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Racist LinkedIn Doubles Down on Its Hate

May 17, 2021
LinkedInScott Andrew HutchinsProfile Picture
Reference # 210516-005089Status: ClosedView your case(s) on our Help CenterYou may reply to this case for up to 14 daysResponse (05/16/2021 23:41 CST)
After taking a second look, we confirmed your content goes against our Professional Community Policies,

We understand that this might not be the response you wanted, but we work to apply our policies in a fair and consistent way for all of our members.

Thanks again for being part of the LinkedIn community.
Auto-Response (05/16/2021 21:29 CST)We received your request to take a second look. If we find your content doesn’t go against our Professional Community Policies,, we’ll put it back on LinkedIn. Thanks for your patience while we look into this. Member (05/16/2021 21:29 CST)contentUrn: urn:li:share:6799342288742039552


Please provide as much detail as possible about the reason for your request.
: There’s no bullying or harassment here except what is shown in the video. That you are censoring me shows that you are extremely racist and support Israel’s racist violations of international law.
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