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My Mom Pushed Me to Do This; So Glad I Didn’t

April 8, 2022

The more I learn about South Korea, the less interested in going there I am. It was officially fascist until the 1980s and clearly still is.

They were forced to do work that will exacerbate my medical conditions that have nothing to do with teaching English, and there’s no money to even pay for storage because it all gets eaten up by living expenses.

  1. Reality Check permalink

    Stop talking shit about your dead parents. They should have left everything to your brother atleast he has made something of his life.

  2. Reality Check permalink

    Your mom is dead now bitch so shut your pissy ass up maybe if you lost weight you could see your dick and not piss all over carpets. Your brother has a career, a wife and kids. Id say that is better than scripts nobody will ever care to read

  3. Villyboy permalink

    Going to Korea. You’ve never even been outside the USA. Lol

  4. Reality Check permalink

    Hey, go apply for NYC Human Resources Administration. Theyre hiring, show them what competence is, since you can do their job better.

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