction content (I don’t understand the omission of George A, Romero’s Day of the Dead when the others are included–it’s more SF than Night, and any SF content in Dawn is carryover from the previous film). Foreign language films in which the original title was not known to the editors are rendered in italics. Stylistically, they conform to my other lists with director and year in parentheses. Some titles have been silently corrected, and sometimes I’ve included additional aka titles if they were common home video releases.

Unlike other lists, I’ve seen so many films in the encyclopedia that here I will list the films I still have not seen: it will make for easy cut and paste when and if I do. (Many I want to see; some sound awful, and I couldn’t care less.) I’m trying not to request so many from the public library so that I have time to watch VHS and DVD in my collection that I never have, although to my credit, most of those listed here came in partially watched collections

Hardy says he lists the films by release year (although other sources show that he used the copyright year in some cases, which is often the previous year for films released early in the year, Metropolis being a classic example–the world premiere was January 10, 1927, but it is often called a 1926 film, including by Hardy), and alphabetically within the release year.

(I have attempted to view all listed films through 1904 that I had not previously seen via YouTube.)

Chirurgien Americain/A Twentieth Century Surgeon (Georges Méliès, 1897) [lost]
Gugusse et l’Automate/The Clown and the Automaton (Georges Méliès, 1897) [lost]
Les Rayons Roentgen/A Novice at X-Rays (Georges Méliès, 1897) [lost]
The Sausage Machine (American Mutoscope and Biograph Company, 1897)
Un Bon Lit/A Midnight Episode (Georges Méliès, 1899) [possibly lost; possibly misidentified]
La Pierre Philosophale/The Philosopher’s Stone (Georges Méliès, 1899) [lost]
The X-Ray Mirror (Wallace McCutcheon, 1899)
Coppélia ou la Poupée Animée/Coppelia the Animated Doll (Georges Méliès, 1900) [lost]
A Jersey Skeeter (Arthur Marvin, 1900)
The Elixir of Life (James A. Williamson, 1901)
The Marvellous Hair Restorer (James A. Williamson, 1901)
The Unclean World/The Suburban-Bunkum/Microbe-Guyoscope (Percy Stow, 1903)
The Voyage of the Arctic/The Adventurous Voyage of the Arctic (Walter R. Booth, 1903)
El Hotel Electrico/The Electric Hotel (Segundo de Chomon, 1905)
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea/Amid the Wonders of the Deep (Biograph, 1905)
La Dirigeable Fantastique/Inventor Crazybrains and His Wonderful Airship/The Fantastical Airship (Georges Méliès, 1906)
The Doll Maker’s Daughter (Lewin Fitzhamon, 1906)
How to Make Time Fly/The Girl That Made Time Fly (J. H. Martin(?), 1906)
The Modern Pirates/The Raid of the Armoured Motor (Arthur M. Cooper, 1906)
The Pill Maker’s Mistake (Lewin Fitzhamon, 1906)
Rescued in Mid-Air (Percy Stow, 1906)
Voyage Autour d’une Etoile (Gaston Veile, 1906)
Le Ceinture Electrique/The Wonderful Electric Belt (Romeo Rosetti, 1907)
Deux Cent Milles Lieues sous les Mers ou le Cauchemar d’un Pêcheur/Under the Seas (Georges Méliès, 1907) [only fragment survives[
Dr. Skinum (Wallace McCutcheon, 1907)
Hair Restorer (Lewin Fitzhamon, 1907) [Hardy found no credits.]
Liquid Electricity/The Inventor’s Galvanic Fluid (J. Stuart Blackton, 1907)
La Lotion Miraculeuse/The Hair Restorer (Pathé Frères, 1907)
Love Microbe (Wallace McCutcheon, 1907)
The Mechanical Statue and the Ingenious Servant (J. Stuart Blackton, 1907)
Le Tunnel sous la Manche/Tunnelling the English Channel (Georges Méliès, 1907)
Work Made Easy (J. Stuart Blackton, 1907)
The Airship/100 Years Hence (J. Stuart Blackton, 1908)
An Animated Doll (George Spoor, 1908)
La Cuisine Magnetique (Segundo de Chomon, 1908)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Selig Films, 1908)
The Doctor’s Experiment/Reversing Darwin’s Theory (Gaumont Films, 1908)
Energizer (Wallace McCutcheon, 1908)
Galvanic Fluid/More Fun with Liquid Electricity (J. Stuart Blackton, 1908)
The Invisible Fluid (Wallace McCutcheon, 1908)
The Man Who Learned to Fly (Lewin Fitzhamon, 1908)
The Monkey Man (Pathé Frères, 1908)
La Photographie Electrique à Distance/Long Distance Wireless Photography (Georges Méliès, 1908)
The Professor’s Anti-Gravitational Fluid (Lewin Fitzhamon, 1908)
Voyage à la Planète Jupiter (Segundo de Chomon, 1908)
When the Man in the Moon Seeks a Wife (Percy Stow, 1908)
The Airship Destroyer/The Battle in the Clouds/The Aerial Torpedo (Walter R. Booth, 1909)
An Apish Trick (Pathé Frères, 1909)
Aviation Has Its Surprises (Pathé Frères, 1909)
Bleary-Oh the Village Aviator (Gaumont Films, 1909)
The Earthquake Alarum (Schultze Films, 1909)
The Electric Policeman (Gaumont Films, 1909)
The Electric Servant (Walter R. Booth, 1909)
Electric Transformations (Percy Stow, 1909)
Electricity for Nervousness (Gaumont Films, 1909)
The Elixir of Strength (Pathé Frères, 1909)
England Invaded (Leo Stormont, 1909)
L’Homme Invisible/An Invisible Thief (Ferdinand Zecca, 1909)
Hydrothérapie Fantastique/The Doctor’s Secret (Georges Méliès, 1909)
The Invaders (Percy Stow, 1909)
Invasion: Its Possibilities (Charles Urban, 1909)
The Inventions of an Idiot (Sigmund Lubin, 1909)
Invisibility (Lewin Fitzhamon, 1909)
Life in the Next Century (Gerard Bourgeois, 1909)
The Magnetic Squirt (Georges Hatot, 1909)
A Maker of Diamonds/The Diamond Maker/Fortune of Misfortune (J. Stuart Blackton, 1909)
Marvellous Fluid (Leopold Lobel, 1909)
A Modern Dr. Jekyll (William Nicholas Selig, 1909)
Professor Puddenhead’s Patents: The Aerocab and Vacuum Provider (Walter R. Booth, 1909)
Professor Puddenhead’s Patents: The Electric Enlarger (Walter R. Booth, 1909)
Professor Weise’s Brain Serum Injector (Sigmund Lubin, 1909)
Professor Zanikoff’s Experiences of Grafting (Lux Film, 1909)
The Pulveriser (Pathé Frères, 1909)
The Rubber Man (Sigmund Lubin, 1909)
Up the Pole/How I Cook-ed Peary’s Record (Walter R. Booth, 1909)
Den Vidunderlige Haarelixir/A Marvellous Cure (Nordisk Films, 1909)
Voyage au Centre de la Terre/A Journey to the Middle of the Earth (Segundo de Chamon, 1909)
Voyage dans la Lune/Nuevo Viaje a la Luna (Segundo de Chomon, 1909)
The Wonderful Electro-Magnet (Edison Studios, 1909)
The Aerial Submarine (Walter R. Booth, 1910)
The Aeroplanist’s Secret (Cosmopolitan Films, 1910)
Burglary by Airship (Gaumont Films, 1910)
The Comet (Kalem Films, 1910)
Dr. Smith’s Automaton (Pathé Frères, 1910)
The Duality of Man (Wrench Films, 1910)
The Electric Insoles (George K. Spoor, G. M. Anderson, 1910)
The Electric Vitaliser (Walter R. Booth, 1910)
The Elixir of Youth (Pathé Frères, 1910)
Freezing Mixture (Walter R. Booth, 1910)
The Invisible Thief (Gaumont Films, 1910)
Un Matrimonio Interplanetario/A Marriage in the Moon (Enrico Novelli, 1910)
The Police of the Future (Gaumont Films, 1910)
Setting Back the Hands of Time (Pathé Frères, 1910)
Den Skaebnesv Angre Opfindelse/Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde/Jekyll and Hyde (Viggo Larsen, 1910)
A Trip to Mars (Edison Films, 1910)
The Aerial Anarchists (Walter R. Booth, 1911)
The Automatic Motorist (Walter R. Booth, 1911) [not to be confused with Booth’s The ‘?’ Motorist (1906)]
Electric Boots (Pathé Frères, 1911)
The Electric Villa (Pathé Frères, 1911)
Hoffmanns Erzaehlungen/Tales of Hoffmann (Anton Kolm, 1911)
The Inventor’s Secret (D. W. Griffith, 1911)
The Magnetic Umbrella (Pathé Frères, 1911)
A Marvellous Invention (Gaumont Films, 1911)
The Motor Car of the Future (Messter Films, 1911)
One Hundred Years After (Pathé Frères, 1911)
The Pirates of 1920/The Pirates of 19— (Dave Aylott, 1911)
Scroggins Goes in for Chemistry and Discovers a Marvellous Powder (A. E. Coleby, 1911)
Vers l’Immoralité/The Elixir of Life (Gaumont Films, 1911)
La Ceinture Electrique/The Electric Belt (Cosmopolitan Films, 1912)
Dr. Brompton-Watts’ Age-Adjuster (Edison Films, 1912)
The Electric Leg (Percy Stow, 1912)
Freezing Auntie (Edison Films, 1912)
How Patrick’s Eyes Were Opened (Edison Films, 1912)
The Invisible Cyclist (Pathé Frères, 1912)
Sammy‘s Flying Escapades (Eclipse Films, 1912)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Herbert Brenon, 1913)
A Message from Mars (J. Wallett Waller, 1913)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Done to a Frazzle (Joseph A. Golden, 1914) [Hardy not aware of director]
The Electrified Hump (Alpha Films, 1914)
England’s Menace (Harold Shaw, 1914)
An Englishman’s Home (Ernest G. Batley, 1914)
The Exploits of Elaine (Louis Gasnier, Joseph A. Golden, 1914)
Der Golem/The Golem/The Monster of Fate (Paul Wegener, Heinrich Galeen (Henrik Galeen), 1914) [the comedic Der Golem und die Taenzerin (Paul Wegener, Rochus Gliese, 1917), also starring Paul Wegener, is briefly noted] [not to be confused with the better-known 1920 prequel]
The Great German North Sea Tunnel (Frank S. Newman, 1914)
If England Were Invaded/The Raid of 1915 (Fred W. Durrant, 1914)
In the Year 2014 (Allen Curtis, 1914) [Hardy not aware of director]
The Magic Glass (Hay Plumb, 1914)
Percy Pumpernickel, Soubrette (Albert Hale, 1914)
Sammy’s Automaton (Eclipse Films, 1914)
Wake Up!/A Dream of Tomorrow (Laurence Cowen, 1914)
Beneath the Sea (Sigmund Lubin, 1915)
The Black Box (Otis Turner, 1915)
La Folie du Docteur Tube/The Madness of Dr. Tube (Abel Gance, 1915)
Der Grosse Wette/The Great Bet (Harry Piel, 1915)
Hoffmanns Erzaehlungen/Tales of Hoffmann (Richard Oswald, 1915)
Lady Baffles and Detective Duck (Allen Curtis, 1915)
Life Without Soul (Joseph W. Smiley, 1915)
The Mysterious Contragrav (Henry McRae, 1915)
The New Exploits of Elaine (Joseph A. Golden, Louis Gasnier, 1915)
Pawns of Mars (Theodore Marston, 1915)
The Return of Maurice Donnelly (William Humphrey, 1915)
The Romance of Elaine (George B. Seitz, 1915)
The War o’Dreams (E. A. Martin, 1915)
The Comet’s Come-Back (William Bertram, 1916) [Hardy not aware of director]
The Flying Torpedo (Christy Cabanne, John O’Brien, 1916)
The Hand of Peril (Maurice Tourneur, 1916)
Her Invisible Husband (Matt Moore, 1916)
Homunculus (Otto Rippert, 1916)
The Intrigue (Frank Lloyd, 1916)
Through Solid Walls (Walter Murton, 1916)
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (Stuart Paton, 1916)
Verdens Undegang/The End of the World (August Blom, 1916)
Without a Soul/Lola (James Young, 1916)
Himmelskibet/The Airship/The Sky Ship/400 Million Miles from the Earth (Holger Madison, 1917)
The Inspirations of Harry Larrabee (Bertrand Bracken, 1917)
The Mystery Ship (Francis Ford (O’Fearna), Harry Harvey, 1917)
Az Osember/The Prehistoric Man (Cornelius Hinter, 1917)
A Tryton/The Triton (Alfred Deesy, 1917)
Alraune (Eugen Illes, 1918)
Alraune (Mihaly Kertesz (Michael Curtiz), Fritz Odon, 1918) [Hardy briefly notes Alraune und der Golem (Nils Olaf Chrisander, 1919) in this entry but doubts that the film was made]
The Craving/Delirium (Francis Ford, 1918)
Leleklato Sugar/The Mind-Detecting Ray (Alfred Deesy, 1918)
The Master Mystery (Burton King, 1918)
Victory and Peace/The Invasion of Britain (Herbert Brenon, 1918)
The Carter Case (Donald Mackenzie, 1919)
Die Spinnen/Die Abenteuer des Kay Hoog/The Spiders (Fritz Lang, 1919)
Unheimliche Geschichten/Tales of the Uncanny (Richard Oswald, 1919)

