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The Government Wastes More Taxes

December 28, 2012

On December 31, 2012, I must return to my nemesis, FEGS, to be again evaluated by a doctor hired by the City of New York.  Even though they just did this on August 31st, because they closed my case after three weeks of work, they have to verify that three weeks of a desk job have not been a miracle cure that will allow me to work any sort of job.

  1. Employed permalink

    You have a nemesis?!? Ha! Ha! Ha! You read WAY too many comics. Nemesis. Snicker.

    • FEGS is run by imbeciles. They would send me to a job developer, who would show me a job posting with no contact details, promise to submit me for it, and then when I saw him again, he’d hit his forehead and say, “Oh, oh, I knew there was something I was supposed to do!” That guy eventually got fired, but the other guy didn’t do any better.

      They also sent me to do “volunteer” work in the offices of Housing Works Thrift Shop, where I would do filing for them at a rate of 92 cents an hour. FEGS employees would all say, “If they like you, they’ll hire you.” I worked there for several months, and they kept saying that they liked me, but it was not in their budget to hire me. Every client in the program to whom I spoke had the same story.

      Any sane person would find it offensive that people who have lost their jobs are forced to choose between working for 92 cents an hour plus Metrocards, food stamps and Medicaid and $0 per hour with no food stamps or Medicaid. This is also a violation of federal minimum wage laws that is, at best, a legal loophole, if not downright illegal. It is unquestionably unethical. It is certainly in violation of the spirit of the 13th Amendment if not the letter.

      Dismissing these valid criticisms as “whining” is indicative of lack of intelligence on your part.

      • speedygonzalez permalink

        I think we’ve established that you consider anyone holding a view different from yours to be lacking in intelligence.

      • Apparently, you, too, are functionally illiterate, since you are unable to process the evidence that I supplied.

    • Actually, I had in mind David Friedman’s frequent joking references to Alan Menken as his nemesis.

  2. speedygonzalez permalink

    I wasn’t commenting on the “evidence” you supplied. I was merely making an observation about the extensive range of individuals to whom you broadly apply your ad hominem attacks regarding intelligence, literacy, etc. If a potential employer were reading your blog, I doubt that your propensity for name-calling would entice them to hire you.

    • Using supporting evidence to make an argument cannot be considered ad hominem attack.

      • speedygonzalez permalink

        Your typical argument goes something like this:
        1. I am intelligent.
        2. You do not think as I think.
        3. Therefore, you are not intelligent.

      • That is an outright lie, and anyone who reads this blog knows it’s an outright lie. I don’t think you can find even one example where I did not use objective facts in determining stupidity, let alone multiple examples.

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