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Books I Read in 2012

RB=read before

(in order of completion):

Mike Sekowsky:  Diana Prince:  Wonder Woman, vol. 2
Peggy Orenstein: Cinderella Ate My Daughter:  Dispatches from the Front Lines of the New Girly-Girl Culture
Garth Ennis: Hellblazer: Fear and Loathing
Gardner Fox:  The Atom Archives, Vol. 1
Garth Ennis:  Hellblazer: Tainted Love
Garth Ennis:  Hellblazer: Damnation’s Flame
Garth Ennis:  Hellblazer:  Rake at the Gates of Hell
Michael E. Uslan:  The Boy Who Loved Batman
John Smith:  Scarab
Marv Wolfman:  Night Force:  The Summoning
Bill Willingham:  Fables: Wolves
Eric Butterworth:  Spiritual Economics: The Principles and Process of True Prosperity
Shannon and Dean Hale: Rapunzel’s Revenge
Robert Kanigher, Bob Haney: The Sgt. Rock Archives Vol. 1
Evangeline Walton: Witch House
Matt Wagner, Steven T. Seagle:  Sandman Mystery Theatre:  The Mist and The Phantom of the Fair
J.M. DeMatteis:  Mercy
Mike Sekowsky, Denny O’Neil: Diana Price, Wonder Woman, Vol. 3
Neil Gaiman: Green Lantern/Superman:  Legend of the Green Flame
Jim Steranko & Co. (Stan Lee, Roy Thomas):  Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
John Broome:  The Green Lantern Chronicles, Volume 1
Shannon and Dean Hale: Calamity Jack
Charles McCarry:  The Better Angels
Bill Finger, Gardner Fox:  The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 1
Chris Claremont:  The Uncanny X-Men:  Days of Future Past
Faith Erin Hicks:  Friends With Boys
John Broome:  The Green Lantern Chronicles, Vol. 2
Marv Wolfman:  Night Force:  Mark of the Beast
Charles Dickens:  Oliver Twist
William Moulton Marston:  The Wonder Woman Chronicles, Vol. 1
Ronald Hayman:  Theatre and Anti-Theatre:  New Movements Since Beckett
Gardner Fox, John Broome:  Crisis on Multiple Earths:  The Team-Ups, Vol. 1, afterword by Mark Waid
Jeff Parker:  Thunderbolts
Dennis O’Neill:  The Question:  Zen and Violence
Frank Maraffino, Peter David:  Marvel Zombies Destroy!
Rafael Nieves, Len Kaminski:  Hellstorm: Prince of Lies
Stan Lee:  Marvel Masterworks:  The X-Men, Vol. 1
Stan Lee:  Marvel Masterworks: Captain America, Vol. 1, afterword by John Rhett Thomas
Alfred Jarry:  Ubu Roi, présentation et dossier-jeu par Nadia Ettayeb [untranslated]
Samuel Beckett:  Eleuthéria, translated by Michael Brodsky, forewords by Martin Garbus, S.E. Gontarski, Michael Brodsky, and Barney Rosset
Stan Lee and Roy Thomas:  Marvel Masterworks:  The X-Men, vol. 2
Peter Handke:  Offending the Audience and Self-Accusation, translated by Michael Roloff
Bill Willingham:  Fables:  Sons of Empire
Bill Finger, Whitney Ellsworth:  The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 2
Bill Willingham:  Fables:  The Good Prince
Harold Pinter:  The Room
Kobo Abe: Tamatochi/Friends, translated by Donald Keene
Chris Claremont: The Uncanny X-Men: Not Dead Yet?! World’s End
Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost: X-23: Innocence Lost
Tom Stoppard:  Jumpers
Stephen B. Leacock: The Man in Asbestos
Harold Pinter: The Homecoming
Gardner Fox, Alfred Bester, and unknown: The Golden Age Starman Archives, introduction by Jack Burnley; afterword by Joe Desris and Mark Waid
Dan Slott: The Amazing Spider Man: No Turning Back
Tom Stoppard:  The Real Inspector Hound and After Magritte
Robert Kanigher, John Broome:  The Flash Chronicles, vol. 1
Steve Gerber:  The Infernal Man-Thing:  Screenplay of the Living Dead Man, introduction by Ralph Macchio
Edward Albee:  Seascape
Gail Simone: Welcome to Tranquility, vol. 1
Laura Lee Gulledge: Page by Paige
John David Warner, with Bill Mantlo: The Son of Satan
Harold Pinter: Old Times
Susan Jacoby: The Age of American Unreason
Marv Wolfman: Night Force: 250 Minutes
Gardner Fox, Alfred Bester, unkown, Don Cameron, Joe Samachson: The Golden Age Starman Archives Volume 2; introduction by Roy Thomas; afterword by Joe Desris, Mark Waid, Craig Delich
Bill Willingham: Fables: War and Pieces
Robert J. Stewart (ed.) with Michael Drayton, Geoffrey Ashe, John Trevisa, Gareth Knight, John Matthews, Skene, Arthur C.L. Brown, Thomas Heywood, ?William Shakespeare and William Rowley: The Book of Merlin
Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges: Jack of Fables: The (Nearly) Great Escape
Tom Stoppard:  Enter a Free Man
