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FACT: Capitalism Kills More People Than Any Other Ideology

October 9, 2021

If you cite The Black Book of Communism, you believe that dead Nazis soldiers, U.S. invasions of Korea and Vietnam, and reduced birth rates, among other things, are examples of communism’s death toll. In short, you look like an idiot.

  1. Scotts man tits permalink

    You know what really kills a lot of people? Obesity.

    • Hey, idiot! If obesity were easy to control, there wouldn’t be so many obese people. You know what the treatment is for chronic foot tendinosis? Stay off your feet! That narrows my options quite a bit in terms of exercise. I’m already trying to eat a healthy diet that is high in fiber and totally avoids red and processed meats.

      • Morbid Obesity permalink

        Your poor blood pressure, future is looking grim for you porker.

      • It’s not morbid obesity. My blood pressure is controlled by two medications. The doctor says it is extremely unlikely that anything will happen to me as a result of that, and according to the computer on Higi, my chances of having a heart attack in the next ten years is under 3%. I’m not sure how someone with an average daily calorie consumption around 2,000 and sometimes much less can reasonably be considered a porker.

      • You remind me of the idiot who told me that I could afford NYC rent if I just gave up Big Macs. I’ve never eaten a Big Mac. I’ve been avoiding fast food for ages and stopped buying red meat in 2004, and only ever ate it when it was put in front of me with no alternative while I was homeless.

  2. Scotts clogged arteries permalink

    Whatever you say porker, that gut says otherwise. What else you got? A glandular issue?

  3. D cup MILF permalink

    Under 2000 calories — that’s a fantastic goal! I like to start watching pounds fall off on a < 2000 calorie per day diet, and then figure out how to ease myself into working out as I get lighter.

  4. the dead carl menger in bed with ur mom permalink

    I’m trying to watch thru the video in this post but having a real hard time getting through it. It seems that neither side of this argument is aware of Austrian Economics…

  5. Scotty is on par with the science denying Trumptards. I eat <2000 cal a day but I'm still obese. Impossible!

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