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Free Comic Book Day

May 6, 2013

This is what I got at Free Comic Book Day 2013, include several issues (including a duplicate) from the 2012 batch. A friend offered to drive me, but he never made it. I went to St. Mark’s the night before for some half off comics, which you see at the bottom. The previous weekend, they had my number one wishlist item, Detective Comics #482 (20th appearance of Etrigan the Demon and earliest I don’t have even in reprint (none exists)), and I waited for the sale only to not get it. They were stingy in previous years, so I didn’t go on Saturday. I went to Forbidden Planet (21 comics–no choice), Midtown Comics Times Square (3 comics–no choice–Infinity, Superman, Valiant 2013), JHU Comic Books (5 of choice), Montasy Comics Chapter 2 (3 of choice), Manhattan Comics and More (3 of choice), Time Machine (1 left I didn’t yet have), Desert Island (took 2 I didn’t yet have and 1 that FP creased, plus other freebies), Bergen Street (4), Galaxy (1 left I didn’t yet have), Galaxy III (all they had left were Superman and Infinity).

Said friend was going to Yonkers. I asked him to go to Magnum in Riverdale and see if they had any I didn’t have, but he wasn’t able to find it, and I can’t remember the street to where they moved. That might have been tough because he doesn’t have a cell phone. His calling me from pay phones is the main reason we were unable to coordinate. I was reminded of when my father died, my mother gave me literally two seconds to answer the phone (My ringtone was the Nokia pop rendering of the Queen of the Night’s “”Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen (Hell’s Wrath Burns in Mine Heart)” from Mozart’s Die Zauberföte. It starts with the coloratura part (, on the third measure of the passage in the link, and it made it only to the F before I lost the call and kept saying hello to no one) when I was at O’Hare airport where my flight had been delayed, then spent the next several hours tying up the line, and yelled at me for being a jerk for not picking up the phone when I finally didn’t get a busy signal a couple of hours later.

In between Time Machine and Desert Island, I went to the “community meal” at the Church of the Village. There, I met a Chinese man and his teenage daughter. I had seen them around, but after the girl caught my eye and I realized almost immediately that she was not of age, I didn’t make an effort to sit near her, but the table where she was was nearly empty in a very full room. The struck up a conversation with me, mostly via his daughter, because he spoke almost no English, and she spoke only what she had learned in school–Chinese are now required to learn English in school). They were from Guangzhou and had been in New York only a year. She asked for my e-mail address when I mentioned having worked as a tutor, although if they’re eating at soup kitchens, I doubt that this will mean paying work. They were astonished when I told them how horrible Project Renewal’s Third Street Shelter is, to the point where the food is unsafe often enough for me to avoid it, and that the beds are in a big open area (which was not the case with either Bellevue or Eddie Harris). They were also hopeful that with my education, I would not be there much longer. One of the servers, also a teenage girl, sat down near us, and the girl from Guangzhou asked her for her e-mail address as well. When I told her about how it was my physical challenges that were a major factor in my lack of work, she mentioned she had similar issues with prolonged standing, and that the hour and a half of the soup kitchen volunteering is really all she can handle, and that she could never do food service as a full-time job because of scoliosis, lower back trouble, and pain in prolonged standing.

Free Comic Book Day is a little bitter for me after last year, since that was the same day that Amit Kumar fired me over the phone, leading directly to my homelessness, although numerically, the anniversary is on
the fifth.

This is what I got. I finished my set of Gaiman Sandman in the non-recolored edition. Now I just need the Yoshitako Amano illustrated novel, The Dream Hunters to have a complete set. stores tend not to stock it because there is now a graphic novel version illustrated by P. Craig Russell, which I have in single-issue format. I bought Brief Lives at a 15% discount at Forbidden Planet and Endless Nights for a 40% Discount at JHU Comic Books (what Jim Hanley’s Universe is calling its much smaller replacement store on 32nd Street). The clerk said that, as a member, I would be eligible for another 40%-off-one-item discount next month. If it’s available, I think that will probably be the I… Vampire classic trade (retail, $29.99). Aside from these, the only other thing I bought on Free Comic Book Day was Justice League Dark #19, which was also subject to a 15% discount, although the clerk would have charged me full price had I not reminded her (another employee yelled it out soon after), and she forgot the complimentary bag and board Forbidden Planet normally provides.

