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DC Chronicles and Archives

March 3, 2016

As a companion to my Marvel Masterworks reading list, these are the following volumes of DC Archive Editions, Chronicles, Omnibus, etc. volumes that I have read, in chronological order by original historical publication date. I have also included other unbroken runs, regardless of whether they have been collected. As such, this list is less complete than the “Comic Book Reading Sequences” list above, but it is in chronological order.

[last updated May 27, 2018]

Golden Age (Earth-2)
All DC Golden Age Comics books were anthologies except for Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and All-Flash.  Unlike Marvel, DC has, with the exception of The All Star Comics Archives and The DC Comics Rarities Archives, so far collected only the stories of popular characters from the Golden Age, rather than the full anthologies.

The Superman Chronicles vols. 1-10 (from Action Comics, Superman, World’s Finest Comics, New York Word’s Fair Comics) [latest combined/sequence volume reprinted]
June 1938-December 1942

New York World’s Fair Comics
Superman (1939; 1940)
Chuck Warren (1939)
Hanko the Cowhand (1939; 1940)
Butch the Pup (1939)
Ginger Snap (1939; 1940)
Scoop Scanlon: Five Star Reporter (1939)
Jim and Jane (1939; 1940)
Slam Bradley (1939; 1940)
The Sandman (1939; 1940)
Zatara the Magician (1939; 1940)
Red, White and Blue (1940)
The Hour-Man (1940)
Catnip (1940)
Speedin’ Sam the Taxi Man (1940)
Johnny Thunderbolt (1940)
The Batman (1940)
The DC Comics Rarities Archives vol. 1 [final]
April 1939; July 1940

The Batman
The Batman Chronicles vols. 1-11 (from Detective Comics, Batman, World’s Finest Comics, New York World’s Fair Comics) [latest combined/sequence volume reprinted]
May 1939-March 1944

The Sandman
The Golden Age Sandman Archives vol. 1 (from New York World’s Fair Comics, Adventure Comics) [latest volume reprinted]
July 1939-February 1941

Superman: The Sunday Classics
Kitchen Sink HC 1939-1943
November 5, 1939-May 2, 1943

The Flash
The Golden Age Flash Archives vol. 1-2 (from Flash Comics, All-Flash) [latest volume reprinted]
January 1940-December 1941

The Hawkman
The Golden Age Hawkman Archives vol. 1 (from Flash Comics) [latest volume reprinted]
January 1940-October 1941

Johnny Thunder and Thunderbolt
The JSA All Stars Archives vol. 1 (from Flash Comics) [latest volume reprinted]
January 1940-May 1940

Capt. Marvel
The Shazam! Archives vol. 1 (from Flash Comics/Thunder Comics, Whiz Comics, originally published by Fawcett Publishing)
January 1940-March 1941

The Spectre
The Golden Age Spectre Archives vol. 1 (from More Fun Comics) [latest volume reprinted]
February 1940-August 1941

The Hour-Man
The JSA All Stars Archives vol. 1 (from Adventure Comics) [latest volume reprinted]
March 1940-July 1940

Doctor Fate
The Golden Age Doctor Fate Archives vol. 1 (from More Fun Comics) [final]
May 1940-August 1944

The Green Lantern
The Golden Age Green Lantern Archives vol. 1 (from All-American Comics; Green Lantern)
July 1940-Fall 1941

All-Star Comics
Justice Society of America (Winter 1940-March 1951)
The Hawkman (Summer 1940-March 1951)
The Sandman (Summer 1940-Summer 1944)
Gary Concord, the Ultra-Man (Summer 1940)
The Flash (Summer 1940-January 1941; Spring 1945-March 1951)
The Spectre (Summer-1940-Winter 1944)
Bill Bronson (Summer 1940)
The Hour-Man (Summer 1940-November 1941)
Red, White, and Blue (Summer-Fall 1940)
Green Lantern (Fall 1940-May 1942; Spring 1945-March 1951)
Johnny Thunder & Thunderbolt (Fall 1940-March 1948)
The Atom (Winter 1940-March 1951)
The Red Tornado (Winter 1940)
Doctor Fate (Winter 1940-Winter 1944)
Dr. Mid-Nite (August 1941-March 1951)
Superman (October/November 1941; August/September 1947)
The Batman (October/November 1941; August/September 1947)
Hop Harrigan (October 1941-Fall 1944) [vol. 4 omits these, but they originally appeared]
Starman (December 1941-Winter 1944)
Wonder Woman (December/January 1941, June 1942-March 1951)
The All Star Comics Archives vols. 0-5
Summer 1940-Winter 1944

