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Marvel Masterworks

March 30, 2015

[updated January 29, 2017]

Here is what I’ve read so far in the Marvel Masterworks Library.  I didn’t start out reading them chronologically, but I’m trying to do that, more or less, now, which is why I haven’t started reading The Uncanny X-Men (the closer the end years match, the better I’m doing).

Golden Age

Marvel Comics vols. 1-4 (October 1939-January 1941)
[The Human Torch; The Sub-Mariner; The Angel; The Masked Raider; The Adventures of Ka-Zar the Great; American Ace; Electro, the Marvel of the Age; Ferret, Mystery Detective; Terry Vance, The School Boy Sleuth; The Vision]

Daring Mystery Comics vol. 1-2 (January-June 1940, September 1940, April 1941, January 1942) [final]
[The Fiery Mask; John Steele, Soldier of Fortune; The Texas Kid; Monako, Prince of Magic; Flash Foster at Midwestern; Doyl Denton, Phantom of the Underworld; Barney Mullen – Sea Rover; Zephyr Jones and His Rocket Ship; The Phantom Bullet, Scourge of the Underworld; Trojak, the Tiger-Man; K-4 and His Sky Devils; Mr. E.; The Laughing Mask/The Purple Mask; Dale of the FBI; Breeze Barton; The Phantom Reporter; Marvex the Super Robot; Captain Strong of the Foreign Legion; Whirlwind Carter of the Interplanetary Secret Service; G-Man Don Gorman; Little Hercules; The Falcon; Marvel Boy; Stuporman; The Flying Flame; Dynaman, Tigerman; The Thunderer; The Fin; Blue Diamond; Officer O’Krime; The Silver Scorpion; The Challenger; Mr. Million; Captain Daring; Citizen V; The Li’l Professor and the Robot; Tubby an’ Tack]

Mystic Comics vol. 1 (March-August 1940) [latest volume reprinted]
[Flexo the Rubber-Man; The Blue Blaze; Zephyr Jones and His Rocket Ship; The 3 X’s; Dakor the Magician; The Dynamic Man; Hercules David; Space Rangers; The Master Mind Excello; Taxi Taylor and His Flying Machine; Zara of the Jungle; The Invisible Man Known as Dr. Gade; Thin Man; The Black Widow; Merzah the Mystic]

All-Winners Comics vol. 1 (Summer 1941-Spring 1942)
[The Human Torch; The Black Marvel; Captain America; The Sub-Mariner; The Angel; The Destroyer; The Whizzer]

Atlas Era

Venus vol. 1 (August 1948-May 1950) [latest volume reprinted]

Strange Tales vol. 1 (June 1951-September 1952) [anthology; have not read in order or in entirety (own)]

Battlefield vol. 1 (April 1952-May 1953) [latest volume reprinted] [currently reading]

Journey Into Mystery vols. 1-2 (June 1952-December 1954) [anthology; have not read vol. 2 in entirety (own)]

Black Knight/Yellow Claw vol. 1 (May 1955-April 1956 [final])/(October 1956-April 1957 [final])

Marvel Age

Rawhide Kid vol. 1 (August 1960-December 1961)

The Fantastic Four vols. 1-8 (November 1961-December 1968)

Ant-Man/Giant Man vol. 1-2 (January 1962; September 1962-July 1965 [final: replaced with The Sub-Mariner])

The Incredible Hulk vols. 1-3 (May 1962-March 1963; September 1964-April 1968)

The Mighty Thor vols. 1-5 (August 1962-May 1967)

The Amazing Spider-Man vols. 1-7 (August/September 1962-December 1968)

The Human Torch vols. 1-2 (October 1962-July 1965 [final: replaced with Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.])