The 1920s

Algol (Hans Werckmeister, 1920)
The Branded Four (Duke Worne, 1920)
The Devil to Pay (Ernest C. Warde, 1920)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (John S. Robertson, 1920)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (J. Charles Haydon, 1920) [director not known to Hardy]
The Empire of Diamonds/L’Empire du Diamant (Léonce Price, 1920)
The Flaming Disk (Robert F. Hill, 1920)
Go and Get It (Marshall Neilan, 1920)
The Invisible Ray (Harry Pollard, 1920)
The Screaming Shadow (Duke Worne, 1920)
Terror Island/Salvage (Janes Cruze, 1920)
The Diamond Queen (Edward Kull, 1921)
Der Dorfsgolem/Des Golems Letzte Abenteuer/The Golem’s Last Adventure (Julius Szomogyi, 1920)
A Message from Mars (Maxwell Karger, 1920)
Nan of the North (Duke Worne, 1920)
The Sky Ranger (George B. Seitz, 1920)
A Blind Bargain (Wallace Worsley, 1922)
La Cité Foudroyée (Luitz Morat, 1922)
Dr Mabuse, der Spieler/Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler (Fritz Lang, 1922)
The Radio King (Robert F. Hill, 1922)
The Young Diana (Albert Capellani, Robert G. Vignola, 1922)
Hoffmanns Erzaeblungen/Tales of Hoffman (Max Neufeld, 1923)
Radio Mania/M.A.R.S./Mars Calling/The Man from Mars (Roy William Neill, 1923)
The Unknown People (Roland West, 1923)
Black Oxen (Frank Lloyd, 1924)
The Last Man on Earth (John G. Blystone, 1924)
Laughing at Danger (James W. Horne, 1924)
Sinners in Silk (Hobart Henley, 1924)
The Story Without a Name/Without Warning (Irvin Willat, 1924)
Terreur/The Perils of Paris (Edward José, 1924)
Vanity’s Price (Roy William Neill, 1924)
Luch Smerti/Death Ray (Lev Kuleshov, 1925)
Madrid en el Año 2000/Madrid in the Year 2000 (Manuel Noriega, 1925)
The Monster (Roland West, 1925)
One Way Street (John Francis Dillon, 1925)
Orlacs Haende/The Hands of Orlac (Robert Wiene, 1925)
The Power God (Ben Wilson, 1925)
Up the Ladder (Edward Sloman, 1925)
Officer 444 (Henry McRae, 1926)
Blake of Scotland Yard (Robert F. Hill, 1927)
Sur un Air de Charleston/Charleston/Charleston Parade/Parade sur un Air de Charleston (Jean Renoir, 1927)
The Wizard (Richard Rosson, 1927)
Alraune/Unholy Love/Daughter of Destiny (Henrik Galeen (Heinrich Galeen), 1928)
Code of the Air (James P. Hogan, 1928)
The Kid’s Clever (William James Craft, 1928)
Ransom (George B. Seitz, 1928)
Spione/The Spy (Fritz Lang, 1928)
The Diamond Master (Jack Nelson, 1929)
Die Frau im Mond/The Woman in the Moon/The Girl in the Moon/By Rocket to the Moon (Fritz Lang, 1929)
High Treason (Maurice Elvey, 1929)
Midstream (James Flood, 1929)
The Mysterious Island (Lucien Hubbard, 1929)

The 1930s

Alraune/Daughter of Evil (Richard Oswald, 1930)
Elstree Calling (Alfred Hitchcock, André Charlot, Jack Hulbert, Paul Murray, 1930)
La Fin du Monde/The End of the World (Abel Gance, 1930) [U.S. re-edit only]
Just Imagine (David Butler, 1930)
The Last Hour (Walter Forde, 1930)
Voice from the Sky (Ben Wilson, 1930)
A Connecticut Yankee (David Butler, 1931)
Chandu the Magician (Marcel Varnel. William Cameron Menzies, 1932)
Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Rouben Mamoulian, 1932)
F.P.1 Antwortet Nicht/Secrets of F.P.1/F.P.1 Doesn’t Answer (Karl Hard, 1932) [shot in thee versions: German, French, and English, all with different casts]
Die Herrin von Atlantis/L’Atlantide/Lost Atlantis/The Mistress of Atlantis (Georg Wilhelm Pabst, 1932)
The Mask of Fu Manchu (Charles Brabin, Charles Vidor, 1932) [own on DVD]
Six Hours to Live (William Dieterle, 1932)
Unheimliche Geschicten/Tales of the Uncanny (Richard Oswald, 1932)
Deluge (Felix E. Feist, 1933)
It’s Great to Be Alive (Alfred Werker, 1933)
Men Must Fight (Edgar Selwyn, 1933)
Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse/The Testament of Dr. Mabuse/The Last Will of Dr. Mabuse (Fritz Lang, 1933)
Der Tunnel/The Tunnel (Kurt Bernardt (Curtis Bernhardt), 1933)
Ein Unsichtbarer Geht Durch die Stadt/Mein Ist die Welt/An Invisible Man Goes Through the City/The World Is Mine/Master of the World (Harry Piel, 1934)
Gold (Karl Hard, 1934)
L’Or (Serge de Poligny, 1934) [simultaneously shot French version of Gold]
Der Herr de Welt/Master of the World/Ruler of the World (Harry Piel, 1934)
The Vanishing Shadow (Louis Friedlander (Lew Landers), 1934)
Die Welt Ohne Maske/The World Without a Mask (Harry Piel, 1934)
Air Hawks (Albert Rogell, 1934)
The Big Broadcast of 1936 (Norman Taurog, 1934)
Gibel Sensaty/Loss of Feeling (Aleksander Andreievsky, 1935)
Le Golem/The Golem, the Legend of Prague (Julien Duvivier, 1935)
Kosmitchesky Reis/The Space Ship/The Cosmic Voyage (Vasili Zhuravkev, 1935)
The Lost City (Henry Revier, 1935)
The Phantom Empire (Otto Brower, B. Reeves Eason, 1935)
The Tunnel/Transatlantic Tunnel (Maurice Elvey, 1935)
Flash Gordon (Frederick Stephani, 1936)
Ghost Patrol (Sam Newfield, 1936)
The Invisible Ray (Lambert Hillyer, 1936)
The Man Who Could Work Miracle (Lothar Mendes, 1936)
Undersea Kingdom (B. Reeves Eason, Joseph Kane, 1936)
The Walking Dead (Michael Curtiz, 1936)
Bila Nemoc/The White Disease/The White Sickness/Skeleton on Horseback (Hugo Haas, 1937)
Bulldog Drummond at Bay (Norman Lee, 1937)
Charlie Chan at the Olympics (H. Bruce Humberstone, 1937)
Dick Tracy (Ray Taylor, Alan James, 1937)
The Girl from Scotland Yard (Robert Vignola, 1937)
Midnight Menace (Sinclair Hill, 1937)
Non Stop New York (Robert Stevenson, 1937)
Q Planes/Clouds Over Europe (Tim Whelan, Arthur Woods, 1937)
S.O.S. Coastguard, William Witney, Alan James, 1937)
The Big Broadcast of 1938 (Mitchell Leisen, 1938)
Fighting Devil Dogs (William Witney, John English, 1938)
Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars (Ford Beebe, Robert F. Hill, 1938)
Flight to Fame (C. C. Coleman, Jr, 1938)
The Gladiator (Edward Sedgwick, 1938)
Spy Ring/International Spy (Joseph Lewis, 1939)
Arrest Bulldog Drummond (James Hogan, 1939)
Blake of Scotland Yard (Robert F. Hill, 1939)
Buck Rogers (Ford Beebe, Saul A. Goodkind, 1939) [saw the chapter on the La Jetée VHS]
Dick Tracy’s G-Men (William Witney, John English, 1939)
The Man They Could Not Hang (Nick Grinde, 1939)
Le Monde Tremblera/La Révolt des Vivants (Richard Pottier, 1939)
The Phantom Creeps (Ford Beebe, Saul A. Goodkind, 1939)
The Return of Doctor X (Vincent Sherman, 1939) [own on DVD with Doctor X (Michael Curtiz, 1932), briefly noted in this entry]
S.O.S. Tidal Wave (John H. Auer. 1939)
Television Spy (Edward Dmytryk, 1939)

The 1940s

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (Ford Beebe, Ray Taylor, 1940)
The Invisible Woman (A. Edward Sutherland, 1940)
The Mysterious Dr. Satan (William Witney, John English, 1940)
The Sky Bandits (Ralph Staub, 1940)
The Adventures of Captain Marvel (William Witney, John English, 1941)
The Body Disappears (D. Ross Lederman, 1940)
Croisières Sidérales (André Zwoboda, 1940)
The Devil Commands (Edward Dmytryck, 1941)
Dick Tracy versus Crime Inc. (William Witney, John English, 1941)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Victor Fleming,1941)
Tainstvenni Ostrov/Mysterious Island (E. A. Penzlin, B. M. Chelintsev, 1941)
The Boogie Man Will Get You (Lew Landers, 1942)
Captain Midnight (James W. Horne, 1942)
Doctor Renault’s Secret (Harry Lachman, 1942)
Invisible Agent (Edwin L. Marin, 1942)
King of the Mounties (William Witney, 1942)
Ne le Criez Pas sur les Toits (Jacques Daniel-Norman, 1942)
Batman (Lambert Hillyer, 1943)
The Big Noise (William St. Clair, 1944)
Captain America (John English, Elmer Clifton, 1944)
The Great Alaskan Mystery (Ray Taylor, Lewis D. Collins, 1944)
The Invisible Man’s Revenge (Fred Beebe, 1944)
The Lady and the Monster (George Sherman, 1944)
Return of the Ape Man (Philip Rosen, 1944) [The Ape Man (William Beaudine, 1943) is not included.]
Time Flies (Walter Forde, 1944)
Manhunt on Mystery Island (Spencer Gordon Bennet, Wallace Grissell, Yakima Canutt, 1945)
The Monster and the Ape (Howard Bretherton, 1945)
The Purple Monster Strikes (Spencer Gordon Bennet, Fred Brannon, 1945)
Strange Holiday/The Day After Tomorrow (Arch Oboler, 1945)
The Crimson Ghost (William Witney, Fred Brannon, 1946)
Brick Bradford (Spencer Gordon Bennet, 1947)
Jack Armstrong (Wallace Fox, 1947)
Bruce Gentry — Daredevil of the Skies (Spencer Gordon Bennet, Thomas Carr, 1948)
Counterblast/The Devil’s Plot (Paul L. Stein, 1948)
Dick Barton — Special Agent (Alf D. Goulding, 1948)
Krakatit (Otakar Vavra, 1948)
Superman (Spencer Gordon Bennet, Thomas Carr, 1948)
El Supersabio (Miguel M. Delgado, 1948)
Batman and Robin (Spencer Gordon Bennet, 1949)
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (Tay Garnett, 1949)
Dick Barton Strikes Back (Godfrey Grayson, 1949)
It Happens Every Spring (Lloyd Bacon, 1949)
King of the Rocket Men (Fred C. Brannon, 1949)
The Perfect Woman (Bernard Knowles, 1949)
Siren of Atlantis/Atlantis/Queen of Atlantis (Gregg Tallas, 1949)

