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Another Smoking Gun Example of How My Homelessness Is Absolutely and Entirely the Fault of Others

October 12, 2017
While searching for something unrelated,  I found this in my e-mail:
Love Vieira <>
To:Scott Hutchins
Jan 30, 2006 at 3:48 PM
We are currently looking for an entry-level Editorial Assistant. Based on your objective, it looks like you are looking for more of mid-level position, which we are not currently hiring for. If you’d like we can certainly keep you in mind should such an opening become available. Let me know.
Love Vieira

HR Manager

On 1/26/06, Scott Hutchins <> wrote:

Dear sir or madam:
I saw your exciting post and present you with my resume.  I have experience doing all of the starting editorial duties or comparably similar things and I am very interested in providing my services to your company.  I have a B.A. in English and recently completed an M.A> in cinema studies.  Attached, please find my resume, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Scott A. Hutchins

The objective on the resume they received:

A position in a writing, editorial, or proofreading department.”

If they wanted to exclude me for having a shift-key typo in the cover letter, it would have been a much more reasonable response than, “Based on your objective, it looks like you are looking for more of mid-level position, which we are not currently hiring for. ”


I wrote back, “I’m not sure what you read in my objective that made you think that.  May I have an explanation?  Please consider me for the entry-level position.”  I never received a response.  While unlike my previous “smoking gun” entry, I do not have access to a copy of the ad, I am at least able to show that the lame excuse not to interview me is a completely unreasonable assertion.


The remainder of said resume:

Writing and Editing



Across Indiana; segment in 3 February 2003 episode (Public Broadcasting Service).                                 2003



“Ease on Down the Groove” (review of CD reissue of The Wiz soundtrack), Film Score Monthly. Volume 3, Number 6 (July 1998), 35.  Have also had articles published on the Film Score Monthly website.

“Who Says Obscure Video Is Dead?” Video Watchdog 106 (April 2004), 80.


Technical Writing:

Catalog Indexer and Proofreader at National Retail Hardware Association through DocuWriter LLC, Indianapolis, IN (short-term contract)



Writer of drama, short stories, a novel, essays, poetry, and various other works–major works below; longer list available upon request.


  • Through Broken Corridors (short screenplay, 2005)
  • The Sketch (screenplay in progress, 2004)
  • An Oz Filmography (non-fiction, 1995-2004)
  • Misused Minds: Curse of the Educated Youth (stage play, 2002-2004)
  • The Life of Timon of Athens (Shakespeare screen adaptation, 2001)
  • Away from the Prosaic Gas-Light: A Theatrical Celebration of the Works of L. Frank Baum (stage play, 2000—winner:  Frederick E. Otto Fiction Award, 2001)
  • What Killed Bartók (stage play and screen play, 2000)
  • BasCelik: A Folk Tale from Serbia (short play for shadow puppets, 1999)
  • The Hollow People (short screenplay, 1999)
  • Dhyrak: A Dramatic Work for Three Players and Camera, Truncated (short screenplay, 1999)
  • Tip of Oz (novel, 1998)
  • Essay on Dario Argento’s Phenomena for an edited book (1996)

Skills and Accomplishments

  • Award-winning writer
  • Strong proofreading and editing skills
  • Writing for the web: creator and webmaster for the official Kamillions film site
  • Supervised up to six people
  • Familiar with Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000.
  • Familiar with Adobe PhotoShop and scanning.
  • Proficient with Microsoft FrontPage and HTML
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office: Word, FrontPage, Excel, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint.


Master of Arts in Cinema Studies                                                                                                                 2005

The College of Staten Island/The City University of New York


Bachelor of Arts in Communication and English (double major)                                                            1999

Indiana University – Purdue University at Indianapolis.

  1. One guy on Twitter was attacking me for for the “Terlevision” typo, which I included for the sake of honesty. Then he anachronistically showed me spell check suggestions on his phone claiming that I didn’t know how to use Word. In reality, because it was bold and underlined, the red squiggle was nearly invisible and took me quite a while to notice. I seriously doubt that it’s the reason I wasn’t contacted, since just saying so would be less pathetic (not to mention more helpful) than the excuse that was used.

  2. Wow….people are harsh. I didn’t think the Grammar police were actually…police. -_-

  3. Well, given that the job was to be an editorial assistant, it makes sense.

  4. I think you need to go to CUNY grad school again and rack up another $65k in debt. Maybe this time you’ll get lucky…. Ever think of “Advanced Criticism of Avant Garde Theater (viewed from a feminist perspective”? You’re sure to be a hit.

  5. sorry….. forgot the close paren…. (viewed from a feminist perspective)

  6. How stupid can you be, Howard? I’ve already said they won’t write letters of recommendations for me.

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