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A Perfect Example of Why 100% of Rational, Intelligent People Support Police Abolition

October 7, 2022

And n o one will be held accountable again. It’s as though cop killers are the only protection regular people have from these pieces of shit, but they never seem to be in the right place to actually protect someone like this. If they are fired, they will just be transferred somewhere else and continue to leech off taxpayers.

Cops are garbage people who should all be locked up.

How much trash do cops get away with that don’t get made public?

One Comment
  1. Reality Check permalink

    Shut the fuck up youre so pathetic youre the first type of person to call the police LOLOLOL cuz youre so fat and lazy you let your muscles go to shit hell you wont even do chair exercises. Cant even defend yourself physically if that mouth of yours gets you in trouble and someone slaps the candy corn out of it

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