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Another Ludicrous Facebook Suspension

May 13, 2022

I should never have accepted an add from someone calling themselves Azazel Acheron (after a demon mentioned in Leviticus and a river in the Underworld in Greek mythology).

Someone posted this screen grab on my profile calling him “butthurt”:

It wsas a follow-up on this, for which I was temporarily suspended, but unsuspended after I reported the “goyim aren’t people” comment as hate speech:

Seth Barron of The New York Post wrote this to me: “you do understand that Kristian Schüller is just an antisemite, not a pro-Israel activist? He thinks he’s being clever”. I wasn’ sure. I didn’t see anything suggesting either way on his post, although I did see some sexist posts there.

If you notice in the first image, the excuse they gave here for suspending was “hate,” but this one got overturned, and they admitted they “got it wrong.” The one that stuck has no stated excuse. I reported it a couple of times when I couldn’t post saying that it’s simply describing limitations I would impose on a theoretical military maneuver, but, they have yet to lift the suspension.

Gheyth Mahmoud, a Palestinian who currently lives in the United States, pointed out that Israelis are required to serve in IDF, which makes them all culpable. There are exceptions to this, including a number of Hasidic groups and Arab-Israeli groups, as well as people who come there later in life. It’s true that most people there are complicit, but I think there are better ways for dealing with Israel than bombing it.

I imagine it’s perfectly acceptable to say “Bomb Russia” right now, but I couldn’t find examples for an idea to bomb Facerbook with reports because there are too many news items that use those keywords for me to find them with the weak search tools Facebook has, and I’m not going to incorrectly report random people for posting news stories that are clearly not inciting violence.

Ironically, last night in one of my dreams I was working in an office in France with a lot of Jews with a Nazi boss, and everybody was resisting the Nazi boss (which sounds like it would be suicidal) but the Jews taught their allies, of which I was of course one, their prayers (although my knowledge of Hebrew prayer is pretty much limited to Bobbie Horowitz’s annual Chanukah presentation at Unity of New York) so we could pray as a protest together, which I guess was inspired by a friend who keeps talking about being in a very religious (Christian) workplace and finding people resenting him because he doesn’t partiicpate in prayers. It’s an engineeiring firm, and in the dream, I was doing paper-pushing for an engineering firm.

  1. Reality Check permalink

    Oh no what ever will i do without your daily bowel movement updates?

  2. Brian Mahoney permalink

    please post a photo of your feces. I really want to see.

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