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Project Renewal=Project Perversion

June 20, 2013

Since President Obama doesn’t believe in the fourth amendment, we can hardly expect Project Renewal to do so. When I entered the shelter, I was forced to sign a document consenting to both daily search of my person and that my locker could be searched with or without suspicion. As a a service provider to the government, this is constitutionally questionable, but endemic of the course our government has taken since the George W. Bush presidency. When I arrived home last night, I couldn’t get my locker to open, and it was quite clear that the combination lock was not mine–there were distinct differences in the texture in addition to not being able to get it open. there was a notice on my bed that my locker had been searched, but “none” was in the blank where it listed contraband removed. Apparently, they did this to everyone’s lockers, but because my lock was issued by Bellevue rather than Project Renewal, they cut it and put another lock on. They made me wait nearly an hour before they opened the lock and let me in. Needless to say, I had a lot of time to sit with my sensations, as David advised, and try to avoid the fantasies that are useless to the inner child, such as beating up the person who had done it. The loud woman with the dreadlocks told me that another staff member was supposed to take me up and open my locker, and then I was to leave my locker without a lock and come down for a new lock after he opened it. the staff member kept saying that it made no sense, and I kept saying that she said it to be an asshole. He finally went and got me a new lock before we went up.

When the locker door was finally open, nothing had been disturbed in the slightest, not even the black and white printout of the girl I talk to on (a ridiculously expensive dating site where I blow way too much money ($16 to read and respond to a letter or spend 20 minutes chatting) to talk to a girl in Changsha, Hunan, China, once a week, although some friends insist that the site is fake) that is probably the only thing that prevents the hypermasculine men I live with from thinking that I’m gay. If I were gay, I sure would not want these people to know, since the guy who has been in the bed across from me for about the past month was talking about wanting to shoot a guy he saw kissing a man on the lips, as if that has any real effect on him. I don’t know how they searched the locker. My guess is that they were searching for weapons rather than drugs and simply wanded the locker, because the black parolee in the bed next to mine, who is even scarier than the Italian stereotype parolee who couldn’t compose a sentence without using “fuckin'” as an adjective on every noun who used to be there, complained that his straight razors had been taken. (The other day this guy offered me $100 to punch a guy in the jaw and threatened me when he refused. He subsequently said that he was joking, but it certainly did not come across as a joke. I did a search of my locker, and my old comics, such as Showcase #80, all appeared to be present. My other old comics are wrapped multiple times, so I have even stronger doubts that they were taken. I currently have Journey Into Mystery #78, an issue of Plop! and The Spectre (1967) #7 in my locker, and I have not visited my storage unit since these were acquired.

As if to make things up to us, breakfast was a huge pile of hash browns with three one-egg omelets when we normally get one such omelet and one hash brown patty when this is the meal, with barely enough milk and juice to keep from choking as I ate too fast in attempt to make it out on time. I was still hungry by 9 AM.

  1. Sexy Hunan Girl permalink

    Thank you so much for you continue write to me in It mean so much to me. I use money to buy rice for my father, mother, and 16 sisters and brothers. You keep us all alive. We praise Buddha for you and wish you much continued success.

    Thank you for sharing your many riches. Wow, your “pile of hash browns” and three omelets is truly a breakfast for a prince! You are our prince!

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