The 1950s

Atom Man versus Superman (Spencer Gordon Bennet, 1950)
Destination Moon (Irving Pichel, 1950)
Dick Barton at Bay (Godfrey Grayson, 1950)
The Flying Saucer (Mikel Conrad, 1950)
Garou Garou le Passe Muraille (Jean Boyer, 1950)
Rocketship X-M/Expedition Moon (Kurt Neumann, 1950)
Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man (Charles Lamont, 1951)
Captain Video (Spencer Gordon Bennet, 1951)
Cisaruv Pekar/The Emperor’s Baker/The Return of the Golem (Martin Fric, 1951)
Five (Arch Oboler, 1951)
Flight to Mars (Lesley Selander, 1951)
Flying Disc Man from Mars (Fred C. Brannon, 1951)
El Hombre y la Bestia/The Man and the Beast/El Extraño Casa del Hombre y la Bestia/The Strange Case of the Man and the Beast/El Sensacional y Extraño Caso del Hombre y la Bestia (Mario Soffici, 1951)
Lost Continent (Samuel Newfield, 1951)
The Man from Planet X (Edgar G. Ulmer, 1951) [own on DVD]
Mr. Drake’s Duck (Val Guest, 1951)
Mysterious Island (Spencer Gordon Bennet, 1951)
Superman and the Mole Men/Superman and the Strange People (Lee Sholem, 1951)
The Thing from Another World (Christian Nyby, 1951)
Unknown World (Terrell O. Morse, 1951)
When Worlds Collide (Rudolph Mate, 1951)
The Whip Hand (William Cameron Menzies, 1951)
Alraune/Unnatural/Vengeance/Mandragore (Arthur Maria Rabenalt, 1952)
Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla/The Boys from Brooklyn/The Monster Meets the Gorilla (William Beaudine, 1952)
Captive Women/3,000 AD/1,000 Years from Now (Stuart Gilmore, 1952)
1 April 2000/April 1st, 2000 (Wolfgang Liebeneiner, 1952)
Hilfe Ich Bin Unsichtbar/Help I’m Invisible/Alas I’m Invisible (E.W. Emo, 1952)
Invasion U.S.A. (Alfred E. Green, 1952)
Radar Men from the Moon (Fred C. Brannon, 1952)
Red Planet Mars (Harry Horner, 1952)
Untamed Women (W. Merle Connell, 1952)
Zombies of the Stratosphere (Fred C. Brannon, 1952) [saw colorized, featurized version]
Abbott and Costello Go to Mars/On to Mars (Charles Lamont, 1953)
Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Charles Lamont, 1953)
Alérte au Sud/Alert in the South (Jean Devaivre, 1953)
Cat Women of the Moon/Rocket to the Moon (Arthur Hilton, 1953)
Donovan’s Brain (Felix Feist, 1953)
Four-Sided Triangle (Terence Fisher, 1953)
Invaders from Mars (William Cameron Menzies, 1953)
Killer Ape (Spencer Gordon Bennet, 1953)
The Lost Planet (Spencer Gordon Bennet, 1953)
The Magnetic Monster (Curt Siodmak, 1953)
The Mesa of Lost Women/Lost Women/Lost Women of Zarpa (Herbert Tevos, 1953)
El Monstruo Resucitado/Doctor Crime (Chano Ureta, 1953)
The Neanderthal Man (E. A. DuPont, 1953)
Phantom from Space (W. Lee Wilder, 1953)
Project Moonbase (Richard Talmadge, 1953)
Robot Monster (Phil Tucker, 1953)
Sieriebristaya Pyl/Silver Dust (Abram Room, 1953)
Spaceways (Terence Fisher, 1953)
The Twonky (Arch Oboler, 1953)
War of the Worlds (Byron Haskin, 1953)
The Atomic Kid (Leslie H. Martinson, 1954)
The Bowery Boys Meet the Monster (Edward Bernds, 1954)
Devil Girl from Mars (David Macdonald, 1954)
Gog (Herbert L. Strock, 1954)
Killers from Space (W. Lee Wilder, 1954)
Monster from the Ocean Floor/It Stalked the Ocean Floor/Monster Maker (Wyatt Ordung, 1954)
Riders to the Stars (Richard Carlson, 1954)
Rocket Man (Oscar Rudolph, 1954)
The Snow Creature (W. Lee Wilder, 1954)
The Stranger from Venus/Immediate Disaster/The Venusian (Burt Balaban, 1954)
Target Earth (Sherman A. Rose, 1954)
Tobor the Great (Lee Sholem, 1954)
Conquest of Space (Byron Haskin, 1955)
The Creature with the Atom Brain (Edward L. Cahn, 1955)
It Came from Beneath the Sea (Robert Gordon, 1955)
King Dinosaur (Bert I. Gordon, 1955)
Kiss Me Deadly (Robert Aldrich, 1955)
Los Platillos Voladores/Los Platos Voladores (Julian Soler, 1955)
The Quatermass Xperiment/The Creeping Unknown (Val Guest, 1955)
Revenge of the Creature (Jack Arnold, 1955)
Tarantula (Jack Arnold, 1955)
Attack of the Crab Monsters (Roger Corman, 1956)
The Beast with a Million Eyes (David Kramarsky, 1956)
The Black Sleep/Dr. Cadman’s Secret (Reginald LeBorg, 1956)
The Creature Walks Among Us (John Sherwood, 1956)
Fire Maidens from Outer Space (Cy Roth, 1956)
The Gamma People (John Gilling, 1956)
Der Ideale Untermieter/The Ideal Lodger (Wolf Schmidt, 1956)
The Indestructible Man (Jack Pollexfen, 1956)
It Conquered the World (Roger Corman, 1956)
Kotetsu no Kyojin/Supergiant (Teruo Ishii, Akira Mitsuwa, Koreyoshi Akasaka, Akira Miwa, Chogi Akasaka, Tetsu Taguchi, 1956-1959)
*Supah Jaianto/The Steel Man from Outer Space (Teruo Ishii, 1956)
*Supah Jaianto/Rescue from Outer Space (Teruo Ishii, 1956)
*Supergiant I/The Appearance of Supergiant [English-dubbed re-edit of the first two]
*Kotetsu no Kyojin — Kaiseijin no Mayo/Devils from the Planet/Invaders from the Planets (Teruo Ishii, Akira Mitsuwa, *Koreyoshi Akasaka, Akira Miwa, Tetsuo Taguchi, 1957)
*Kotetsu no Kyojin — Chikyu Metzubo Sunzen/The Earth in Danger (Teruo Ishii, Akira Mitsuwa, Koreyoshi Akasaka, Tetsuo Taguchi, 1957)
*Supergiant II/The Atomic Rulers of the World/Attack of the Flying Saucers [English-dubbed re-edit of parts 3 and 4]
*Jinko Eisen to Jinrui no Hametsu/Spaceship of Human Destruction (Teruo Ishii, 1958)
*Uchetei to Jinko Eisen no Gekitotsu/The Destruction of the Space Fleet (Teruo Ishii, 1958)
*Supergiant Against the Satellites/Attack from Space/Invaders from Space (1964) [English dubbed re-edit of parts 5 and 6]
*Uchu Kaijin Shutsugen/Spacemen Appear (Akira Miwa, 1958)
*Akuma no Keshiin/The Devil Incarnate (Chogi Akasaka, 1959)
*Dokuga Okoku/Kingdom of the Poison Moth (Chogi Akasaka, 1959)
*The Brain from Outer Space [English-dubbed re-edit of parts 7-9]
*Araumi no Oja (Tetsu Taguchi, 1959)
*Gonin no Hanzaisha (Teruo Ishii, 1959)
*Jotai Sambashi/Red Piers (Teruo Ishii, 1959) [Hardy is unsure if these last three are in the series. They appear to be crime films that also happen to star Ken Utsui, who played Supergiant.]
El Ladron de Cadaveres/The Body Thief (Fernando Mendez, 1956)
Man Beast (Jerry Warren, 1956)
The Mole People (Virgil Vogel, 1956)
El Monstruo de la Montana/The Beast of Hollow Mountain (Edward Nassour, 1956)
1984 (Michael Anderson, 1956)
Not of This Earth (Roger Corman, 1956)
Phantom from 10,000 Leagues (Dan Milner, 1956)
Satellite in the Sky (Paul Dickson, 1956)
Timeslip/The Atomic Man (Ken Hughes, 1956)
Uchujin Tokyo ni Arawru/The Mysterious Satellite/The Cosmic Man Appears in Tokyo/Space Men Appear in Tokyo/Warning from Space/Unknown Satellite Over Tokyo (Koji Shima, 1956)
The Werewolf (Fred F. Sears, 1956)
World Without End (Edward Bernds, 1956)
X the Unknown (Leslie Norman, Joseph Walton, 1956)
The Abominable Snowman/The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas (Val Guest, 1957)
The Amazing Colossal Man (Bert I. Gordon, 1957)
Un Amour de Poche (Pierre Kast, 1957)
The Beginning of the End (Bert I. Gordon, 1957)
The Cyclops (Bert I. Gordon, 1957)
The Deadly Mantis (Nathan Hertz Juran, 1957)
From Hell It Came (Dan Milner, 1957)
The Giant Claw (Fred F. Sears, 1957)
I Was a Teenage Werewolf (Gene Fowler, Jr., 1957)
The Incredible Shrinking Man (Jack Arnold, 1957)
Invasion of the Saucermen/Invasion of the Hell Creatures/The Hell Creatures/Spacemen Saturday Night (Edward L. Cahn, 1957)
The Invisible Boy (Herman Hoffman, 1957)
Kronos (Kurt Neumann, 1957)
The Man Who Turned to Stone (Leslie Kardos, 1957)
Man Without a Body (M. Lee Wilder, Charles Sanders, 1957)
The Monster That Challenged the World Arnold Laven, 1957)
The Night the World Exploded (Fred F. Sears, 1957)
Quatermass II/Enemy from Space (Val Guest, 1957)
El Robot Humano/La Momia Azteca contra el Robot Humano/The Aztec Mummy vs the Human Robot/The Robot vs the Aztec Mummy (Rafael Portillo, 1957)
She Devil (Kurt Neumann, 1957)
The Strange World of Planet X/The Cosmic Monsters/The Crawling Terror (Gilbert Gunn, 1957)
Teenage Monster/Meteor Monster (Jacques Marquette, 1957)
Toto nella Luna/Toto in the Moon (Stafano Steno, 1957)
20 Million Miles to Earth (Nathan Hertz Juran, 1957)
The 27th Day (William Asher, 1957)
The Unearthly (Brooke L. Peters [Boris Petroff], 1957)
The Unknown Terror (Charles Marquis Warren, 1957)
Voodoo Women (Edward L. Cahn, 1957)
A Pied, à Chevel et en Spoutnik/A Dog, a Mouse and a Sputnik/Sputnik (Jean Dréville, 1958)
The Astounding She-Monster/The Mysterious Invader (Ronnie Ashcroft, 1958)
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (Nathan Hertz Juran), 1958)
The Blob (Irvin Shortess Yeaworth, Jr., 1958)
The Brain Eaters (Bruno Ve Sota, 1958)
Brain from Planet Arous (Nathan Hertz Juran, 1958)
El Castillo de los Monstruos/Noche Terror/Castle of the Monsters (Julian Soler, 1958)
The Colossus of New York (Eugène Lourié, 1958)
Earth v the Spider/The Spider (Bert I. Gordon, 1958)
The Flame Barrier (Paul Landres, 1958)
Frankenstein 1970 (Howard Koch, 1958)
From the Earth to the Moon (Byron Haskin, 1958)
Gekko Kamen/The Man in the Moonlight Mask/The Moonbeam Man (Tsuneo Kobayashi, 1958)
Giant from the Unknown (Richard E. Cuhna, 1958)
El Hombre Que Logro Ser Invisible/El Hombre Invisible/The Invisible Man (Alfredo B. Crevenna, 1958)
I Was a Teenage Frankenstein (Herbert L. Strock, 1958)
It! The Terror from Beyond Space/It! The Vampire from Beyond Space (Edward L. Cahn, 1958)
The Lost Missile (Lester W. Berke, 1958)
Missile to the Moon (Richard Cuhna, 1958)
The Monster from Green Hell (Kenneth G. Crane, 1958)
Monster on the Campus (Jack Arnold, 1958)
La Morte Viene Della Spazio/Le Danger Vient de l’Espace/Death from Outer Space/The Day the Sky Exploded (Paolo Heusch, 1958)
The Most Dangerous Man Alive (Allan Dwan, 1958)
Queen of Outer Space (Edward Bernds, 1958)
The Space Children (Jack Arnold, 1958)
Space Master X-7/Mutiny in Outer Space (Edward Bernds, 1958)
Teenage Caveman/Out of the Darkness (Roger Corman, 1958)
Terror form the Year 5,000/Cage of Doom (Robert Gurney, Jr., 1958)
War of the Colossal Beast/The Terror Strikes (Bert I. Gordon, 1958)
War of the Satellites (Roger Corman, 1958)
The Alligator People (Roy Del Ruth, 1959)
Aezt Ohne Gewissen/Das Letzte Geheimnis/Privatklinik Prof. Lund (Falk Harnack, 1959)
Behemoth, the Sea Monster/The Giant Behemoth (Eugène Lourié,1959)
The Black Scorpion (Edward Ludwig, 1959)
The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (Joseph Green, 1959)
Caltiki, il Monstro Immortale/Caltiki, the Immortal Monster (Robert Hampton (Ricardo Freda), [Mario Bava], 1959)
The Cosmic Man (Herbert Greene, 1959)
Demons of the Swamp/The Giant Leeches (Bernard L. Kowalski, 1959)
First Man into Space/Satellite of Blood (Robert Day, 1959)
4D Man/Master of Terror/The Evil Force (Irvin Shortess Yeaworth, Jr., 1959)
The Giant Gila Monster (Ray Kellogg, 1959)
Have Rocket Will Travel (David Lowell Rich, 1959)
Herrin der Welt/Il Misterio dei Tre Continenti/Les Mystères d’Angkor (William Dieterle, 1959)
The Hideous Sun Demon/Blood on His Lips/Terror from the Sun/The Sun Demon (Robert Clarke, 1959)
Invisible Invaders (Edward L. Cahn, 1959) [own on DVD]
Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Henry Levin, 1959)
The Killer Shrews (Ray Kellogg, 1959)
Ein Mann Geht Durch die Wand/The Man Who Could Walk Through Walls (Ladislao Vajda, 1959)
Die Nackte und der Satan/The Head (Victor Trivas, 1959)
La Nave de los Monstruos (Rogelio A. Gonzalez, 1959)
Niebo Zowiet/The Sky Calls/The Heavens Call (Aleksandr Kozyr, Mikhail Karyukov, 1959)
On the Beach (Stanley Kramer, 1959)
Return of the Fly (Edward L. Bernds, 1959)
Teenagers from Outer Space/The Gargon Terror (Tom Graeff, 1959)
The 30-Foor Bride of Candy Rock (Sidney Miller, 1959)
Ein Toter Hing im Netz/It’s Hot in Paradise/Body in the Web/The Spider’s Web/Girls of Spider Island/Horrors of Spider Island (Fritz Boettger, 1959)
Und Immer Ruft das Herz (George Freedland, 1959)
Yusei Oji/The Prince of Space/Invaders from the Spaceship/The Star Prince/Invaders from Space (Eijiro Wakabayashi, 1959)

