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Things Get Worse

June 6, 2013

My Metrocard is on its last day, and I have $11.45 in the bank. I was late in claiming my unemployment benefits this week, but hopefully it will be deposited tomorrow, and my SNAP benefits got deposited today in the amount of $78.00 instead of the usual $200.00, with only 19¢ remaining from last month. I was never told that there was a reduction in my benefits. This is a major, major problem when you need to be buying ready-to eat foods, which are the most expensive, from the supermarket, and the shelter has demonstrated itself incompetent in providing me with safe food.

David tells me the problem is that deep-down, I believe that a boss needs to be abusive and unprofessional so that I have something to fight and rail against, and that something to that effect presented itself. In Unity, we are taught that our thoughts are prayers, and we always get what are thoughts are really believing. Donald Curtis’s lecture, “The Metaphysics of Shakespeare” sums it up with Claudius’s comment in Hamlet, “Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” My fundamentalist friend calls this “easy believism,” but in fact it’s much more challenging, because it rejects the idea of a punishing God, a literal satan, or a literal hell, and gives more work to the individual to be one’s own thought police. The importance of David Friedman’s Thought Exchange work is that the Pollyanna method that many Unity congregants have doesn’t work and frequently makes people give it up when it doesn’t, and that we have to be able to honestly observe what we are thinking in order to change. This not in any way an easy process, and it’s not one that allows for excuses, which may be why I’ve never heard of an ongoing Unity soup kitchen.


    I attempted to contact the SNAP office where my case is handled (all those in shelter are served at the Long Island City location) at 12:30 PM exactly and was told to call back between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM. I was able to leave a voice mail, but I doubt anyone actually checks this, based on past experience with SNAP offices.

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    Topic: HRA Personnel Issues
    Message: On May 24, I met with a BEV inspector at One Honeywell. I believe her name was Thompson or Thomas. She told me that she was setting me up with a full case sans cash assistance–my storage would be paid, the shelter would get what they want, and I would get Medicaid and food stamps. Instead, my Medicaid lapsed June 1 such that I had to reapply, and my food stamps dropped from 200 to 78 with no notice or apparent reason. She was also rude and kept cutting me off.

  3. Keep the faith. Things are bound to get better… if we don’t have a nuclear war or a total economic collapse. LaRouche was right.

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