I just hope I don’t get an administrative transfer from the shelter this coming week. Brooklyn College Library is doing its students-only finals lockdown next week, and I’d like to wait until then to go to my storage unit. The reduction of my unemployment benefits by $16 has had a definite psychological effect, and I’ve failed to keep up with saving 60% as the shelter system requires, although I haven’t down any transfers form my savings account, even though I really need to buy a new batch of contact lenses, which is more than a week’s pay.

1. Marvel Now! Previews (2012) #3
2. Free Comic Book Day 2012 (Image 20) (2012) nn
3. The Hypernaturals Free Comic Book Day Edition (2012) nn
4. Free Comic Book Day and Serenity: Firefly Class 03-K64 – It’s Never Easy / Free Comic Book Day: Star Wars – “The Art of the Bad Deal” (2012) nn
5. Action Time Buddies (2013) #1
6. Top Shelf Kids Club (2011) nn [03]
7. Master P’s Theatre (2013) Free Comic Book Day 2013
8. 2013 Free Comic Book Day Flip Book (2013) nn
9. World of Archie Digest Free Comic Book Day Edition (2013) #1
10. Free Comic Book Day 2013 (Avengers/Hulk) (2013) #1
11. Scratch9 (2010) #1
12. Jurassic StrikeForce 5 (2011) Free Comic Book Day Special Edition
13. AAM Markosia FCBD 2013 (2013) nn
14. Finding Gossamyr/The Stuff of Legend (2012) nn (Free Comic Book Day 2013)
15. Ugly Doll Comics: Free Comic Book Day (2013) nn
16. Grimm (2013) #0
17. The Sandman: Endless Nights (2003) OGN SC
18. The Steam Engines of Oz (2013) #1
19. Wizard School (2013) Free Comic book Day 2013
20. Aphrodite IX (2013) #1
21. Prince Valiant: Free Comic Book Day Special Edition (2013) nn
22. Worlds of Aspen 2013 (2013) #1
23. Valiant Comics FCBD 2013 Special (2013) nn
24. The Sandman (1989) TPB vol. 07
25. Justice League Dark (2011) #19
26. Sonic And Mega Man: Worlds Collide Prelude, Free Comic Book Day Edition (2013) #1
27. KiZoic Presents: Sesame Street/Strawberry Shortcake (2013) Free Comic Book Day
28. Anna & Froga/Pippi Longstocking Color Special (2013) nn
29. The Smurfs, a Free Comic Book Day comicbook (2013) nn
30. Molly Danger Featuring Princeless (2013) FCBD one-shot
31. Spongebob Freestyle Funnies (2013) Free Comic Book Day
32. NFL Rush Zone – Action Lab – FCBD 2013 (2013) nn
33. Capstone Presents: Mr. Puzzle (2013) Free Comic Book Day 2013
34. Bongo Comics Free-For-All (2006) FCBD 2013
35. Damsels: Mermaids (2013) #0
36. Fubar: Free Comic Book Day MMXIII (2013) nn
37. Free Comic Book Day: Judge Dredd Classics (2013) FCBD 2013
38. Superman: The Last Son of Krypton FCBD Special Edition (2013) #1
39. Superman: The Last Son of Krypton FCBD Special Edition (2013) #1
40. Free Comic Book Day 2013 (Infinity) (2013) #1
41. Free Comic Book Day 2013 (Infinity) (2013) #1
42. Valiant Masters: 2013 Showcase Edition (2013) #1
43. The Strangers (2013) #1
44. Free Comic Book Day: Avatar – The Last Airbender/Star Wars and Captain Midnight (2013) nn
45. Free Comic Book Day: Mass Effect/R.I.P.D. and The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (2013) nn
46. 2013 Free Comic Book Day Flip Book (2013) nn
47. Batman (1940) #354
48. Weird War Tales (1971) #123
49. Justice League of America (1960) #102
50. Justice League of America (1960) #173
51. The Superman Family (1974) #204
52. The Brave and the Bold (1955) #199

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