The 1960s

Los Astronautas/Turistas Interplanetarios/Dos Viajeros del Espacio (Miguel Zacaria, 1960)
Atlantis, the Lost Continent (George Pal, 1960)
The Atomic Submarine (Spencer Gordon Bennet, 1960)
Los Automatas de la Muerte (Federico Curiel, 1960)
Beyond the Time Barrier (Edgar G. Ulmer, 1960)
Cape Canaveral Monsters (Phil Tucker, 1960)
El Conquistador de la Luna/CIavillazo en la Luna (Rogelio A. Gonzalez, 1960)
Dai Sanji Sekai Taisen — Yonju-Ichi Jikan no Kyofu/The Final War/World War III Breaks Out/Jikan no Kyofu (Shigeaki Hidaka,1960)
Invasion of the Animal People/Terror in the Midnight Sun/Space Invasion from Lapland (Virgil Voegel, 1960)
Konga (John Lemont, 1960)
The Last Woman on Earth (Roger Corman, 1960)
The Leech Woman (Edward Dein, 1960)
Man in the Moon (Basil Dearden, 1960)
Neutron Contra el Dr. Caronte (Federico Curiel, 1960)
Neutron el Enmascarado Negro (Federico Curiel, 1960)
Orlak, el Infierno de Frankenstein/Orlak, the Hell of Frankenstein (Rafael Baledon, 1960)
Rat/War/Atomic War Bride (Velko Bujalic, 1960)
Seddok, l’Erede di Santana/Atom Age Vampire (Anton Guilio Majano, 1960)
Space Men/Assignment Outer Space (Antonio Margheriti, 1960)
Die Tausend Augen des Dr. Mabuse/The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse/The Diabolical Dr. Mabuse (Fritz Lang, 1960)
12 to the Moon (David Bradley, 1960)
Village of the Damned (Rolf Willa, 1960)
Visit to a Small Planet (Norman Taurog, 1960)
The Wasp Woman (Roger Corman, 1960)
L’Atalantide — Antinée l’Amante della Citta Sepolta/Journey Beneath the Desert (Edgar G. Ulmer, Giuseppe Masini, [Frank Borzage], 1961)
La Avventure di Topo Gigio/The Magic World of Topo Gigio/The Italian Mouse (Federico Caldura, 1961)
The Beast of Yucca Flats (Coleman Francis, 1961)
Chelovek Amfibia/The Amphibious Man (Guennadi Kazansky, 1961)
The Day the Earth Caught Fire (Val Guest, 1961)
The Flight That Disappeared/The Flight That Vanished (Reginald LeBorg, 1961)
Frankenstein, el Vampiro y Compania/Frankenstein, the Vampire and Co. (Benito Alazraki, 1961)
Los Invisibles (Jaime Salvador, 1961)
La Marca del Muerto (Fernando Cortes, 1961)
Un Martien à Paris (Jean-Daniel Daninos, 1961)
Muz z Prvniho Stoleti/The Man from the First Century/The Man from the Past/Man in Outer Space (Oldrich Lipsky, 1961)
The Phantom Planet (William Marshall, 1961)
Il Pianeta degli Uomini Spenti/Battle of the Worlds/Planet of the Lifeless Men/Guerre Planetari (Anthony Dawson (Antonio Margheriti), 1961)
Il Pianeti contro di Noi/The Planets Against Us/Hands of a Killer (Romano Ferrara, 1961)
Im Stahlnetz des Dr. Mabuse/The Return of Dr. Mabuse (Harald Reinl, 1961)
Die Toten Augen von London/The Dark Eyes of London/the Dead Eyes of London (Alfred Vohrer, 1961)
Die Unsichtbaren Krallen des Dr. Mabuse/The Invisible Dr. Mabuse (Harald Reinl, 1961)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Irwin Allen, 1961)
La Cara del Terror/Face of Terror/Face of Fear (Isidoro Martinez Ferry (American version directed by William J. Hole), 1962)
Creation of the Humanoids (Wesley E. Barry, 1962)
The Day Mars Invaded Earth (Maury Dexter, 1962)
Doctor No (Terence Young, 1962)
Il Gigante di Metropolis/Giant of Metroplis (Umberto Scarpelli, 1962)
Gritos en la Noche/The Awful Dr. Orloff/Cries in the Night (Jesús Franco, 1962)
Invasion of the Star Creatures (Bruno DeSoto, 1962)
Klaun Ferdinand a Raketa/Rocket to Nowhere/Clown Ferdinand and the Rocket (Jindrich Polak, 1962)
Moon Pilot (James Neilson, 1962)
Panic in the Year Zero/End of the World (Ray Milland, 1962)
Planeta Bur/Storm Planet/Cosmonauts on Venus/Planet of Storms (Pavel Klushantsev, 1962) [erroneously called Planeta Burg]
La Poupée/The Doll/He, She or It (Jacques Baratier, 1962)
Reptilicus (Sidney Pink, 1962)
Road to Hong Kong (Norman Panama, 1962)
Santo Contra el Cerebro Diabolico (Federico Curiel, 1962)
Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse/The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (Werner Klinger, 1962)
The Three Stooges in Orbit (Edward Bernds, 1962)
The Underwater City (Frank McDonald, 1962)
Vengeance/Ein Toter Sucht Seiner Moerder/The Brain (Freddie Francis, 1962)
Wielka Wielksza Najwielksza/The Great Big World and Little Children (Anna Sokolowska, 1962) [entry also notes O Dwoch Takich Co Ukrandeli Ksiezyc (Jan Batory, 1962), saying it’s closer to fantasy]
Yosei Gorasu/Gorath (Ishiro Honda, 1962)
Battle Beyond the Sun (Thomas Colchart, 1963 [edited from Niebo Zowiet (1959)])
Der Chef Wuensecht Keine Zeygen/No Survivors Please (Hans Albin, 1963)
Children of the Damned/Horror! (Anton M. Leader, 1963)
The Crawling Hand (Herbert L. Strock, 1963)
The Evil of Frankenstein (Freddie Francis, 1963)
Ikarie XB-!/Icarus XB-1/Voyage to the End of the Universe (Jindrich Polak, 1963)
Meshte Nastreshu/A Dream Come True (Mikhail Karyulov, 1963)
The Mind Benders (Basil Dearden, 1963)
The Misadventures of Merlin Jones (Robert Stevenson, 1963)
Mouse on the Moon (Richard Lester, 1963)
The Nutty Professor (Jerry Lewis, 1963)
Omicron (Ugo Gregoretti, 1963)
Pasi Spre Luna/Steps to the Moon (Ion Popescu-Gopo, 1963)
Santo en el Museo de Cera/Samson in the Wax Museum (Alfonso Corona Blake, 1963)
Scotland Yard Jagt Dr. Mabuse/Scotland Yard Hunts Dr. Mabuse (Paul May (Ostrmayer), 1963)
The Slime People (Robert Hutton, 1963)
Unearthly Stranger (John Krish, 1963)
X — The Man with the X-Ray Eyes/The Man with the X-Ray Eyes (Roger Corman, 1963) [own on DVD]
El Asesino Invisible (Rene Cardona, 1964)
La Ciel sur la Tête/Sky Above Heaven/Stade Zero/Il Cielo sulla Testa/Skies Above/Sky Beyond Heaven (Yves Ciampi, 1964)
Il Disco Volante/The Flying Saucer (Tinto Brass, 1964)
The Earth Dies Screaming (Terence Fisher, 1964)
Fail Safe (Sidney Lumet, 1964)
Flesh Eaters (Jack Curtis, 1964)
Goldfinger (Guy Hamilton, 1964)
Kiss Me Quick!/Dr. Breedlove (Seymour Tuchus (Peter Perry, Jr.), 1964) [Hardy erroneously credits the film to Russ Meyer]
I Marziani Hanno Dodici Mani/Llegaron los Marcianos/The Twelve Handed Men of Mars (Franco Castellano, 1964)
Pajama Party/The Maid and the Martian (Don Weis, 1964)
Robinson Crusoe on Mars (Byron Haskin, 1964)
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (Nicholas Webster, 1964)
Die Todesstrahlen des Dr. Mabuse/Dr. Mabuse’s Rays of Death (Hugh Fregonese, 1964)
L’Ultimo Uomo della Terra/The Last Man on Earth (Sidney Salkow, 1964) [own on DVD compilation, but cropped]
Agent 505 — Todesfalle Beirut/Agent 505 (Manfred R. Koehler, 1965)
Amanti d’Oltretomba/The Faceless Monsters/Nightmare Castle (Allan Gruenwald (Mario Caiano, 1965)
Berlino Appunta per le Spie/Spy in Your Eye (Vittorio Sala, 1965)
City Under the Sea/War Gods of the Deep (Jacques Tourneur, 1965)
Crack in the World (Andrew Marton, 1965)
Curse of the Fly (Don Sharp, 1965)
I Diafanoidi Portano de la Morte/I Diafanoidi Vengono da Morte/War of the Planets (Antonio Margheriti, 1965)
I Diavoli della Spazio/The Snow Devils/Space Devils (Antonio Margheriti, 1965)
Die Monster Die/Monster of Terror (Daniel Haller, 1965)
Dr. Who and the Daleks (Gordon Flemyng, 1965)
The Eye Creatures (Larry Buchanan, 1965)
The Face of Fu Manchu (Don Sharp, 1965)
Fantômas se Déchaîne (André Hunebelle, 1965)
Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster/Duel of the Space Monsters (Robert Gaffney, 1965)
Gigantes Planetarios/Gigantes Interplanetarios (Alfredo B. Crevenna, 1965)
Giperboloid Ingenera Garina/The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin/Engineer Garin’s Death Ray (Alexander Gintsburg, 1965)
The Human Duplicators/Spaziale K.1 (Hugo Grimaldi, 1965)
Kdo Chce Zabit Jessu?/Who Killed Jessie?/Who Would Kill Jessie?/Who Wants to Kill Jessie? (Vaclav Vorlicek, 1965)
Maciste e la Regina di Samar/Hercules Against the Moon Men (Giacomo Gentilomo, 1965)
Mutiny in Outer Space/Ammutina,enmto nell Spazio/Invasion from the Moon (Hugo Grimaldi, 1965)
The Navy vs. Th Night Monsters/Night Crawlers (Michael Hoey, 1965)
The Night Caller/Blood Beast from Outer Space/Night Caller from Outer Space (John Gilling, 1965)
Operazione Goldman/Lightning Bolt (Anthony M. Dawson (Antonio Margheriti), 1965)
Our Man Flint (Daniel Mann, 1965)
Pinocchio in Outer Space (Ray Goosens, 1965)
El Planeta de las Mujeres Invasoras (Alfredo B. Crevenna, 1965)