The Atom
The JSA All Stars Archives vol. 1 (from All-American Comics) [latest volume reprinted]
November 1940-February 1941

Scribbly and The Red Tornado
The JSA All Stars Archives vol. 1 (from All-American Comics) [latest volume reprinted]
November 1940-March 1941

The Golden Age Starman Archives vols. 1-2 (from Adventure Comics) [final]
April 1941-March 1946

Dr. Mid-Nite
The JSA All Stars Archives vol. 1 (from All-American Comics) [latest volume reprinted]
April 1941-August 1941

Plastic Man
The Plastic Man Archives vol. 1-2 (from Police Comics, originally published by Quality Comics; Plastic Man originally published by Vital Publications)
August 1941-May 1944

Wonder Woman
The Wonder Woman Chronicles vols. 1-3; The Wonder Woman Archives vol. 3 (from All-Star Comics, Sensation Comics, Wonder Woman, Comic Cavalcade)
December 1941-Winter 1943

Mr. Terrific
The JSA All Stars Archives vol. 1 (from Sensation Comics) [latest volume reprinted]
January 1942-May 1942

The JSA All Stars Archives vol. 1 (from Sensation Comics) [latest volume reprinted]
January 1942-May 1942

The Big All-American Comic Book
Wonder Woman
Mutt & Jeff
Who’s Who in Zooville
Scribbly and the Hunkel Family
The Atom
Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys
Johnny Thunder
Hop Harrigan
The Whip
Pint-Size Pete
Green Lantern
The Ghost Patrol
Mr. Terrific
Bulldog Drumhead
The Flash
The DC Comics Rarities Archives, vol. 1 [final]
December 1944

Superboy (Superman of Earth-1)
The Adventures of Superboy vol. 1 (from More Fun Comics and Adventure Comics) [latest volume reprinted]
January 1945-October 1947


Silver Age/Bronze Age (“Earth-1”)

Batman & Superman: World’s Finest
The Silver Age vol. 1
May/June 1952; July 1954-June 1958

Sugar and Spike
The Sugar and Spike Archives vol. 1 [latest volume reprinted]
April 1956-September 1957

The Flash
The Flash Chronicles vols. 1-4; The Flash Archives vol. 4-5
September 1956-December 1963

Superman: The Man of Tomorrow Archives vol. 1 (from Action Comics; Superman)
June 1958-January 1959

Adam Strange (from Showcase; Mystery in Space; Strange Adventures; Hawkman)
The Adam Strange Archives vol. 1-3 [latest volume reprinted]
November 1958-May 1964; February/March 1967

Sgt. Rock (from G.I. Combat; Our Army at War)
The Sgt. Rock Archives vol. 1
January 1959-July 1960

Aquaman (from Adventure Comics, Showcase)
The Aquaman Archivies vol. 1 [latest volume reprinted]
May 1959-April 1961

Task Force X: Suicide Squad (from The Brave and the Bold and Star-Spangled War Stories)
Suicide Squad: The Silver Age Omnibus vol. 1 [latest volume reprinted]
August 1959-January 1960; August 1961-January 1962; August 1963-November 1963; August 1964-July 1965; February 1966-September 1966

Green Lantern
The Green Lantern Chronicles vols. 1-4; The Green Lantern Omnibus vol. 1; The Green Lantern Archives vol. 4
September 1959-June 1964

The Justice League of America
The Justice League of America: The Silver Age vol. 1-3
February 1960-September 1964

Captain Atom
The Action Heroes: Captain Atom Archives vol. 1 (from Space Adventures and Captain Atom, originally published by Charlton Comics)
March 1960-October 1961; December 1965-September 1966

The Hawkman Archives vol. 1-2 (from The Brave and the Bold and Mystery in Space, Hawkman) [latest volume reprinted]
February 1961-July 1961; June 1962-November 1962; November 1963-July 1965

The Atom
The Atom Archives vol. 1-2 [latest volume reprinted]
September 1961-July 1964

