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Facebook Just Keeps Getting Stupider

November 18, 2022

TIn the previous post, I noted getting suspended for someone else’s post that I shared. Her suspension lasted the full two days, but when I disagreed, they realized they had made a mistake and put it back up. Because Facebook is completely unprincipled and does whatever it feels like, she was not even given the same options to fight the decisison.

I have now been suspended again because they don’t comprehend the use of hypotheticals in a debate to show that the other person’s argument is nonsense.

This is my appeal:

Jim Burkiewicz and I have been “debating” for months regarding capitalism vs. socialism. I put the word in quotation marks because he’s sending stupid memes while I’m sending him peer-reviewed academic papers that get immediate hahas without reading them. The post in question was a direct response to a meme that says, “There is no success in blaming others. Success starts when you take responsibility for your life.” ( As a response to this, “So if I beat you with my cane, blame yourself” cannot reasonably read as an actual threat of violence, it’s simply pointing out the absurdity of his logic, which I have described in previous threads as “religious.” The point is that if he were physically attacked, he wouldn’t take responsibility for it and absolutely would blame others and would be correct if he did so. I don’t know how an intelligent person could possibly consider this an actual threat of violence in context, which you claim to take into account. If you examine the thread futher, you will see that some tweets from Jim Burkiewicz, along with Billy Sayre, and, to a certain extent, Rōbért Kight, are bordeline abusive. Sayre is harassing me as a physically disabled person for not doing physical labor despite physical disabilty on the grounds that his brother fractured his back doing so. It’s misery porn mixed with lies of the extreme right such as insisting that Nazis were actually socialists (example:, posts that Facebook rightly should have been flagging as false information, as they are easily debunked.

If you believe that this was a serious threat of violence or incitement, I would have a couple of choice words beginning with “i” to describe you that I won’t state because I have been suspended in the past for using them.

Considering that none of my appeals have ever actually been addressed by the appeals board, I doubt this one will be either.

  1. Keep on exposing these folks Scott as far as Facebook I don’t even bother these days to be continue.

  2. Pissy teef permalink

    Stop threatening people lard ass before you get hurt

  3. Meth mouth permalink

    You are a demented loser. You get suspended on a bi monthly basis on Facebook. You’d think anyone with half a brain could figure out how to conduct themselves in Facebook without getting suspended.

    • The fact that Facebook keeps making stupid, unprediuctable and deranged decisions makes it very hard to determine what will actually result in suspension. Rarely is it something I think is iffy that actually does it to me.

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