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Books I Read in 2018

in order of completion:

(RB)=read before

Steve Gerber, Tom Mason, Dave Olbrich, Chris Ulm: Exiles (RB)
Raylyn Moore: Wonderful Wizard, Marvelous Land, introduction by Ray Bradbury (RB)
Ann Nocenti, Jim Shooter, Jim McCann: X-Men: Beauty and the Beast
Steve Englehart: Congorilla
Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost: New X-Men: Childhood’s End Vol. 3: Nimrod
Gardner F. Fox: The Justice League of America: The Silver Age, Volume Three (partially RB)
Sam Humphries: Weirdworld, Volume 1: Where Lost Things Go
Kurt Boone: Asphalt Warrior: The Story of York City’s Fastest Messenger
Percy Bysshe Shelley: Selected Poems, edited by Stanley Applebaum (some poems RB)
Joan Aiken: The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
Gene Luen Yang: New Super-Man, Vol. 2: Coming to America
G. Willow Wilson: Ms. Marvel vol. 8: Mecca
Yukito Kishiro: Battle Angel Alita Last Order, vol. 12: Angel Redux, translated by Lillian Olsen
Bob Haney, Robert Kanigher: The Brave and the Bold Team-Up Archives, vol. 1
Naomi Alderman: The Power
Eric Williams: Capitalism & Slavery, introduction by Colin A. Palmer
Milton Friedman: Capitalism and Freedom, with Rose D. Friedman
Andrew Wheeler: Another Castle: Grimoire
Angela Y. Davis: Women, Race, and Class
Douglas Adams: Mostly Harmless
Yukito Kishiro: Battle Angel Alita Last Order, vol. 13: Sans Angel, translated by Lillian Olsen
Kim Moody: On New Terrain: How Capital Reshaped the Battleground of Class War
Paul Levitz: Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga (Deluxe Edition)
Yukito Kishiro: Battle Angel Alita Last Order, vol. 14: Angel of Defusion, translated by Lillian Olsen
Gardner F. Fox, Jerry Siegel, William Moulton Marston, Sheldon Mayer, John B. Wentworth, Bud Fisher, Al Smith, Ronald Santi, Joseph Greene, Lynn Evans, Julius Schwartz, John L. Blummer, Ed Whelan: The DC Comics Rarities Archives vol. 1
John Byrne, Marv Wolfman, Paul Levitz: Superman: The Man of Steel, vol. 4
William Shakespeare: The Life and Death of King John, [The Arden Shakespeare: Third Series] edited by Jesse M. Lander and J.J.M. Tobin
Svetlana Chmakova: Awkward
Yukito Kishiro: Battle Angel Alita Last Order, vol. 15: Last Angel Standing, translated by Lillian Olsen
Paul Kupperberg: World of Krypton in Superman: The Many Worlds of Krypton
Edmond Hamilton, Bill Finger, Jerry Coleman: Batman & Superman: World’s Finest: The Silver Age, Volume Two
Francis Beaumont: The Knight of the Burning Pestle (RB)
David Hamilton Horne, George Peele: The Life and Minor Works of George Peele [The Life and Works of George Peele, Volume I, edited by Charles Tyler Prouty]
Rick Veitch, Steve Conley: Aquaman: The Waterbearer
Karel Čapek: R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots), translated by Claudia Novack-Jones, introduction by Ivan Klíma
Chynna Clugston Flores: Scooter Girl
Kazuo Ishiguro: The Remains of the Day
William Shakespeare: The Tempest (RB)
George Peele: The Dramatic Works of George Peele: Edward I, edited and with an introduction by by Frank S. Hook/The Battle of Alcazar, edited and with an introduction by John Yoklavich [The Life and Works of George Peele, Volume II, edited by Charles Tyler Prouty] [finished Edward I before The Tempest]
Bill Finger, Jerry Coleman, Otto Binder, Robert Bernstein, Alvin Schwartz: Superman: The Man of Tomorrow Archives, Volume 2, foreword by Michael Eury
Samuel Langhorne Clemens: The Complete Short Stories of Mark Twain, edited and with an introduction by Charles Neider
Paul Dini: Dark Night: A True Batman Story
Christopher Marlowe: Edward the Second [New Mermaids], edited and with an introduction by William Moelwyn Merchant
Mark Waid: Champions vol. 1: Change the World
Yukito Kishiro: Battle Angel Alita Last Order, vol. 16, translated by Lillian Olsen
Gardner Fox, John Broome The Flash: The Silver Age, Volume Three (only issues 142-147; glanced through everything prior, which I previously read in Archives vol. 5)
William Messner-Loebs: Wonder Woman: Operation Cheetah [Special; 63]
Mark Waid: Champions vol. 2: The Freelancer Lifestyle
Paul D’Amato: The Meaning of Marxism
Edgar Rice Burroughs: Tarzan of the Apes, introduction by Thomas Mallon
Stan Lee, Roy Thomas: Daredevil: The Epic Collection, Volume 3 (1968-1970): Brother, Take My Hand (partially RB)
Gardner Fox: The Justice League of America: The Silver Age, Volume Four (partially RB)
Yukito Kishiro: Battle Angel Alita Last Order 17, translated by Lillian Olsen
Mark Buckingham, Bill Willingham: Fairest vol. 5: The Clamour for Glamour
Roy Thomas Marvel Masterworks vol. 84: The Avengers vol. 7
William Shakespeare: The Tragedie of King Lear: Folio RawShakespeare Edition [Puck Press] (RB: Norton)
William Shakespeare, et al.: King Edward III edited and with and introduction by Richard Proudfoot and Nicola Bennett [Arden Shakespeare: Third Series] (RB, Cambridge/Giorgio Melchiori)
Bill Willingham: Fables vol. 22: Farewell
Sharon Smith: Subterranean Fire: A History of Working-Class Radicalism in the United States Updated Edition