Metal Men
The Metal Men Archives vol. 1
March 1962-January 1963

The Doom Patrol
The Doom Patrol Archives vol. 1-5 [final]
June 1963-October 1968

The Brave and the Bold
The Brave and the Bold Team-Up Archives vol. 1 [latest volume reprinted]
October 1963-November 1964; April-May 1965

JLA: Zatanna’s Search TPB, World’s Finest Comics, Adventure Comics, etc.
October 1964-July 1972

Enemy Ace
The Enemy Ace Archives vol 1-2  [final]
February 1965-July 1976

Animal Man (from Strange Adventures)
Reprints in Adventure Comics and DC Goes Ape [final]
September 1965-June 1967; May 1980-June 1980

The Spectre (from Showcase, The Brave and the Bold)
January 1966-July 1967

Stanley and His Monster (from The Fox and the Crow and Stanley and His Monster)
January 1966-November 1966; March 1967; September 1967-November 1967; March 1968-July 1968; November 1968 [final]

The Enchantress (from Strange Adventures and The Superman Family)
April 1966-May 1967; November 1980-February 1981 [final]

Wonder Woman
Diana Prince:  Wonder Woman vol. 1-4 [final]
September 1968-February 1973

Brother Power the Geek
September 1968-December [final]

Angel and the Ape
September 1968

Jonny Double
November 1968 [final–continues in Diana Prince, Wonder Woman and Kobra]

The Phantom Stranger (vol. 2)
February 1969-March 1976 [final]

Nightmaster (from Showcase)
May 1969-August 1969 [final]

Jason’s Quest (from Showcase)
February 1970-May 1970 [final]

Jack Kirby’s Fourth World
Superman’s Pal:  Jimmy Olsen
The Forever People
The New Gods
Mister Miracle
New Gods (vol. 2)
DC Graphic Novel:  The Hunger Dogs
Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus vols. 1-4 [final]
October 1970-March 1974; November 1984-1985

The Fabulous World of Krypton (from Superman, The Superman Family)
Superman: The World of Krypton TPB
January 1971-July 1971; February 1972; October 1972; August 1973; March-April 1977; January 1982; September 1982

The Demon
Jack Kirby’s The Demon Omnibus [final]
August 1972-January 1974

Swamp Thing
October 1972-September 1976 [final]

Black Orchid (from Adventure Comics; The Phantom Stranger; The Super Friends)
July 1973-March 1976; April 1980 [final]

August 1973-March 1974; September/October 1974 [final]

The Spectre
Wrath of the Spectre (from Adventure Comics) [final]
January 1974-August 1975

OMAC:  The One Man Army Corps
Jack Kirby’s OMAC:  The One Man Army Corps Omnibus 1 [final]
September 1974-December 1975

The Sandman
Winter 1974-January 1976; March 1982 [final]

Atlas (from 1st Issue Special)
April 1975 [final]

April 1975-March 1976 [final]

The Green Team (from 1st Issue Special)
May 1975 [final]

The Joker
The Joker:  The Clown Prince of Crime TPB [final]
May 1975-October 1976

Lady Cop (from 1st Issue Special)
July 1975 [final]

Manhunter (from 1st Issue Special)
August 1975 [final]

Dingbats of Danger Street (from 1st Issue Special)
September 1975

The Warlord
The Warlord:  The Savage Empire TPB [latest volume reprinted]
November 1975-May 1978

Dr. Fate (from 1st Issue Special)
December 1975 [final]

The Outsiders (from 1st Issue Special)
January 1975 [final]

February 1976-September 1977 [final]

Starman (from 1st Issue Special)
March 1976 [final]

Return of the New Gods
April 1976-August 1978 [final]

Challengers of the Unknown
June 1977-July 1978 [final]

Shade, the Changing Man
June 1977-September 1978 [final]

Doom Patrol (from Showcase, The Superman Family; The New Teen Titans, Tales of the New Teen Titans, DC Comics Presents, The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl)
August 1977-August 1983 [final]

Mister Miracle
September 1977-September 1978 [final]

Madame Xanadu (from Doorway to Nightmare, The Unexpected, Madame Xanadu)
January 1978-January 1983 [final]

Army at War
October/November 1978 [final]

Mister E (from Secrets of Sinister House)
December 1980-October 1981 [final]