El Rayo Disintegrador/Aventuras de Quinque y Arturo el Robot (Pascual Cervera, 1965)
The Satan Bug (John Sturges, 1965)
Sergeant Deadhead, the Astronaut (Norman Taurog, 1965)
The Silencers (Phil Karlson, 1965)
Space Monster/First Woman into Space (Leonard Katzman, 1965)
Spaceflight IC 1 (Bernard Knowles, 1965)
The Spy with My Face ((John Newland, 1965)
Thunderball (Terence Young, 1965)
Village of the Giants (Bert I. Gordon, 1965)
Ztracena Tvar/The Lost Face (Pavel Hobl, 1965)
Agent for HARM (Gerd Oswald, 1966)
Arañas Infernales/Cerebros Diabolicos (Federico Curiel. 1966)
Around the World Under the Sea (Andrew Marton, 1966)
Brides of Fu Manchu (Don Sharp, 1966)
The Bubble (Arch Oboler, 1966)
Castle of Evil (Francis D. Lyon, 1966)
Cyborg 2087 (Franklin Adreon, 1966)
Daleks — Invasion Earth 2150 AD/Invasion Earth 2150 AD (Gordon Flemyng, 1966)
Destination Inner Space (Francis D. Lyon, 1966)
The Destructors (Francis D. Lyon, 1966)
Dimension 5/Dimension 4 (Franklin Adreon, 1966)
Dr. Coppelius (Ted Kneeland, 1966)
Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs (Mario Bava, 1966)
2 + 5: Missione Hydra (Pietro Francisci, 1966)
Frankenstein Created Woman (Terence Fisher, 1966)
The Frozen Dead (Herbert J. Leger, 1966)
Gamera tai Barugon/Gamera Versus Barugon/Gambara Versus Barugon/The War of the Monsters (Shigeo Tanaka, 1966)
Gabirah no Uchu Ryoko/Gulliver’s Travels Beyond the Moon (Yoshio Kuroda, 1966)
In the Year 2889 (Larry Buchanan, 1966)
Invasion (Alan Bridges, 1966)
Island of Terror/Night of the Silicates (Terence Fisher, 1966)
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter (William Beaudine, 1966)
Kaitei Daisenso/Terror Beneath the Sea/Water Cyborgs (Hajime Sato (Terence Ford), 1966)
Konec Sprna v Hotelu Ozon/The End of August at the Hotel Ozone (Jan Schmidt, 1966)
Mars Needs Women (Larry Buchanan, 1966)
Murderer’s Row (Harry Levin, 1966)
Il Pianeta Errante/War Between the Planets (Anthony M. Dawson (Antonio Margheriti, 1966)
The Projected Man (Ian Curteis, 1966)
Queen of Blood/Planet of Blood (Curtis Harrington, 1966)
Santo Contra la Invasion de los Marcianos/Santo Versus the Martian Invasion (Alfredo B. Crevenna, 1966)
Seconds (John Frankenheimer, 1966)
Sedmi Kontinent/Siedma Pevnina/The Seventh Continent (Dusan Vukotic, 1966)
Sting of Death (William Grefe, 1966)
Superago Contro Diabolicus/Superago versus Diabolicus (Nick Nostro, 1966)
Thunderbirds Are Go (David Lane, 1966)
Ukreadena Vzducholod/The Stolen Dirigible/Two Years Holiday (Karel Zeman, 1966)
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women/Gill Woman/Gill Women of Venus (Derek Thomas (Peter Bogdanovich), 1966 (edited from Planeta Bur (Pavel Klushantsev, 1962))
Way … Way Out (Gordon Douglas, 1966)
Women of the Prehistoric Planet (Arthur C. Pierce, 1966)
Zontar, the Thing from Venus (Larry Buchanan, 1966)
The Ambushers (Harry Levin, 1967)
Automat Na Prani/The Wishing Machine (Josef Pinkava, 1967)
Barbarella (Roger Vadim, 1967)
Battle Beneath the Earth (Montgomery Tully, 1967)
The Blood Beast Terror/The Vampire-Beast Craves Blood (Vernon Sewell, 1967)
Blue Demon Contra Cerebros Infernales/Blue Demon Vs el Crimen/Cerebro Infernal/Blue Demon Versus the Infernal Brains (Chano Urueta, 1967)
Casino Royale (John Huston, Ken Hughes, Val Guest, Robert Parrish, Joe McGrath, 1967)
Daikyoju Gappa/Gappa the Triphibian Monster/Monster from a Prehistoric Planet (Haruyasu Noguchi, 1967) [own on VHS]
The Day the Fish Came Out (Michael Cacoyannis, 1967)
Devilman Story/The Devil’s Man (Paul Maxwell (Paolo Binachini), 1967)
Diabolik/Danger: Diabolik (Mario Bava, 1967)
Dos Cosmonauta a la Fuerza (Lucio Fulci, 1967)
I Fantastici Tre Supermen/The Fantastic Three (Frank Kramer (Gianfranco Parolini), 1967)
Flick/Dr. Frankenstein on Campus (Gil Taylor, 1967)
Le Fou du Labo 4/The Madman of Lab 4 (Jacques Bernard, 1967)
Gamera tai Gaos/Gamera Versus Gaos/Gamera Verus Gyaos/The Return of the Giant Monsters/Boyichi and the Supermonster/Daikaiju Kuchusen (Noriaki Yuasa, 1967)
In Like Flint (Gordon Douglas, 1967)
L’Inconnu de Shangidor/The Unknown Man of Shangidor (Jean-Louis Roy, 1967)
Journey to the Centre of Time/Time Warp (David L. Hewitt, 1967)
Ne Jouez Pas avec les Martiens/Don’t Play with Martians/Comme Mars en Carême (Henri Lanoé, 1967)
Night of the Big Heat/Island of the Burning Damned/Island of the Burning Doomed (Terence Fisher, 1967)
OK Connery/Operation Kid Brother/Operation Double 007 (Albert de Martino, 1967)
Project X (William Castle, 1967)
Quatermass and the Pit/Five Million Years to Earth (Roy Ward Baker, 1967)
The Reluctant Astronaut (Edward J. Montaigne, 1967)
El Superflaco/Chiquito pero Picoso (Miguel M. Delgado, 1967)
The Terrornauts (Montgomery Tully, 1967)
They Came from Beyond Space (Freddie Francis, 1967)
Uchu Daikaiju Girara/The X from Outer Space/Guilala (Kazui Nihonmatsu, 1967) [own damaged VHS]
La Venganza del Sexo/The Curious Dr. Humpp (Emilio Vieyra, 1967)
Wang Ma Gwi/Monster Wangmagwi (Hyukjin Kwon, 1967)
Yevo Zovut Robert/They Call Me Robert/His Name Is Robert/He Was Called Robert/Call Me Robert (Ilya Olshvanger, 1967)
The Astro-Zombies (Ted V. Mikels, 1968)
The Bamboo Saucer (Frank Telford, 1968)
The Blood of Fu Manchu (Jess (Jesús) Franco, 1968)
Brasil Anno 2,000 (Walter Lima, Jr., 1968)
Brides of Blood (Geraldo de Leon, 1968)
Countdown (Robert Altman, 1968)
Le Dernier Homme/The Last Man (Charles Bitsch, 1968)
Die Folterkammer des Dr. Fu Manchu/The Castle of Fu Manchu (Jess (Jesús) Franco, 1968)
Gamera Tai Uchukaiju Bairasu/Gamera Versus Viras/Gamera Versus Outer Space Monster Viras/Destroy All Planets (Noriaki Yuasa, 1968)
Hello Down There (Jack Arnold, 1968)
It’s Alive (Larry Buchanan, 1968)
Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro/Goke Bodysnatcher from Hell/Goke the Vampire (Hajime Sato, 1968) [checked out of library, but froze a few minutes in]
The Lost Continent (Michael Carreras, 1968)
Mission Mars (Nick Webster, 1968)
The Monitors (Jack Shea, 1968)
N.P./N.P. — The Secret (Silvano Agosti, 1968)
Orbito Mortal/Mission Stardust (Primo Zeglio, 1968)
Popdown (Fred Marshall, 1968)
Prazske Noci/Prague Nights/The Nights of Prague (Jiri Brdecka, 1968)
Il Re dei Criminali/Superago (Paul Maxwell (Paolo Bianchini), 1968)
Santo Contra Blue Demon en la Atlantida (Julian Soler, 1968)
Santo y Blue Demon Contra los Monstruos/Santo Contra los Monstruos de Frankenstein/Santo and the Blue Demon Vs the Monsters (Gilberto Martinez Solares, 1968)
La Señora Muerte/Madame Death (Jaime Salvador, 1968)
Shirley Thompson versus the Aliens (Jim Sharman, 1968)
Swiss Made (Yves Yersin, 1968)
Thunderbird 6 (David Lane, 1968)
Tumannost Andromedy/The Andromeda Nebula/Andromeda the Mysterious/The Cloud of Andromeda (Yevgeny Sherstobitov, 1968)
The Vengeance of Fu Manchu (Jeremy Summers, 1968)
The Body Stealers/Invasion of the Body Stealers/Thin Air (Gerry Levy, 1969)
Captain Nemo and the Underwater City (James Hill, 1969)
Change of Mind (Robert Stevens, 1969)
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (Robert Butler, 1969)
Curious Female (Paul Rapp, 1969)
The Forbin Project/Colossus — The Forbin Project (Joseph Sargent, 1969)
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (Terence Fisher, 1969)
Gamera Tai Guiron/Gamera Versus Guiron/Attack of the Monsters (Noriyaki Yuasa, 1969)
Az Idoe Ablakaj/The Windows of Time (Tamas Fejer, 1969)
Manden der Taenkte Ting/The Man Who Thought Life (Jens Ravn, 1969)
Marooned (John Sturges, 1969)
The Mind of Mr. Soames (Alan Cooke, 1969)
Moon Zero Two (Roy Ward Baker, 1969)
The Most Dangerous Man in the World/The Chairman (J. Lee Thompson, 1969)
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Peter Hunt, 1969)
Ruusujen Aika/Time of Roses (Risto Jarva, 1969)
Santo en la Venganza de las Mujeres Vampiro/La Venganza de las Mujeres Vampiro/The Vengeance of the Vampire Women (Federico Curiel, 1969)
Scream and Scream Again (Gordon Hessler, 1969) [own on DVD]
Il Seme dell’Uomo/The Seed of Man (Marco Ferreri, 1969)
Some Girls Do (Ralph Thomas, 1969)
Stereo (David Cronenberg, 1969)
Le Temps de Mourir/Twice Upon a Time (André Farwagi, 1969)
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Val Guest, 1969)
Zeta One (Michael Cort, 1969)

