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Fuck FEGS!!!

March 9, 2015

As far as I’m concerned, the only things worthwhile that might have been lost in the downfall of FEGS are the jobs of Katie Atcheson, Caridad Farington, and Sylver Pondolfino, friends who worked there. As far as I’m concerned, the entire program was a scam to steal taxpayer dollars without helping anyone. The vulgar sentiment I used as the title of this entry was deservedly scrawled in the stalls of the men’s room at one point when I was forced to go there, and they pulled out the stall walls and replaced them, because they obviously had too much money to just paint them over. The workmen called the clientele “animals” who don’t deserve to have stalls surrounding the toilets. I was once lampooned for referring to FEGS as my “nemesis” , but I think my opinion of them has been justified by their criminal activity. They were clearly a front to steal taxpayer money, since I’ve never met a single person who thought their “services” were of any benefit.

  1. I think that means you didn’t get a new “work assignment” from them. But, won’t they be replaced by another “work assigning” agency, private or public??

    • Yes, I’ll get a new assignment eventually. FEGS is still working with me as of yesterday morning, though, when the CRT supervisor, Bara Colodne, called me at 8:52 AM to say that I have an appointment with her at 9 AM, which is utterly absurd. It takes at least half an hour to get there from my shelter, and the most direct way is on the M21 bus, which comes only twice an hour. the nearest subway stations to me are Delancey/Essex FMJZ and 1st Ave L, and FEGS might as well be due east of the shelter as far as the subway system goes.

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