Doctor 13, the Ghostbreaker (from Ghosts)
December 1980-July 1981 [final]

I… Vampire! (from House of Mystery)
March 1981-August 1983 [final]

The All-Star Squadron
August 1981-September 1982

The Phantom Zone
January 1982-April 1982 [final]

The Legion of Super-Heroes
The Great Darkness Saga HC
February 1982-February 1983

Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!
February 1982-May 1982

Swamp Thing (vol. 2)
May 1982-December 1985 [final]

The Night Force
July 1982-September 1983 [final]

Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld
April 1983-April 1985

Forgotten Heroes (from Action Comics and DC Comics Presents)
February 1984-February 1985 [final]

Super Powers
July 1984-November 1984 [final]

Red Tornado
July 1985-October 1985 [final]


Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths
April 1985-March 1986 [final]

Super Powers (vol. 2)
September 1985-February 1986 [final]

Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
September 1986 [final]

Super Powers (vol. 3)
September 1986-December 1986 [final]

The Last Days of the Justice Society of America
Special 1986 [final]

Swamp Thing (vol. 2)
January 1986-February 1993 [final]

Captain Atom
March 1986-January 1988; June 1988-September 1988; November 1988-September 1991 [final]

The Man of Steel
Superman (vol. 2)
Action Comics 584-
The Adventures of Superman 424-
Legion of Super-Heroes (1984) 37, 38
Superman: The Man of Steel vols. 1-4
October 1986-September 1987

Vigilante (issues 36-50)
December 1986-February 1988 [final]

Firestorm (John Ostrander run)
January 1987-December 1987; December 1988-August 1990 [final]

The Demon (vol. 2)
January 1987-April 1987 [final]

Batman: Year One TPB
February 1987-May 1987

Wonder Woman (vol. 2)
February 1987-February 1992

The Question
TPB vol. 1
February 1987-July 1987

The Spectre (vol. 2)
April 1987-November 1989 [final]

Suicide Squad
May 1987-June 1992 [final]

Doctor Fate (vols. 1 and 2)
July 1987-June 1992 [final]

Mister Miracle
Special 1987

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters
TPB [final]
August 1987-October 1987

The Phantom Stranger (vol. 3)
October 1987-January 1988 [final]

Doom Patrol (vol. 2)
November 1987-January 1993 [final]

The World of Krypton (vol. 2)
Superman: The World of Krypton TPB
December 1987-March 1988 [final]

January 1988-April 1988 [final]

January 1988-February 1993 [final]

Forever People (vol. 2)
February 1988-July 1988 [final]

Batman: The Killing Joke
March 1988

March 1988-January 1991 [final]

The Weird
April 1988-July 1988 [final]

Power Girl
June 1988-September 1988 [final]

Animal Man
September 1988-February 1993 [final]

Black Orchid
November 1988-January 1989 [final]

Invasion! (all crossovers)
December 1988-January 1989 [final]

Cosmic Odyssey
TPB [final]
December 1988-March 1989

The Demon (vol. 3)
January 1989-April 1992

The Sandman (vol. 2)
TPB vols. 1-7 [final]
January 1989-February 1993

New Gods (vol. 3)
February 1989-January 1990

March 1989

Justice League Europe
April 1989-March 1990

Hawkworld (vols. 1 and 2)
August 1989-September 1992

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth
October 1989

Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn
December 1989-May 1990 [final]

Shade, the Changing Man (vol. 2)
TPBs vol. 1-3 [latest volume reprinted], 20-32
July 1990-February 1993 [final]

The Books of Magic
December 1990-March 1991 [final]

Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II
April 1991-September 1991 [final]

Kid Eternity
April 1991-October 1991 [final]

Armageddon 2001 (all crossovers)
May 1991-October 1991 [final]

Mister E
June 1991-September 1991 [final]

War of the Gods (all crossovers)
September 1991-December 1991 [final]

Armageddon: The Alien Agenda
November 1991-February 1992 [final]

Armageddon: Inferno
April 1992-July 1992 [final]

Peter Cannon–Thunderbolt
September 1992-August 1993 [final]

November 1992-February 1993 [final]

Stanley and His Monster (vol. 2)
February 1993-May 1993 [final]


Dawn of Vertigo (chronology continues regardless of DC or Vertigo imprint)

Swamp Thing
March 1993-January 1995

Doom Patrol
March 1993-February 1995 [final]