The 1970s

The Andromeda Strain (Robert Wise, 1970)
Blood of Frankenstein/Dracula vs. Frankenstein (Al Adamson, 1970) [turned off partway through]
City Beneath the Sea/One Hour to Doomsday (Irwin Allen, 1970)
Crimes of the Future (David Cronenberg, 1970)
Egghead’s Robot (Milo Lewis, 1970)
Gamera tai Daikaiju Jaiga/Gamera Versus Jiger/Gamera Versus Monster X/Monsters Invade Expo 70 (Noriaki Yuasa, 1970)
Hauser’s Memory (Boris Sagal, 1970)
La Horriplante Bestia Humana/Night of the Bloody Apes (René Cardona, 1970)
The Horror of Frankenstein (Jimmy Sangster, 1970)
L’Inafferrabile Invinvible Mr. Invisible/Mr. Superinvisible (Anthony M. Dawson (Antonio Margheriti), 1970)
The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant (Anthony M. Lanza, 1970)
Iron Bread (Vivan Pei, 1970)
Junket 89 (Peter Plummer, 1970)
Na Komete/On the Comet/Hector Servadac’s Ark (Karel Zeman, 1970)
La Ragazza di Latta/The Tin Girl/The Girl of Tin (Marcello Aliprandi, 1970)
Signale — Ein Weltraumabenteuer/Signals — An Adventure in Space (Gottfried Kolditz, 1970)
Toomorow (Val Guest, 1970)
Zabil Jsem Einsteina, Panove/I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen (Oldrich Lipsky, 1970)
Blinker’s Spy-Spotter (Jack Stephens, 1971)
Diamonds Are Forever (Guy Hamilton, 1971)
Earth II (Tom Gries, 1971)
La Figlia di Frankenstein/Lady Frankenstein (Mel Welles (Hardy alleges this is a pseudonym for Ernst von Theumer — this has been disproven), 1971)
Gamera tai Shinkai Kaiju Jigura/Gamera Versus Zigra/Gamera Versus the Deep Sea Monster Zigra (Noriyaki Yuasa, 1971)
Glen and Randa (Jim McBride, 1971)
El Hombre Que Vino de Ummo/Dracula versus Frankenstein/Assignment Terror (Tulio Demichelli, 1971)
Horror of the Blood Monsters/Creatures of the Red Planet/Flesh Creatures of the Red Planet/The Flesh Creatures/Vampire Men of the Lost Planet (Al Adamson, 1971)
Ich Liebe Dich Ich Toete Dich/I Love You I Kill (Uwe Brandner, 1971)
La Invasion Siniestra/The Incredible Invasion (Jack Hill, 1971)
Ein Kaefer Geht Aufs Ganze/The Love Bug Rally/Superbug (Rudolph Zehetgruber, 1971)
Pane Vy Jste Vdova/Sir, You Are a Widower/Mister, You Are a Widower (Vaclav Vorlicek, 1971)
Percy (Ralph Thomas, 1971)
Quest for Love (Ralph Thomas, 1971)
The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler (Bob Wynn, 1971)
Santo Contra la Hija de Frankenstein/La Hija de Frankenstein/Santo vs Frankenstein/Frankenstein’s Daughter/The Daughter of Frankenstein (Miguel M. Delgado, 1971)
The Troublesome Double (Milo Lewis, 1971)
Zero Population Growth/Z.P.G. (Michael Campus, 1971)
The Boy Who Turned Yellow (Michael Powell, 1972)
Doomwatch (Peter Sandy, 1972)
Dr. Phibes Rises Again (Robert Fuest, 1972)
Frogs (George McCowan, 1972)
L’Homme au Cerveau Greffe/The Man with the Transplanted Brain (Jacques Doniol-Valcroze, 1972)
L’Isola Misteriosa e il Capitano Nemo/The Mysterious Island/The Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo (Juan Antonio Bardem, 1972)
Kadoyng (Ian Shand, 1972)
Ein Kaefer Gibt Vollgas/A Beetle Goes Flat Out (Rudolf Zehergruber, 1972)
Night of the Lepus (William F. Claxton, 1972)
Now You See Him, Now You Don’t (Robert Butler, 1972)
Panico en al Transiberiano/Horror Express (Eugenio Martin, 1972)
Slaughterhouse-Five (George Roy Hill, 1972)
Superzan y el Niño del Espacio/Superzan and the Space Boy (Rafael Lanuza, 1972)
The Thing with Two Heads (Lee Frost, 1972)
Tomb of the Undead/Garden of the Dead (John Hayes, 1971)
Ach Jodel Mir Noch Einen — Stosztrupp Venus Blaest zum Angriff/2069: A Sex Odyssey/Sex Charge (Hans Sternbeck (Georg Tressler), 1973)
Battle for the Planet of the Apes (J. Lee Thompson, 1973) [saw part on TV]
Carne per Frankenstein/Flesh for Frankenstein/Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein (Paul Morissey, 1973)
The Clones (Paul Hunt, 1973)
The Crazies (George A. Romero, , 1973)
The Day of the Dolphin (Mike Nichols, 1973)
Digby — The Biggest Dog in the World (Joseph McGrath, 1973)
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (Terence Fisher, 1973)
Frankenstein: The True Story (Jack Smight, 1973)
Horror Hospital (Antony Balch, 1973)
House of the Living Dead/Doctor Maniac (Ray Austin, 1973)
It’s Alive (Larry Cohen, 1973)
Ein Kaefer auf Extratour/A Beetle in Overdrive (Rudolf Zehetgruber, 1973)
Molchaniye Doktora Ivens/The Silence of Dr. Evans (Budimir Metalnikov, 1973)
The Mutations (Jack Cardiff, 1973)
Nippon Chinbotsu/The Submersion of Japan/Tidal Wave (Shiro Moritani, 1973)
Nuits Rouges/Shadowman (Georges Franju, 1973)
Schlock/Banana Monster (John Landis, 1973)
Sssssss/Ssssnake (Bernard L. Kowalski, 1973)
Traumstadt/Dream Town/City of Dreams (Johannes Schaaf, 1973)
Damnation Alley (Jack Smight, 1974)
Fin de Semana para los Muertos/The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue (Jorge Grau, 1974)
Flesh Gordon (Michael Benveniste, 1974)
The Flying Sorcerer (Harry Booth, 1974)
The Man with the Golden Gun (Guy Hamilton, 1974)
Moskva — Kassiopeia/Moscow — Cassiopeia (Richard Viktotov, 1974)
The Parasite Murders/They Came form Within/Shivers (David Cronenberg, 1974)
Percy’s Progress/It’s Not the Size that Counts (Ralph Thomas, 1974)
La Ratas no Duermen de Noche (Juan Fortuny, 1974)
Santo Contra el Doctor Muerte (Rafael Romero Marchent, 1974)
The Stepford Wives (Bryan Forbes, 1974)
Terminal Man (Mike Hodges, 1974)
Das Verrueckteste Auto der Welt/The Maddest Car in the World (Rudolf Zehetgruber, 1974)
Who?/Robo Man (Jack Gold, 1974)
Blumen fuer den Mann im Mond/Flowers for the Man in the Moon (Rolf Losansky, 1975)
Bug (Jeannot Szwarc, 1975)
Commedia Fantastica/A Fantastic Comedy (Ion Popescu-Gopo, 1975)
Death Race 2000 (Paul Bartel, 1975)
Doc Savage — Man of Bronze (Michael Anderson, 1975)
The Giant Spider Invasion (Bill Rebane, 1975)
Hu-Man (Jerome Lapperousaz, 1975)
Invasion of the Love Drones (Jerome Hamlin, 1975)
Mansion of the Doomed/The Terror of Dr. Chaney (Michael Pataki, 1975)
Odio Mi Cuerpo/I Hate My Body (Leon Klimovsky, 1975)
Otroki vo Vselennoi/Teenagers in Space (Richard Viktorov, 1975)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Jim Sharman, 1975)
Rollerball (Norman Jewison, 1975)
Shock Waves/Death Corps/Almost Human (Ken Wiederhorn, 1975)
The Ultimate Warrior (Robert Clouse, 1975)
At the Earth’s Core (Kevin Connor, 1976)
Behind Locked Doors (Charles Romine, 1976)
The Big Bus (James Frawley, 1976)
Coz Takhle Dat si Spenat/AA Nice Plate of Spinach/What Would You Say to Some Spinach (Vaclav Vorlicek, 1976)
Dogs/Slaughter (Bruce Brinckerhoff, 1976)
Embryo (Ralph Nelson, 1976)
The Food of the Gods (Bert I. Gordon, 1976)
Frankenstein all’Italiana/Frankenstein Italian Style (Armando Crispino, 1976)
God Told Me To/The Demon (Larry Cohen, 1976)
Rabid (David Cronenberg, 1976)
Rollerbabies (Carter Stevens, 1976)
Spermula (Charles Matton, 1976)
Squirm (Jeff Lieberman, 1976)
Vandaag of Morgen/Any Day Now (Roland Kerbosch, 1976)
The Bionic Boy (Leody M. Diaz, 1977)
Blue Sunshine (Jeff Lieberman, 1977)
Capricorn One (Peter Hyams, 1977)
Cinderella 2000 (Al Adamson, 1977)
Demon Seed (Donald Cammell, 1977)
Empire of the Ants (Bert I. Gordon, 1977)
End of the World (John Hayes, 1977)
Foes (John Coats, 1977)
The Glitterball (Harley Cockliss, 1977)
Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo (Vincent McEveety, 1977)
The Incredible Melting Man (William Sachs, 1977)
Izbavitelj/The Rat Saviour/The Redeemer (Krsto Papic, 1977)
Kingdom of the Spiders (John “Bud” Cardos, 1977)
Operation Ganymed (Rainer Erler, 1977)
Spider-Man (E. W. Swackhamer, 1977)
The Spy Who Loved Me (Lewis Gilbert, 1977)
Starship Invasions (Ed Hunt, 1977)
Uchusenkan Yamato/Space Cruiser (Yoshinobu Nishizaki, 1977)
Wizards (Ralph Bakshi, 1977)
Adele Jest Nevecerela/Adele Hasn’t Eaten Yet (Oldrich Lipsky, 1978)
The Amazing Captain Nemo (Alex March, 1978)
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (John De Bello, 1978)
Battlestar Galactica (Richard A. Colla, 1978)
The Bees (Alfredo Zacharias, 1978)
Deathsport (Henry Suso, 1978)
Dynamite Johnson/The 12 Million Dollar Boy/The New Adventures of the Bionic Boy (Bobby A. Suarez, 1978)
Le Gendarme et les Extraterrestres (Jean Girault, 1978)
A Hitch in Time (Jan Darnley-Smith, 1978)
The Incredible Hulk (Kenneth Johnson, 1978)
L’Isola degli Uomini Pesce/The Island of the Fish Men/Screamers (Sergio Martino, 1978)
It Lives Again (Larry Cohen, 1978)
Der Junge Moench/The Young Monk (Herbert Achternbusch, 1978)
Kiss Meets the Phantom/Attack of the Phantoms (Gordon Hessler, 1978)
Laserblast (Michael Rae, 1978)
The Swarm (Irwin Allen, 1978)
Test Pilota Pirxa/Test Pilot Pirx/Doznaniye Pilota Pirksa/The Test of Pilot Pirx (Marek Piestrak, 1978)
Warlords of Atlantis/Seven Cities to Atlantis (Kevin Connor, 1978)
Americathon (Neil Israel, 1979)
The Black Hole (Gary Nelson, 1978) [saw portions on TV]
The Brood (David Cronenberg, 1979)
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Daniel Haller, 1979)
Cerne Slunce/The Black Sun (Otakar Vavra, 1979)
The China Syndrome (James Bridges, 1979)
The Dark (John “Bud” Cardos, 1979)
The Day Time Ended/Vortex (John “Bud” Cardos, 1979)
Az Erod/The Fortress (Miklos Szinetar, 1979)
Goldengirl (Joseph Sargent, 1979)
Golem (Piotr Szulkin, 1979)
Die Hamburger Krankheit (Peter Fleischmann, 1979)
H.G. Wells’ The Shape of Things to Come (George McCowan, 1979)
Incontri Molto Ravvicinati /Very Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind (Mario Garriazzo, 1979)
Meteor (Ronald Neame, 1979)
Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack (Vince Edwards, Christian I. Nyby II, 1979)
Moonraker (Lewis Gilbert, 1979)
Otel ‘U Pogibshchego Alpinista/The Dead Mountaineer Hotel (Grigori Kromarov, 1979)
Phantasm (Don Coscarelli, 1979)
Prophecy (John Frankenheimer, 1979)
Ratataplan (Maurizio Nichetti, 1979)
The Ravagers (Richard Compton, 1979)
Stalker (Andrei Tartovsky, 1979)
Starcrash (Lewis Coates (Luigi Cozzi), 1979)
Supersonic Man (Juan Piquer Simon, 1979)
L’Umanoide/The Humanoid (George B. Lewis, 1979)