Bill Finger: The Batman Chronicles, Volume 3
Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern: Marvels: Eye of the Camera
William Shakespeare: The First Part of King Henry the Sixth, edited by Andrew Cairncross, appendices by Edward Hall and Raphael Holinshed [The Arden Shakespeare, Second Series]
Joss Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon, Zack Whedon, Felicia Day, Simon Helberg, Nathan Fillion, Shawna Trpcic, Neil Patrick Harris: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog: The Book
Arnold Drake:  The Doom Patrol Archives, vol. 3, introdction by Bill Schelley
Grant Morrison:  Doom Patrol:  Musclebound
Richard Hofstadter: Anti-Intellectualism in American Life
Mark Waid: Kingdom Come, introduction by Elliot S! Maggin
Brian K. Vaughan: Cyclops: Odyssey
Matt Wagner: Sandman Mystery Theatre: The Tarantula, introduction by Dave Marsh (RB)
Lee Blessing: Fortinbras
George Kovacs and C.W. Marshall (ed.), Gideon Nisbet, Kyle P. Johnson, Nicholas A. Theisen, Brett M. Rogers, Craig Dethloff, R. Clinton Savaros, Benjamin Stevens, Vincent Tomasso, Emily Fairey, Anise K. Strong, Martin T. Dinter, Eric Shanower, Chiara Sulprizo, Thomas E. Jenkins: Classics and Comics
Chris Claremont: The New Mutants Classic, vol. 1
Jim Butcher: The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle
Jerry Siegel:  The Golden Age Spectre Archives, introduction by Jerry Bails
Peter Milligan: Shade, the Changing Man: Scream Time
Robert Maynard Hutchins: No Friendly Voice
Gardner Fox:  Crisis on Multiple Earths, vol. 1, foreword and afterword by Mark Waid
Eric Sams, ?William Shakespeare: Shakespeare’s Lost Play: Edmund Ironside [play itself completed prior to 1 Henry VI]
Will Eno: Middletown
Sarah Keronchan: Jane Was Here
Noam Chomsky: Occupy, introduction by Greg Ruggiero; afterword by National Lawyers Guild
Jeff Parker:  Dark Avengers [I assumed incorrectly that #183 is Parker’s last issue, but it was the end of a story arc.]
Sam Shepard:  The Unseen Hand and Other Plays [Forensic & the Navigators, The Holy Ghostly, Back Bog Beast Bait, Shaved Splits, 4-H Club]
Peter Handke: Kaspar, translated by Michael Roloff [The previous Handke volume I had out from NYPL had most of this play physically removed. I convinced them to order several more copies.]
Dan Raviv: Comic Wars: How Two Tycoons Battled over the Marvel Comics Empire–and Both Lost
John Ney Rieber: The Books of Magic: Transformations
Terry Eagleton: Why Marx Was Right
Tom Stoppard:  Arcadia
Arnold Drake: The Doom Patrol Archives, vol. 4, introduction by Paul Kupperberg
Grant Morrison: Doom Patrol: Magic Bus
Arnold Drake: The Doom Patrol Archives, vol. 5, introduction by Tom Peyer
Grant Morrison: Doom Patrol: Planet Love
Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges: Jack of Fables: Jack of Hearts
Tom Peyer, Len Kaminski, Paul Grist, Judd Winick: Justice Leagues
David Anthony Kraft: The Savage She-Hulk [all issues not read previously]
John Broome: The Flash Chronicles, Volume Two
Dan Slott, Joe Keatinge: The Amazing Spider-Man: Dying Wish
Peter Handke: The Ride Across Lake Constance and Other Plays [Prophecy, Calling for Help, My Foot My Tutor, Quodiblet, The Ride Across Lake Constance translated by Michael Roloff; They Are Dying Out translated by Michael Roloff and Karl Weber]
Harold Pinter:  The Celebration
Peter B. Gillis: Strikeforce: Morituri, Volume One
Jerry Siegel: The Superman Chronicles, Volume One
Brian Azzarello: 100 Bullets: First Shot, Last Call

Books I was still in the process of reading prior to year end:

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, writing as Lewis Carroll: The Annotated Hunting of the Snark, edited with notes by Martin Gardner; introduction by Adam Gopnik
Hank Chapman, Carl Wessler, et al.: Atlas Era Strange Tales, vol. 1
Warren Ellis: Hellstorm: Prince of Lies
Paul Cornell: Demon Knights
John Ostrander:  Captain Atom:  The Quantum Quest
John Ostrander, Kim Yale: Suicide Squad
John Ostrander:  Firestorm:  The Nuclear Man
George Pérez, Mindy Newell: Wonder Woman
Cary Bates, Greg Weisman: Captain Atom
Dan Didio: The Phantom Stranger
Christy Marx/Tony Bedard: Sword of Sorcery: Amethyst/Beowulf
Michael Uslan: Beowulf: Dragon Slayer


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