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If You Think Stalin Was Worse Than Churchill, You’ve Been Propagandized

November 25, 2022

Here a right-wing historian admits that the claim that Stalin killed more than Hitler is utterly false, whereas Churchill killed three million in the Bengal famine. The video shows that the survival rate in the gulags was far greater than in capitalist French prison camps.

  1. Eric Schwartz permalink

    Oink oink. Scotty the pig ruffling his snout in the trash. Oink oink. Baldy loser.

    • Eric Schwartz doesn’t know what “baldy” means.

    • You remind me of when I was in high school and made fun of Zoe Peterson for saying her head looked like a waffle iron when pulling everything into tight braids showed that hair grows in a gridlike pattern on the head. It was immature and stupid of me then, and immature and stupid of you now to call me “baldy” when I’m anything but.

  2. Josef Stalin had 60,000 criminals shot. Madeleine Albright thought murdering over 500,000 innocent Iraqi children over oil was worth it.

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