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NYC homeless shelter boss accused of fraud while running private prison now earns $1 MILLION-a-year despite running ‘vermin-infested shelters where security guards sleep during fights and undercooked food gives residents diarrhea’

October 4, 2021

Core Services is the operation that ran City View Inn, which illegally demanded that I leave for Pamoja House with no notice (despite a 48-hour notice requirement from Commissioner Banks) on May 4, 2018. Talk about a guy who has money that I deserve!

  1. Hakuna Matata permalink

    Deserve? The people who deserve that money are the taxpayers from whom it was stolen. Why don’t you give up your sense of entitlement, quit making excuses for all your problems, and go do something productive with your life while you still can?

    • You’re a fool. No one wants to pay me for for doing productive stuff I can actually do. My point here is again that meritocracy is a myth, as science has shown us over and over.

      • Hakuna Matata permalink

        Perhaps, but your point is academic. It’s obvious that luck is a significant factor in how people’s lives turn out. And yet it also can’t be denied that people who do certain sorts of things tend to get luckier than people who do other sorts of things. I doubt you’ll ever get very lucky by sitting around bemoaning and complaining about all the perceived injustices of the world. You have to play the hand you were dealt, not the one you think you should have been dealt.

      • Playing the hand I’ve been dealt is precisely why I am in the situation I am in.

  2. Hakuna Matata permalink

    So what, you’re just going to give up and spend the rest of your natural life in an inhumane shelter system run by a corrupt government?

    • Apparently you can’t read.

      • Hakuna Matata permalink

        I read the entire post. Both sentences.

      • But you didn’t read the very top. I’ve been out of the shelter system (but not out of DSS) since August 25, 2020. Now the issue is that I’ve had to stop looking for work because of the ridiculous income cliff ( I did attempt some paid fellowships (Neighbors Together, The American Lyric Theater) that didn’t put me over the ridiculously low maximum, but I wasn’t selected.

      • Hakuna Matata permalink

        If you’ve quit looking for work, how will you ever become self-sufficient and get out of DSS? Is the current situation sustainable indefinitely?

      • It isn’t, that’s why we’re continuing to fight the income cliff.

      • This program can only be renewed four times for a total of five years. I just started year two on August 25, but they kick you out as soon as you make more than 250% of the federal poverty line, which is $1,000 a year above the local minimum wage at full time. However, they put me in an apartment that costs $2,000 a month, which is far above federal guidelines for “Severely rent burdened,” which is more than 50% of your income going to housing. Effectively, we are being punished if we get a job. I would need to make $72,000 a year for this apartment to meet federal affordability guidelines, and it’s smaller than the apartment I had in the Bronx before I became homeless.

      • Shelters are big business, and there is plenty of cronyism. The goal is, I believe, to evict the people who don’t know about the income cliff and claim that they didn’t know how to manage their money, then to evict those who knew about the income cliff like me and allege that we’re lazy. Then they can say that the program failed, that it was the fault of the homeless people, and justify spending more on the shelter system.

  3. Colonia Dinidad permalink

    It’s true that meritocracy is an illusion, and I agree that the term “deserve” is very loaded. It’s tightly linked to concepts of ownership. I know I deserve the things I reap from the seeds I sow. But do I deserve the things I own? It appears that Mr. Matata (above) would agree that I do, because I spent energy to produce work which has intrinsic value that is exchangeable for goods and services.

    I work hard to have the things I have. But I’m also lucky. It’s true we live in a system that is much more ready to reward our bad behaviors like deception and laziness. Not everyone is lucky, and it’s very possible to fall into the gears of a system that is corrupt and evil. Arguing between these two ideals does not ease the pain of living a vulnerable life against the harshness of day-to-day reality.

    More important is that we help each become more independent and thus, free from relying on an establishment that should not exist.

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