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Real Journalists End Up Murdered or Imprisoned

October 1, 2022

Any intelligent person would be able to generalize and never trust Katie Couric or Matt Lauer again. Michelle Kosinski’s career was probably ruined when it’s obviously not her fault unless it was her idea, likely another fall guy for fake capitalist narratives. She may still have a career–I haven’t checked–but anyone would be a fool to trust her again. While an actor can claim to seek truth through art, that’s more plausible if everyone knows you are in a play or film, and you’re not pretending to be a journalist on allegedly real news. At least the more recent footage at the beginning of the clip didn’t include the guy’s name so he won’t be so humiliated. One can only dream–she has continued her career as a journalist and lives in a $5.3 million-dollar house, which shows you how corrupt out capitalist system is: . Meritocracy is a lie, and my homelessness is not the slightest shred my fault.

And people wonder why i’m willing to present an honest story about going from graduate school to homelessness through no fault of my own while these young reporters are trained to falsify everything. It makes me glad I didn’t major in journalism instead of English if this is the garbage that passes for corporate news.

If I had gone to school with Kosinski, I would probably be calling her Canoeski until she threatened to block me on Facebook.

Meanwhile, real journalist Julian Assange has never reported anything false, and he is unlawfully imprisoned in the so-called “free world,” our terrorist ally Israel murdered real journalist Shireen Abu Akleh with their deceptively named “Defense Force,” and our terrorist ally Saudi Arabia murdered real journalist Jamal Koshoggi. Our country is everything they told us to fear about so-called “Communism,” which was really an authoritarian bastardization of Marx, as our government has marched toward fascism my entire lifetime regardless of the party in power.

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  1. Thank you Scott for this info 🙏

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