March 1993-December 1995

Animal Man
March 1993-November 1995 [final]

The Sandman
TPBs vol. 7-10 [final]
March 1993-March 1996

Death: The High Cost of Living
TPB [final]
March 1993-May 1993

TPB [final]

Sandman Mystery Theatre
TPBs 1-8 + Annual 1 [latest volume reprinted]
April 1993-July 1997

Sebastian O
May 1993-July 1993 [final]

Kid Eternity
May 1993-September 1993

Vertigo Visions – The Geek
June 1993 [final]

Black Orchid (vol. 2)
September 1993-June 1995 [final]

Vertigo Visions – The Phantom Stranger
October 1993 [final]

November 1993-June 1994 [final]

The Children’s Crusade (including all annuals)
December 1993-January 1994 [final]

The Books of Magic (vol. 2)
TPBs 1-6
May 1994-October 1997

June 1994-August 1994 [final]

Vertigo Visions: Dr. Occult
July 1994 [final]

Zero Hour: Crisis in Time
TPB [final]
September 1994

The Invisibles
TPB vol. 1
September 1994-April 1995

Starman (vol. 2)
October 1994-May 1995

December 1994-May 1995 [final]

Vertigo Visions: Prez
September 1995 [final]

The Horrorist
December 1995-January 1996 [final]

Death: The Time of Your Life
TPB [final]
April 1996-July 1996

House of Secrets (vol. 2)
October 1996-March 2001 [final]

Flex Mentallo: Muscle Man of Mystery
June 1996-September 1996 [final]

The Dreaming
June 1996-July 1997

Birds of Prey
Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey
Showcase ’96
Birds of Prey: Manhunt
Birds of Prey: Revolution
Birds of Prey: Wolves
Birds of Prey: Batgirl

TPB vol. 1
December 1996-February 1998

Uncle Sam
February 1997-March 1997 [final]

TPB 1-10; 0 [final]
September 1997-November 2002

December 1997-March 1988 [final]

Witchcraft: La Terreur
April 1998-June 1998 [final]

May 1998-October 1998 [final]

Welcome Back to the House of Mystery
July 1998 [final]

Vertigo Visions – Tomahawk
July 1998 [final]

Vertigo Visions: Dr. Thirteen
September 1998 [final]

The Girl Who Would Be Death
December 1998-March 1999 [final]

A. Bizarro
July 1999-October 1999 [final]

100 Bullets
TPB vol. 1
July 1999-December 1989

Congo Bill (vol. 2)
October 1999-January 2000 [final]

The Little Endless Storybook
2001 [final]

TPB 1-21
July 2002-April 2015

May 2003 [final]

Death: At Death’s Door
September 2003 [final]

Hard Time
April 2004-March 2005 final]

June 2004-January 2005 [final]

Space Ghost
January 2005-June 2005 [final]

April 2005 – June 2005 [final]

Seven Soldiers of Victory
Shining Knight
The Guardian
Klarion the Witch Boy
Mister Miracle

April 2005-December 2006 [final]

Superman: Strange Attractors
TPB (from Action Comics)
July 2005-March 2006

Villains United
TPB [final]
July 2005-November 2005

Hard Time Season Two
February 2006-August 2006 [final]

JLA Classified
The Hypothetical Woman TPB
March 2006-June 2006

Secret Six (vol. 2)
TPB [final]
July 2006-December 2006

Jack of Fables
TPB vols. 1-9 [final]
September 2006-April 2011

The All New Atom
TPB vol. 1
September 2006-February 2007

TPB vols. 1-2
January 2007-January 2008

Countdown to Mystery
November 2007-June 2008 [final]

HC [final]
February 2008

House of Mystery (vol. 2)
July 2008-July 2010

Madame Xanadu (vol. 2)
August 2008-January 2011 [final]

Solomon Grundy
March 2009-November 2009 [final]

Red Tornado (vol. 2)
November 2009-April 2010 [final]

Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love
TPB [final]
January 2010-June 2010  

Cinderella: Fables Are Forever
TPB [final]
April 2011-September 2011


The New 52

TPB vol. 1
November 2011-April 2012

TPB vol. 1
November 2011-March 2012

Demon Knights
November 2011-October 2013 [final]

