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While People Deactivate Twitter Because They Hate Elon Musk, Facebook Keeps Getting Worse

November 3, 2022

They suspended Elizabeth, and they suspended me for sharing it. They called it hate speech, but they usually allow ableist right-wingers to keep posting.

Even more unethical, Elizabeth git a two-day suspension while I got a 30-day suspension. Anyone who agrees with this decision is utterly depraved.

This reminds me of third grade when Jason Stowe made up a poem with the N word in it. I told people he was saying it, and eventually two of my teachers, Mrs. Sharon Johnston and Mr. Brent Andrews, were all in my face about it insisting that i made it up despite Jason’s admission that he had.

I found Mr. Andrews, now in his eighties, on Facebook some months back. A number of my fellow students were connected with him, so I added him, too. I doubt these two things have anything to do with one another.

  1. Reality Check permalink

    Do you have any life experiences outside of primary school? Lmaaaaaaao

    You should be banned from social media completely so maybe you’ll make something of yourself other than a fatty with a useless degree who hasnt even kissed a woman let alone what makes them tick outside of memes you see on facebook!

    “SEE THIS ONE WOMAN SHARED DIS THEY ALL THINK LIKE DIS WOMEN SUCK!” Bro women dont like you because you reak of being an incel and have no social skills you are a walking red flag. Women are afraid of you. Get a job, do some low impact exercises elderly people and disabled people workout from chairs your lazy ass can work out, lose some weight, and make something of yourself then maybe someone your age will find interest. Stay away from women in their late teens/early twenties though wanna be groomer.

    • You are a fucking idiot with no life or you wouldn’t harass disabled people on the internet. I never said anyhting remotely resembling the incel trash quote you falsely attributed to me. If anything, I’m a volcel because I’m not looking for casual.

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