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The Maid of Arran (hardcover)

The Maid of Arran by L. Frank Baum, edited by Marcus Mebes, first published October 30, 2021. contributions by Robert A Baum, Angelica Shirley Carpenter, Ryan Bunch, Scott Andrew Hutchins, Éamon S. Green, Gita Dorothy Morena, Colin Ayres, John Fricke, and more


The definitive Maid of Arran. Long-thought lost, at last the play–in its entirety–is presented, along with historical analyses, commentary, a historical fiction introduction, and even a scrapbook presenting playbills, rare photos, and other ephemera. Royal Historian of Oz L. Frank Baum’s long-lost play, The Maid of Arran, at last can be yours!

Hardcover ($114.99)

Color paperback ($29.99)

Black and white paperback ($20.99)

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