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Books I Read in 2011

Books read in 2011:

(RB)=read before

Neil Gaiman:  The Graveyard Book 9/10

Amy Greenfield, Edward Crouse, Curtis Harrington, Dennis Hopper, Gary Graver, Shelley Winters, Bill Condon, Debbie Reynolds:  Curtis Harrington:  Cinema on the Edge 7/10

L. Frank Baum:  The Woggle-Bug 7/10 (RB)

L. Frank Baum:  Tik-Tok of Oz 9/10 (RB)

Ted Talley:  Terra Nova 9/10

John Ostrander, Kim Yale, Paul Kupperberg, Cary Bates:  The Janus Directive 7/10

William F. Brown:  The Girl in the Freudian Slip 7/10

Jamie Delano:  Hellblazer:  The Devil You Know (except The Horrorist)

William F. Brown:  A Single Thing in Common 7/10

Montague Rhodes James:  Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, introduction by E.F. Bleiler 7/10

Neil Gaiman:  Black Orchid 9/10

Francine Prose:  Reading Like a Writer:  A Guide for People Who Love Books and for Those Who Want to Write Them 9/10

John Webster:  The Duchess of Malfi 9/10

Scott Edelman:  Captain Marvel 7/10

Patrick J. Smith:  The Tenth Muse:  A Historical Study of the Opera Libretto 9/10

Samuel Beckett:  How It Is 9/10

Ruth Plumly Thompson:  Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz 8/10 (RB)

Tom Holt:  Flying Dutch 8/10

Edwene Gaines:  The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity 8/10

Abraham Merritt:  Burn, Witch, Burn! 7/10

John Ostrander:  Firestorm/Swamp Thing:  The Elemental War 8/10

Arnold Drake:  The Doom Patrol Archives, Vol. 2, introduction by Roy Thomas 8/10

Gary Fisher:  Channel Surfing with God 6/10

John Marc DeMatteis:  Doctor Fate:  The Night of Brahma 7/10

Jeff Barstock: Song of Oz 9/10

Eric Origen and Gan Golan:  The Adventures of Unemployed Man 10/10

Doug Moench:  The Spectre 8/10

Keith Giffen and John Marc DeMatteis:  Justice League:  The Teasdale Imperative 5/10

John Marc DeMatteis:  Doctor Fate:  The End of Innocence 7/10

Jamie Delano:  Hellblazer:  The Family Man 9/10

Grant Morrison:  Doom Patrol:  The Painting That Ate Paris 10/10

Max Horkheimer and Theodor W. Adorno:  Dialectic of Enlightenment:  Philosophical Fragments edited by Gunzelin Schmid Noerr, translated by Edmund Jephcott 10/10

Richard Murray Vaughan:  Camera, Woman 6/10

Brian K. Vaughan:  Runaways:  Teenage Wasteland 9/10

Grant Morrison:  Doom Patrol:  Down Paradise Way 10/10

Grant Morrison:  Animal Man:  Origin of the Species 9/10

Neil Gaiman:  Death:  The Time of Your Life 8/10

Douglas Adams:  Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency 8/10

Joe Quesada:  Nyx:  Wannabe 9/10

Nicoline Van Der Sijs:  Cookies, Coleslaw, and Stoops:  The Influence of Dutch on the North American Languages 9/10

Doug Wheeler, with Andrew Helfer:  Swamp Thing 8/10

Jamie Delano:  Hellblazer:  Dead-Boy’s Heart [34-40] 10/10

Dick Martin:  The Ozmapolitan of Oz 7/10

Scott Kolins, with Geoff Johns:  Solomon Grundy 7/10

Jay Conrad Levinson, David Perry:  Guerilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0:  1,001 Unconventional Tips and Tactics for Landing Your Dream Job; foreword by Darren Hardy, Publisher, Success magazine

Neil Gaiman:  The Book of Magic, introduction by Roger Zelazny 10/10 (RB)

Kevin Wayne Jeter:  Mister E 7/10

Peter Milligan:  Shade, the Changing Man:  The American Scream 9/10

Rachel Cosgrove Payes:  The Wicked Witch of Oz 8/10

Eric Shanower:  The Giant Garden of Oz 9/10

Garth Ennis:  Hellblazer:  Dangerous Habits 8/10

Gina Wickwar:  The Hidden Prince of Oz 9/10

John Ostrander:  Firestorm:  Blaze of Glory [94-100] 9/10

Fred Van Lente:  Marvel Zombies 5 8/10

Josh Frank with Charlie Buckholtz:  In Heaven Everything Is Fine:  The Unsolved Life of Peter Ivers and the Lost History of New Wave Theatre 9/10

Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges:  House of Mystery:  Love Stories for Dead People 9/10

John Pierson:  Spike, Mike Slackers & Dykes:  A Guided Tour Through a Decade of Independent Cinema 8/10

Paul Kupperberg:  Checkmate! 8/10

Plátōn/Plato:  Politea [Ē Peri Dikaioy, Politikos]/The Republic [or On Justice, Political], translated by Paul Shorey [read the first three books, then forced to return to the library]

Warren Leight:  Side Man 9/10

Neil Gaiman:  The Sandman:  Preludes and Nocturnes, introduction by Karen Berger (RB) 9/10

Grant Morrison:  Animal Man:  Deus Ex Machina 10/10

George Pérez:  Wonder Woman:  The Savage Moon [25-35] 9/10

Peter Milligan:  Animal Man:  Schrödinger’s Pizza [27-32] 9/10

Patricia Hersch:  A Tribe Apart:  A Journey into the Heart of American Adolescence 9/10

John Marc DeMatteis:  Doctor Fate:  The Endless End! 8/10

Guy Debord:  The Society of the Spectacle, trans. Donald Nicholson-Smith 9/10

Adrian Athique and Douglas Hill:  The Multiplex in India:  a Cultural Economy of Urban Leisure 8/10

Garth Ennis:  Hellblazer:  Bloodlines 9/10

Michael Fleisher:  Wrath of the Spectre 9/10

Richard Schchner:  Performance Studies, 2nd Edition 10/10

Henri Lefebvre:  The Production of Space [forced to return after reading 138 pages]

Matt Wagner:  Sandman Mystery Theatre:  Dr. Death and The Night of the Butcher 8/10

Matt Wagner and Steven T. Seagle:  Sandman Mystery Theatre:  The Hourman and The Python 9/10

Neil Gaiman:  Neil Gaiman’s Midnight Days 10/10

Books I left incomplete as the year closed:

Don Mitchell:  Cultural Geography

Eric Butterworth:  Spiritual Economics

Dennis O’Neill:  The Question:  Zen and Violence

Mike Sekowsky:  Diana Prince:  Wonder Woman, vol. 2

Marianne Williamson:  A Course in Weight Loss:  21 Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever, introduction by Dean Ornish

Hy Bender:  The Sandman Companion

Richard N. Bolles:  The Job Hunter’s Survival Guide

Jim Steranko & Co.:  Nick Fury:  Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., vol. 1

Harvey Pekar:  American Splendor

Stan Lee:  Marvel Masterworks Vol. 2:  The Fantastic Four, Vol. 1

William Messner-Loebs:  Doctor Fate

John Marc DeMatteis:  The Defenders

Nancy A. Collins:  Swamp Thing

John Ostrander:  Suicide Squad

George Pérez:  Wonder Woman

Cary Bates:  Captain Atom

Jeff Parker: Thunderbolts

Tom Veitch: Animal Man

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