The 1980s

The Apple/Star-Rock (Menahem Golan, 1980)
Battle Beyond the Stars (Jimmy T. Murakami, 1980)
The Chain Reaction (Ian Barry, 1980)
Conquest of the Earth [Battlestar Galactica] (Sidney Hayers, Sigmund Neufeld, Jr.; Barry Crane, 1980)
Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype (Charles B. Griffith, 1980)
The Falls (Peter Greenaway, 1980)
The Fiendish Plot of Fu Manchu (Piers Haggard, 1980)
The Final Countdown (Don Taylor, 1980)
Flash Gordon (Michael Hodges, 1980)
Fukkatsu no Hi/Day of Resurrection/Virus (Kinji Fukasaku, 1980)
Galaxina (William Sachs, 1980)
Hangar 18 (James L. Conway, 1980)
Inseminoid/Horror Planet (Norman J. Warren, 1980)
Nightmare City/City of the Walking Dead (Umberto Lenzi, 1980)
The Nude Bomb (Clive Donner, 1980)
Saturn 3 (Stanley Donen, 1980)
Scanners (David Cronenberg, 1980)
Scared to Death (William Malone, 1980)
Taiyo o Nusunda Otoko/The Man Who Stole the Sun (Kazuhiko Hasegawa, 1980)
Without Warning (Greydon Clark, 1980)
Zvyozdnyi Inspector/The Star Inspector (Mark Kovalyov, 1980)
Alien Contamination (Lewis Coates (Luigi Cozzi), 1981)
Alligator (Lewis Teague, 1991)
Bells/Murder by Phone/The Calling (Michael Anderson, 1981)
The Creature Wasn’t Nice/Spaceship/Naked Space (Bruce Kimmel, 1981)
Dead and Buried (Gary A. Sherman, 1981)
Escape from New York (John Carpenter, 1981)
Gosti iz Galaksije/Visitors from the Galaxy (Dusan Vukotic, 1981)
Heartbeeps (Allan Arkush, 1981)
Heavy Metal (Gerald Potterton, Jimmy T. Murakami, Harold Whitaker, Pino Van Lamsweerde, Jack Stokes, Paul Sabella, Julian Szuchopa, Barrie Nelson, John Halas, John Bruno, 1981)
Io e Caterina (Alberto Sordi, 1981)
Inferno dei Morti-Viventi/Zombie Creeping Flesh/Virus (Vincent Dawn (Bruno Mattei), 1981)
Light Years Away (Alain Tanner, 1981)
Looker (Michael Crichton, 1981)
Mad Max 2/The Road Warrior (George Miller, 1981)
Malevil (Christian de Chalonge, 1981)
Memoirs of a Survivor (David Gladwell, 1981)
Mindwarp: An Infinty of Terror/Planet of Horrors/Galaxy of Terror (B. D. Clark, 1981)
Outland (Peter Hyams, 1981)
Piranha II: Flying Killers (James Camerson, 1981)
The Protectors, Book I/Angel of H.E.A.T. (Myrl A Schreibman, 1981)
Sengoku Jietai/Time Slip/G.I. Samurai (Kosei Saito, 1981)
Threshold (Richard Pearce, 1981) [own on VHS]
Wojna Swiatoe — Nastepne Stulecie/The War of the Worlds — Next Century (Piotr Szulkin, 1981)
Airplane II: The Sequel (Ken Finkelman, 1982)
Battletruck/Warlords of the 21st Century (Harley Cockliss, 1982)
Big Meat Eater (Chris Windsor, 1981)
Chronopolis (Piotr Kamler, 1982)
Crosstalk (Mark Egerton, 1982)
Firefox (Clint Eastwood, 1982)
Forbidden World/Mutant (Allan Holzman, 1982)
Jekyll and Hyde… Together Again (Jerry Belson, 1982)
Kamikaze/Kamikaze ’89 (Wolf Gremm, 1982)
Liquid Sky (Slava Tsukerman, 1982)
Les Maîtres du Temps/Light Years (René Laloux, 1982)
1990: I Guerreri del Bronx/Bronx Warriors/1990: Bronx Warriors (Enzo G. Castellari, 1982)
Paradis pour Tous (Alain Jessua, 1982)
Parasite (Charles Band, 1982)
Starflight One (Jerry Jameson, 1982)
The Thing (John Carpenter, 1982)
Time Walker (Tom Kennedy, 1982)
Turkey Shoot (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1982)
Xtro (Harry Bromley Davenport, 1982)
Blue Thunder (John Badham, 1983)
Brainstorm (Douglas Trumbull, 1983)
The Dead Zone (David Cronenberg, 1983)
Le Dernier Combat/The Last Battle (Luc Beson, 1983)
Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Tommy Lee Wallace, 1983)
De Lift/The Lift (Dick Maas, 1983)
The Man with Two Brains (Carl Reiner, 1983)
Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn (Charles Band, 1983)
Never Say Never Again (Irvin Kershner, 1983)
I Nuovi Barbari/The New Barbarians (Enzo G. Castellari, 1983)
Prisoners of the Lost Universe (Terry Marcel, 1983)
Space Raiders (Howard R. Cohen, 1983)
Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (Lamont Johnson, 1983)
Strange Invaders (Michael Laughlin, 1983)
Stryker (Cirio H. Santiago, 1983)
Timerider: The Adventures of Lyle Swann (William Dear, 1983)
Yor: The Hunter from the Future (Anthony M. Dawson (Antonio Margheriti), 1983)
The Brother from Another Planet (John Sayles, 1984)
C.H.U.D. (Douglas Cheek, 1984)
City Limits (Aaron Lipstadt, 1984)
Dark Enemy (Colin Finhow, 1984)
DefCon 4 (Paul Donovan, 1984)
2019: Dopo la Caduta di New York/Due Mille Diciannuove/After the Fall of New York (Martin Dolman (Sergio Martino), 1984)
Firestarter (Mark L. Lester, 1984)
Forbrydelsens Element/The Element of Crime (Lars von Trier, 1984)
The Ice Pirates (Stewart Raffill, 1984)
Impulse (Graham Baker, 1984)
The Lost Empire (Jim Wynorski, 1984)
Night of the Comet (Thom Eberhardt, 1984)
The Philadelphia Experiment (Stewart Raffill, 1984)
Red Dawn (John Milius, 1984)
Runaway (Michael Crichton, 1984)
Seksmisja/The Sex Mission (Juliusz Machulski, 1984)
Starman (John Carpenter, 1984)
Trancers/Future Cop (Charles Band, 1984)
The Adventures of Mark Twain (Will Vinton, 1985)
Black Moon Rising (Harley Cokliss, 1985)
The Bride (Franc Roddam, 1985)
Chopping Mall/Killbots (Jim Wynorski, 1985)
A Colpi di Luce/Lightblast (Enzo G. Castellari, 1984)
Desert Warrior (Cirio H. Santiago, 1984)
Escape from the Bronx (Enzo G. Castellari, 1985)
Fists of Steel/Atomic Cyborg (Martin Dolman (Sergio Martino), 1985)
Frankenstein’s Great-Aunt Tillie (Myron J. Gold, 1985)
Lifeforce (Tobe Hooper, 1985)
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (George Miller, 1985)
The Manhattan Project/Deadly Game (Marshall Brickman, 1985)
Morons from Outer Space (Mike Hodges, 1985)
My Science Project (Jonathan Betuel, 1985)
O-Bi, O-Ba — Koniec Cywilizacji/The End of Civilization (Piotr Szulkin, 1985)
Operation Dead End (Nikolai Mullerschoen, 1985)
The Return of Captain Invincible (Philippe Mora, 1985)
Il Risveglio di Paul/Paul’s Awakening (Michel Saponaro, 1985)
Shadey (Philip Saville, 1985)
Star Crystal (Lance Lindsay, 1985)
The Stuff (Larry Cohen, 1985)
The Titan Find/Creature (William Malone, 1985)
Trouble in Mind (Alan Rudolph, 1985)
Underworld/Transmutations (George Pavlou, 1985) [own VHS, but too damaged to watch; released on DVD in Germany only]
Warning Sign (Hal Barwood, 1985)
Weird Science (John Hughes, 1985)
Zone Troopers (Danny Bilson, 1985)
Biggles (John Hough, 1986) [own on VHS]
Breeders (Tim Kincaid, 1986) [Hardy lists other Kincaid science fiction films in this entry not given space elsewhere: Mutant Hunt (1986), Robot Holocaust (1986), and Necropolis (1987) after calling them among the worst SF films of the decade–IMDb shows that most of his films are all-male adult films.]
Critters (Stephen Herek, 1986) [Critters 2: The Main Course (Mick Garris, 1988) is briefly noted in this entry]
Eliminators (Peter Manoogian, 1986)
The Fly (David Cronenberg, 1986)
Hellfire (William Murray, 1986)
Kamikaze (Didier Grousset, 1986)
Mauvais Sang/The Night Is Young (Léos Carax, 1986)
Maximum Overdrive (Stephen King, 1986)
Midnight Movie Massacre (Mark Stock, Larry Jacobs, 1986)
Monster in the Closet (Bob Dahlin, 1986)
Night of the Creeps/Homecoming Night (Fred Dekker, 1986)
Offret/The Sacrifice (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1986)
Pisna Myortvoi Chelovyeka/Letters from a Dead Man (Konstantin Lpoushansky, 1986)
Prison Ship/Starslammer: The Escape/Prison Ship: Starslammer (Fred Olen Ray, 1986)
Short Circuit (John Badham, 1986)
Space Camp (Harry Winer, 1986)
Terminus (Pierre William Glenn, 1986)
TerrorVision (Ted Nicolaou, 1986)
The Vindicator/Frankenstein 1990 (Jean-Claude Lord, 1986) [not to be confused with Alain Jessua’s Frankenstein 90 (1984)]
Whoops Apocalypse (Tom Bussmann, 1986)
Le Big Bang/The Big Bang (Picha, 1987)
Blue Monkey/Insect/Invasion of the Body Suckers (William Fruet, 1987)
Creepozoids (David DeCoteau, 1987)
Evil Spawn/Metamorphosis/Deadly Sting/Alive by Night (Kenneth J. Hall, 1987)
Friendship’s Death (Peter Wollen, 1987)
Harry and the Henderson (William Dear, 1987)
Hell Comes to Frogtown (Donald G. Jackson, 1987)
It’s Alive III: Island of the Alive (Larry Cohen, 1987)
Making Mr. Right (Susan Seidelman, 1987)
Nightflyers (T.C. Blake (Robert Collector), 1987)
Pathos/A Taste for Fear/Obsession: A Taste for Fear (Piccio Raffanini, 1987)
Predator (John McTiernan, 1987)
The Running Man (Paul Michael Glaser, 1987)
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (Sidney J. Furie, 1987) [I think I tried to watch this but got bored]
World Gone Wild (Lee H. Katzin, 1987)
Alien from L.A./Odeon (Albert Pyun, 1988)
Alien Nation/Outer Heat (Graham Baker, 1988)
The Blob (Chuck Russell, 1988)
The Caller (Arthur Seidelman, 1988)
Cherry 2000 (Steve de Jarnatt. 1988)
DeepStar Six (Sean S. Cunningham, 1988)
Dr. Alien/I Was a Teenage Sex Mutant (Dave DeCoteau, 1988)
Doin’ Time on Planet Eatrth (Charles Matthau, 1988)
Earth Girls Are Easy (Julien Temple, 1988)
The Fly II (Chris Walas, 1988)
The Hidden (Jack Sholder, 1988)
Incident at Raven’s Gate/Encounter at Raven’s Gate (Rolf De Heer, 1988)
Killer Klowns from Outer Space (Stephen Chiodo, 1988)
My Stepmother Is an Alien (Richard Benjamin, 1988)
The Nest (Terence H. Winkless, 1988)
Nightfall (Paul Mayersbherg, 1988)
Not of This Earth (Jim Wynorski, 1988)
The Phantom Empire (Fred Olen Ray, 1988)
Purple People Eater (Linda Shayne, 1988)
The Rejuvenator/Rejuvenatrix (Brian Thomas Jones, 1988)
Return of the Killer Tomatoes (John De Bello, 1988)
Short Circuit 2 (Kenneth Johnson, 1988)
Slugs — The Movie (Juan Piquer Simon, 1988)
They Live (John Carpenter, 1988)
Watchers (Jon Hess, 1988)
Cipayos — la tecera invasion/Sepoys — The Third Invasion/Tango War (Jorge Coscia, 1989)
Cyborg (Albert Pyun, 1989)
La Grieta/The Rift (Juan Piquer Simon, 1989)
Leviathan (George Pan Cosmatos, 1989)
Millennium (Michael Anderson, 1989)
Robot Jox (Stuart Gordon, 1989)
Slipstream (Stephen Lisberger, 1989)
Time Trackers (Howard R. Cohen, 1989)

