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Mind-Numbingly Stupid Rules

June 13, 2013

It’s bad enough that the shelters have a 10 PM curfew (or even earlier, if you’re bad behaved or unlucky), which is nonsensically vicious to give to a grown adult simply for being poor, but at Project Renewal, if you’re in bed at 10 PM but haven’t signed the bed roster when they bring it up, instead of letting you sign it on the spot, they send you downstairs to wait until it’s brought down. One staff member let people sign when he was up there, but he apparently got a lecture about it. The rule makes utterly no sense. On Monday night, I was so sick that I came back to the shelter a little after 7 and went to lie down. My intent was to get some rest, but get up and buy some dinner before the 10 PM curfew (bed signing begins at 8, and once you have signed, you are not allowed to leave the building except in an ambulance). I fell asleep, however, and woke up minutes before 10. I had to wait downstairs in the dining room, where that night, there was nowhere to sit because they had been buffing the floor. I then got in trouble because I slept until 8 (no breakfast) and didn’t leave the floor until after 9 AM. If they wouldn’t give me a bed rest pass for gout, why would they give me a bed rest pass for the common cold? The sleep did wonders in taking it to mild, although I’ve felt severe nausea in the shower yesterday and today.

Since David is out of the country this week I’ve been spending all day at Brooklyn College, where the library currently closes at 9 PM. I was on the train at 9:12 and arrived at the shelter at 10:04. An older, bald, black man whom I had never before seen was handling the bed roster. He said that those who arrived late are supposed to lose their beds to the new arrivals waiting for a bed. He didn’t qualify whether he meant those who were very late or those who missed the bed roster going upstairs by a few minutes. I noticed on the interemployee contact sheet last time I saw my caseworker that the shelter has an employee surnamed Bokor. I wonder if that’s him. It would suit him.

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