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Indisputable Proof MSNBC Has a Far-Right Agenda

February 20, 2022

Never trust anyone who claims that MSNBC is left-wing media. Such people are either ignorant or lying.

Yesterday I was at an anti-war protest organized by Veterans for Peace, the Raging Grannies, Blacks Against Imperialism, and others. WPIX11, which is affiliated with The New York Daily News was there, but the story they put together was pro-war propaganda that discounted our assertions that the U.S. was siding with Nazis:

Here, Saagar Enjeti criticizes mainstream media’s dishonest attempts to equate Putin with Hitler:

The United States is a fascist oligarchy that ignores the will of the people. Over 80% of the country wants their tax money going for universal health care. More than half the country opposes war with Russia, yet even after allegedly pulling forces out of Afghanistan (while leaving it full of mercenaries), Congress voted to increase “defense” spending for precisely this purpose. The United States cannot rationally be considered a representative republic, let alone a democracy. The Republicans may be more obviously moving the United States toward autocracy, but the Democrats are doing so more insidiously. There are so many people who need to be removed from office for treason, including much of the Georgia state legislature:


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