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Richsplainers Think They Have Greater Expertise on Homelessness Than Me

April 20, 2022

So, it starts with comments on a sponsored ad from PragerU with false information about critical race theory being taught in K-12:

So first she accuses me of being a bot, then when I continue the conversation, she says that if I don’t have children in school, I can’t possibly know what is being taught. Then, after seeing that I do public relations for Picture the Homeless, she changes the subject and asks my opinion on homelessness, assuming that I will agree with her.

So she picked up that I volunteer at Picture the Homeless but missed that I’m in New York City and am in the Green Party.

So she laughs at me for saying that housing is the solution to homelessness, attacks me because I’m not in California when I never claimed to be, laughs at me for my organization’s T-shirt openly declaring “Housing Not Shelters” as policy, then denies I sent links about what the organization has done even after being shown a screen shot proving that I had. “WHY TF ARE YOU ARGUING HOUSING FOR OUR HOMELESS?” shows her sick-fuck paternalistic mentality.

My one error here seems to be that I didn’t attach the white paper on The Business of Homelessness but thought I had–it turns out I posted it in the wrong place, in reply to Mary Akins rather than in reply to Linda Mock ( She exits the conversation rather than admit she has been caught lying, and it’s back to more idiocy on Critical Race Theory.

This next one actually blocked me even though I never insulted her or used harsh language, although I managed to get some screen grabs:

So first, she claims that I had said elsewhere that 1/3 of homeless people are addicts rather than 1/5 without citing and kind of source for that allegation. Then she essentially says, “if other people got section 8, why can’t you?” when the fact that there is an extremely long waiting list is a widely reported fact (example:, then she straight-up insists that I’m an addict and am just taking it as a slur after being told twice that I became homeless because I couldn’t afford housing and because Social Security does not consider limitations in one’s ability to do certain kinds of work “Disabled,” but needs you to be completely unable to work. Whether one is getting interviewed for work one is physically capable of doing is out of their purview. It’s a basic concept that too many people simply fail to wrap their head around–“can’t do a job that requires prolonged standing or physical labor” is not the same as “can’t work.” It’s similar to the people who can’t tell the difference between “refuses to work” and “potential employers refuse to respond to job applications.” There are elementary school concepts of “who, what, when, where, why, and how”–things I recall being taught in Mrs. Sorrell’s 2nd grade classroom when I was sent there from first grade in a trial for potentially skipping ahead a a grade before I transferred from Nora Elementary School to Grandview Elementary School, where they broke people into smaller groups to be taught at their skill level without skipping a year of schooling–things some people don’t seem to be able to understand, especially those who harass me on my blog and social media.

  1. Reality Check permalink

    Youre homeless because youre an entitled fuck who wont take a “Mcjob” like millions of other Americans and work your lard ass up the ladder.

  2. Reality Check permalink

    Your obesity is the cause of your “disabilities” and your laziness. You could pay your student debt in full right now if you wish, and you should leech. God I hope the HRA permanently takes all aid away from you and gives that apartment to someone with non savings, no dividend and no mommy issues. Someone who actually wants to better themselves rather than blame the world for his failures

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