The 1990s

Aftershock (Frank Harris, 1990)
Arena (Peter Manoogian, 1990)
Bunker Palace Hotel (Enki Bilal, 1990)
Class of 1999 (Mark L. Lester, 1990)
Communion (Philippe Mora, 1990)
Dark Angel/I Come in Peace (Craig R. Baxley, 1990)
Frankenstein Unbound (Roger Corman, 1990)
The Handmaid’s Tale (Volker Schlöndorff, 1990)
Hardware (Richard Stanley, 1990)
Highlander II: The Quickening (Russell Mulcahy, 1990)
Jetsons– the Movie (William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, 1990)
Lord of the Flies (Harry Hook, 1990)
Meet the Applegates (Michael Lehman 1990)
Megaville (Peter Lehner, 1990)
Moon 44 (Roland Emmerich, 1990)
Night of the Living Dead (Tom Savini, 1990)
Peacemaker (Kevin S. Tenney, 1990)
Predator 2 (Stephen Hopkins, 1990)
RoboCop 2 (Irvin Kershner, 1990)
The Salute of the Jugger/The Blood of Heroes (David Peoples, 1990)
Shadowzone (J.S. Cardone, 1990)
Spaced Invaders (Patrick Read Johnson, 1990)
Spontaneous Combustion (Tobe Hooper, 1990)
Alligator 2: The Mutation (Jon Hess, 1991)
Appleseed (Kazuyoshi Katayama, 1991)
Critters 3 (Kristine Peterson, 1991)
Dollman (Albert Pyun, 1991)
Eve of Destruction (Duncan Gibbins, 1991)
Fantasy (Geoffrey Brown, 1991)
Harley Davison and the Marlboro Man (Simon Wincer, 1991)
Late for Dinner (W.D. Richer, 1991)
Lensman (Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Kazuyuki Hrokawa, 1991)
Liquid Dreams (Mark Manos, 1991)
Poison (Todd Haynes, 1991)
Prayer of the Rollerboys (Rick Kling, 1991)
Rojin Z/Roujin Z (Hiroyuki Kitakubo, 1991)
Steel and Lace (Ernest Farino, 1991)
Street Asylum (Gregory Brown, 1991)
Suburban Commando (Burt Kennedy, 1991)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (Michael Pressman, 1991)
Timebomb (Avi Nesher, 1991)
Trancers 2 (Charles Band, 1991)
Xtro II: The Second Encounter (Harry Bromley-Davenport, 1991)
Arcade (Albert Pyun, 1992)
Bad Channels (Ted Nicolau, 1992)
Dongfang San Xia/The Heroic Trio (Johnny To [Du Qifeng], 1992)
Encino Man (Les Mayfield, 1992)
Forever Young (Steve Miner, 1992)
Fortress (Stuart Gordon, 1992)
Freddie as F.R.O.7 (Jon Acevski, 1992)
Mindwarp (Steve Barnett, 1992)
Nemesis (Albert Pyun, 1992)
Neon City (Monte Markham, 1992)
Project: Shadowchaser (John Eyres, 1992)
Prototype/Prototype X29A (Phillip J. Roth, 1992)
Seedpeople (Peter Manoogian, 1992)
Split Second (Tony Maylam, 1992)
Three Tornadoes/Blue Tornado (Tony B. Dobb (Antonio Bido), 1992)
Universal Soldier (Roland Emmerich, 1992)
Accion Mutante (Alex de la Iglesia, 1993)
APEX (Phillip J. Roth, 1993)
Body Snatchers (Abel Ferrara, 1993)
Carnosaur (Adam Simon, 1993)
Class of 1999 II: The Substitute (Spiro Razatos, 1993)
Coneheads (Steve Barron, 1993)
Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow (Michael Schroeder, 1993)
Cyborg Cop (Sam Firstenberg, 1993)
Death Machine (Stephen Norrington, 1993)
Diki Vostok/The Wild East (Rashid Nugmanov, 1993)
Equinox (Alan Rudolph, 1993)
Fire in the Sky (Robert Lieberman, 1993)
The Hidden II (Seth Pinsker, 1993)
Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight (Jack Ersgard, 1993)
Knights (Albert Pyun, 1993)
Man’s Best Friend (John Lafia, 1993)
Mandroid (Jack Erdgard, 1993)
The Meteor Man (Robert Townsend, 1993)
Monolith (John Eyres, 1993)
Philadelphia Experiment II (Stephen Cornwell, 1993)
Prehysteria (Charles Band, 1993)
Scanner Cop (Pierre David, 1993) [Hardy briefly notes Scanners II: The New Order (Christian Duguay, 1991) and Scanners III: The Takeover (Christian Duguay, 1992) in this entry]
Shopping (Paul Anderson, 1993)
Skeeter (Clark Brandon, 1993)
Super Mario Bros. (Rocky Morton, Annabel Jankel, 1993)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (Stuart Gillard, 1993)
Ticks (Tony Randel, 1993)
Timerunner (Michael Mazo, 1993)
U.F.O. (Tony Dow, 1993)
We’re Back!: A Dinosaur’s Story (Dick Zondag, Ralph Zondag, Phil Nibbelink, Simon Wells, 1993)
Wilder Napalm (Glenn Gordon Caron, 1993)
The Wind of Amnesia/A Wind Named Amnesia (Kazuo Yamazaki, 1993)
Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman (Christopher Guest, 1994)
Digital Man (Phillip J. Roth, 1994)
The High Crusade (Holger Neuhäuser, Klaus Knoesel, 1994)
Hong Kong ’97 (Albert Pyun, 1994)
Junior (Ivan Reitman, 1994)
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (Kenneth Branagh, 1994)
New Eden (Alan Metzger, 1994)
No Escape (Martin Campbell, 1995)
Oneamisu no Tsubasa/The Wings of Honneamise (Hiroyuki Yamaga, 1994)
Pet Shop (Hope Ferello, 1994)
The Puppet Masters (Stuart Orme, 1994)
RoboCop 3 (Fred Dekker, 1994)
T-Force (Richard Pepin, 1994)
Welcome II The Terrordome (Ngozi Onwurah, 1994)

*At this writing, the only films covered in The Western (which starts in 1930 and ends in 1990) that I have seen are the following:

Cimarron (Wesley Ruggles, 1931)
The Terror of Tiny Town (Sam Newfield, 1938)
Destry Rides Again (George Marshall, 1939)
Stagecoach (John Ford, 1939)
Honky Tonk (Jack Conway, 1941)
The Ox-Bow Incident/Strange Incident (William Wellman, 1943)
Tall in the Saddle (Edwin L. Marin, 1944)
My Darling Clementine (John Ford, 1946)
Pursued (Raoul Walsh, 1947)
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (John Huston, 1948)
The Baron of Arizona (Samuel Fuller, 1950)
Across the Wide Missouri (William A. Wellman, 1951)
The Naked Spur (Anthony Mann, 1953)
Johnny Guitar (Nicholas Ray, 1954)
Oklahoma! (Fred Zinnemann, 1955)
Seven Angry Men (Charles Marquis Warren, 1955)
Friendly Persuasion (William Wyler, 1956)
The Searchers (John Ford, 1956)
Ambush at Cimarron Pass (Jodie Copelan, 1958)
Heller in Pink Tights (George Cukor, 1960)
Django (Sergio Corbucci, 1966)
C’era una Volta il West/Once Upon a Time in the West (Sergio Leone, 1968)
E Dio disse a Caino…/And God Said to Cain… (Anthony Dawson [Antonio Margheriti], 1970)8
Dirty Dingus Magee (Burt Kennedy, 1970)
McCabe & Mrs. Miller (Robert Altman, 1971)
Westworld (Michael Crichton, 1973)
The Apple Dumpling Gang (Norman Tokar, 1974)
Blazing Saddles (Mel Brooks, 1974)
Take a Hard Ride (Anthony M. Dawson (Antonio Margheriti), 1975)
Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull’s History Lesson (Robert Altman, 1975)
The Missouri Breaks (Arthur Penn, 1976)
The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again (Vincent McEveety, 1978)
Glory (Edward Zwick, 1989)
Back to the Future, Part III (Robert Zemeckis, 1990)
Dances with Wolves (Kevin Costner, 1990)
Grim Prairie Tales (Wayne Coe, 1990)

8Appendix 8 includes a list of “all” sound Westerns deemed not important enough to appear in the main text (The Western is the shortest volume, but also the first), but it lists no films made after 1980, suggesting it was not revised when the rest of the book was. I made a copy of that list here, but there are a number of titles listed separately by Hardy that have been identified as the same film and could be listed only once: . IMDb says I’ve rated 72 Westerns. Many are from before or after the book’s time frame, and a few are obscure (e.g. Mountain Charlie (George A. Stapleford, 1982)). (By contrast, as of this writing, IMDb says I’ve rated 779 science fiction films, 1,033 fantasy films, and 540 horror films. Of course there is a huge amount of overlap, so it’s unsurprising that I’ve rated 1,395 comedies and 1,841 dramas. )

I’ve had the Horror volume out of the library, and that will take another page when I have my own copy. I’m not sure about The Gangster Film in terms of quantity of films seen. I’ve only seen it in bookstores (not recently), not the public library.

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