Books I did not finish before the year was out:

Robert Loren Fleming, Keith Ian Giffen, Gerard Jones, Alan Grant, John Wagner, Dan Vado, Dan Jurgens, Dan Mishkin, Craig Boldman, Mark Waid, William Messner-Loebs, Sarah E. Byam, John Ostrander, David Cody Weiss, Marv Wolfman, Will Jacobs, Barry Kitson: Eclipso: the Darkness Within
George Gordon, Lord Byron: Selected Poems, edited by Stanley Applebaum
William Messner-Loebs, Joey Cavalieri: Wonder Woman (Messner-Loebs wrote issues (vol. 2) 63-100, Special 1, Annual 1, and 0, except #65, by Cavalieri–read up to #65)
Gail Simone: Domino: Killer Instinct
Gardner F. Fox, Edmond Hamilton, Len Wein, Paul Levitz: Pulp Fiction Library: Mystery in Space
Mike Friedrich, Robert Kanigher, Mike Sekowsky, Bob Haney: The Phantom Stranger
Charles Fillmore: Jesus Christ Heals
Peter B. Gillis: The New Defenders [132-152]
Ann Nocenti: Kid Eternity
Mike Friedrich, Len Wein: Crisis on Multiple Earths, vol. 3
Mark Millar: Swamp Thing: Darker Genesis
Joe Kelly: Spider-Man/Deadpool
Dennis Hopeless: Spider-Woman
Jim Trombetta: The Horror! The Horror! Comic Books the Government Didn’t Want You to Read, introduction by R.L. Stine
Bettina Jonic: With and Without Sam, Volume 11: The Whole Bally Lot
Ralph Griffith, Stuart Kerr: Dark Oz
Jeph Loeb: The Witching Hour
Garth Ennis: Where Monsters Dwell
Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn: Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld, vol. 2
Steve Englehart: Millennium
Paul Jenkins: Hellblazer
Joe Keatinge: Morbius:  The Living Vampire
Dan Slott:  Superior Spider-Man
Christopher Yost: Avenging Spider-Man
Warren Ellis: Hellstorm: Prince of Lies
Cary Bates, Greg Weisman:  Captain Atom
John Ostrander: Firestorm: The Nuclear Man
Cary Bates, Greg Weisman: Captain Atom
Dan Didio: The Phantom Stranger
Christy Marx/Tony Bedard: Sword of Sorcery: Amethyst/Beowulf
Hank Chapman, Carl Wessler, et al.: Marvel Masterworks Volume 85: Atlas Era Strange Tales, Volume 1

Planned upcoming reads:

Yukito Kishiro: Battle Angel Alita Last Order, vol. 17, translated by Lillian Olsen
Mark Buckingham, Bill Willingham: Fairest, vol. 5: The Clamor for Glamour
Charles Hoy Fort: The Book of the Damned
Marv Wolfman: The Tomb of Dracula, vol. 3
Ethel Florence Lindesay Richardson, writing as Henry Handel Richardson: Myself When Young
Laura Redniss: Century Girl: 100 Years in the Life of Doris Eaton Travis, Last Living Star of the Ziegfeld Follies
Neil Gaiman: Fragile Things
Yuri Suhl: They Fought Back: The True Story of the Heroic Jewish Resistance to the Nazi Slaughter
Harold Clurman: The Fervent Years: The Group Theatre and The 30’s [sic], with a new introduction by Stella Adler
Billionaires for Bush: How to Rule the World for Fun and Profit
Mike Carey: X-Men: Supernovas
Arje Shaw: The Fix
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