Iron Man vols. 1-4 (March 1963-March 1968)

Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos vol. 1-2 (May 1963-October 1965)

Doctor Strange vols. 1-3 (July 1963-April 1969)

The Avengers vols. 1-6 (September 1963-November 1968)

The X-Men vols. 1-6 (September 1963-March 1970)

Daredevil vols. 1-4 (April 1964-June 1968)

Captain America vols. 1-2 (November 1964-April 1968)

The Sub-Mariner vols. 1-2 (October 1939; April 1965-May 1968)

Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. vols. 1-2 (August 1965-August 1968)

Captain Marvel vol. 1 (December 1967-January 1969)

The Silver Surfer vol. 1 (August 1968-June 1969)

Warlock vol. 1 (April 1972-August 1974)


Still trying to get through interlibrary loan:

*Volume 80: The Mighty Thor vol. 6
*Volume 149: Golden Age Marvel Comics vol. 5


Owned Volumes:

*Volume 2: The Fantastic Four vol. 1 (limited softcover)
*Volume 8: The Incredible Hulk vol. 1 (limited softcover)
*Volume 12: The Uncanny X-Men vol. 2 (limited softcover)
*Volume 16: The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 3 (limited softcover)
*Volume 20: Iron Man vol. 1 (limited softcover)
*Volume 31: The X-Men vol. 3 (limited softcover)
*Volume 72: Warlock vol. 1 (regular hardcover)
*Volume 85: Strange Tales vol. 1 (regular hardcover)
*Volume 106: Journey Into Mystery vol. 1 (regular hardcover)
*Volume 118: Journey Into Mystery vol. 2 (regular hardcover)

Most wanted to own:

  1. Volume 126: Atlas Era Menace vol. 1
  2. Volume 147: Atlas Era Journey Into Mystery vol. 3
  3. Volume 180: Atlas Era Journey Into Mystery vol. 4
  4. Volume 113: Atlas Era Strange Tales vol. 2
  5. Volume 140: Atlas Era Strange Tales vol. 3
  6. Volume 156: Atlas Era Strange Tales vol. 4
  7. Volume 168: Atlas Era Strange Tales vol. 5
  8. Volume 201: Atlas Era Strange Tales vol. 6
  9. Volume 68: Atlas Era Tales of Suspense vol. 1
  10. Volume 98: Atlas Era Tales of Suspense vol. 2
  11. Volume 144: Atlas Era Tales of Suspense vol. 3
  12. Volume 186: Atlas Era Tales of Suspense vol. 4
  13. Volume 57: Atlas Era Tales to Astonish vol. 1
  14. Volume 84: Atlas Era Tales to Astonish vol. 2
  15. Volume 135: Atlas Era Tales to Astonish vol. 3
  16. Volume 174: Atlas Era Tales to Astonish vol. 4
  17. Volume 164: Atlas Era Venus vol. 1
  18. Volume 100: The Defenders vol. 1
  19. Volume 61: The X-Men vol. 6
  20. Volume 1: The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1
  21. Volume 5: The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 2
  22. Volume 17: Daredevil vol. 1
  23. Volume 75: Doctor Strange vol. 3
  1. I didn’t read much comics as a kid. My parents sort of frowned upon them.. Is there a good library in NYC where you can real comics.

    • Not really. Queens seems not to lose them as much as NYPL. I get a lot of them through interlibrary loan. Jacksonville Public Library’s Central branch has a lot of DC Archive Editions. The copy NYPL got from me of The Golden Age Starman volume 1 came from there. Odd that I would get exactly the same copy I nearly checked out when I was down there.

    • Most of these have come from Hennepin County (Minneapolis), MN Library. A few have come from Rhode Island School of Art and Design and a few other places. I own the Atlas Era Strange Tales and Journey Into Mystery volumes, which makes the piecemeal approach feasible. I also own The Fantastic Four vol. 1, Warlock vol. 1, The Uncanny X-Men vol. 2 (this is out of print, so when I had the opportunity to purchase it, I snapped it up, although to read it now would be jumping sequence to around 1975), The Incredible Hulk vol. 1, The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 3, The X-Men vol. 3, and Iron Man vol. 1. Except for hardcovers of Strange Tales, Journey Into Mystery, and Warlock, the ones I own are all trade paperbacks with the limited edition cover.

      The Mighty Thor vol. 5 is waiting for me at the library. I have attempted to request Atlas Era Battlefield vol. 1 twice through ILL and have been denied both times. I’m on my second attempts at The Human Torch vol. 2, Ant-Man/Giant-Man vol. 2, and Daring Mystery Comics vol. 2, this time adding their OCLC numbers to my request (I usually use just the ISBN).

  2. I just posted info on my April 12 concert in NYC at 5:30 at Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, 152 W 66th St, Lincoln Cntr area. Rest of info is on my blog… Handel’s Messiah…

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