The Fury of Firestorm, the Nuclear Men
TPB vol. 1
November 2011-April 2012

Night Force (vol. 3)
May 2012-November 2012

TPB vols. 1-4
May 2012-July 2014

Dial H
TPB vol. 1
July 2012-January 2013

The Phantom Stranger (vol. 4)
November 2012-February 2013

Sword of Sorcery (vol. 2)
November 2012-February 2013

The Movement
TPB vols. 1-2 [final]
July 2013-July 2014

December 2013-May 2014

Prez (vol. 2)
August 2015-January 2016 [final]



New Super-Man
TPB vol. 1-2
September 2016-August 2017

One Comment
  1. DC has not released an Archive editions volume since 2014 (Superman: The Man of Tomorrow Archives vol. 3). Here is what I still have not read, in chronological order of the material published:

    The Shazam! Archives vols. 2-4 (from Special Edition Comics, Whiz Comics, Captain Marvel Adventures, America’s Greatest Comics, Master Comics) (August 1940-December 1941)
    The Blackhawk Archives (from Military Comics) (August 1941-March 1943)
    The Golden Age Green Lantern Archives vol. 2 (from All-American Comics, Green Lantern) (October 1941-May 1942)
    The Seven Soldiers of Victory Archives vols. 1-3 (from Leading Comics) (Winter 1941-Spring 1945)
    The Superman Archives vol. 5-8 (January 1942-August 1945)
    Superman: The World’s Finest Comics Archives vols. 1-2 (Annual 1940 [Spring 1942, Winter 1942]-February 1948) [Chronicles omitted #5])
    Superman: The Action Comics Archives vol. 4-5 (October 1942-June 1945)
    The Shazam! Family Archives (from Master Comics, Captain Marvel Jr., Captain Marvel Adventures) (February 1942-November 1942)
    The Comic Cavalcade Archives (Winter 1942-Summer 1943)
    The Wonder Woman Archives vol. 4-7 (January 1944-August 1946)
    Batman: The World’s Finest Comics Archives vols. 1-2 (Annual 1940 [Spring 1944]-February 1948)
    The Batman: The Dark Knight Archives (from Batman) vols. 6-8 (February 1944-November 1946)
    The Batman Archives (from Detective Comics) vols. 3-8 (April 1944-April 1951)
    The Plastic Man Archives vols. 3-8 (from Police Comics, Plastic Man) (June 1944-April 1948)
    The All Star Comics Archives vols. 6-11 (Spring 1945-March 1951) [final]
    The Robin Archives vols. 1-2 (from Star Spangled Comics) (February 1947-June 1950)
    The Black Canary Archives vol. 1 (from Flash Comics, Comic Cavalcade, DC Special, Adventure Comics, The Brave and the Bold) (August 1947-May 1972)
    The Challengers of the Unknown Archives vols. 1-2 (January 1957-July 1959)
    Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane Archives, vol. 1 (July 1957-April 1959)
    The Legion of Super-Heroes Archives vols. 1-13 (from Adventure Comics, Action Comics, Superman, Superboy, Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen, Karate Kid, DC Special) (April 1958-November 1977)
    Wonder Woman: The Amazon Princess Archives vol. 1 (May 1958-November 1959)
    The World’s Finest Comics Archives vols. 2-3 (January 1957 [July 1958]-March 1961)
    The Superman: The Man of Tomorrow Archives vols. 2-3 (January 1959-September 1960)
    The Supergirl Archives vols. 1-2 (May 1959-February 1962)
    The Sgt. Rock Archives vols. 2-4 (August 1960-December 1963)
    The Flash Archives vol. 6 (February 1964-February 1965)
    The Metal Men Archives vol. 2 (February 1964-July 1966)
    Batman: The Dynamic Duo Archives (from Detective Comics, Batman) vols. 1-2 (May 1964-May 1965)
    The Silver Age Teen Titans Archives vols. 1-2 (June 1964-May 1969)
    The Green Lantern Archives vols. 5-7 (July 1964-December 1967)
    The Justice League of America Archives vols. 5-10 (November 1964-September 1971)
    The Action Heroes Archives vol. 2 (November 1966–November 1968, December 1974–September 1976)
    The Kamandi Archives vols. 1-2 (October 1972-August 1974)
    The New Teen Titans Archives vols. 1-4 (October 1980-January 1983)

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