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Normally, Being an Accomplice to a Crime Is a Crime

September 23, 2022

Here is a situation where they are criminalizing something that people have little control over. The average American is a paycheck away from homelessness, yet instead of punishing those who cause them to be homeless, thus making them accomplices to the “crime,” this is a situation where the accomplice is rewarded.

Only in a State run by a crime syndicate could a landlord raise a tenant’s rent beyond their ability to pay, evict them to bring in a wealthier tenant, and not have any responsibility toward the former tenant’s impact on society while reaping rewards. In many places, this is the landlord profiting at the expense pf the taxpayer because in many municipalities taxes pay for homeless shelters rehgardless of whether people in need have access to said shelters when they need them.

There is simply no career path where someone can automatcally avoid homelessness by doing everything right, not even medical doctors. And the trade school claim is stupid, too. Plenty of people in shelters have trade school backgrounds. I had a roommate who was a machinist caught in a mass layoff who didn’t see much likelihood of getting hired again because he was in his fifties. He told me about a job fair at a hotel on 58th Street where the line to get in was around the block, and they held it for longer than the scgeduled time in order to accommodate everyone he showed up, but once he got in, he realized it was all sales, and they didn’t see prepared to recuit more than about 20 people (I stopped going to job fairs when it became clear it was all sales jobs, plus NYPD, FDNY, and the military–I went to one that was supposedly a media job fair, but it was media companies looking for sales people) . I don’t know the actual stats on this, but it’s commonly cited in arguments for bringing back “sweat equity” (during the Koch administration, in which people bought apartments “as is” for $200 and brought them up to code), that the shelters are full of tradespeople. I would guess it’s true from my experience, but there are also plenty of college graduates, including an old attorney who had given up his practice to give his mother end of life care and couldn’t find clients after she passed. And yes, young lawyers are having trouble, too.

This is what happens when peple vote Democrat instead of Green and expect things to change. It simply allows oligarchs to continue their crimes against humanity “legally.”

Of course, how dare I suggest that people go to prison simply for being good at capitalism and not caring who they hurt in the process?

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  1. Lu Bao permalink

    The situation is that people do things that are beyond their control. The average American is the only support for the homeless, but instead of punishing and “humiliating” the homeless, everyone benefits.

    Only in countries dominated by organized crime can landlords charge unprofitable rents, evict wealthier tenants and fear the social influence of former tenants. In many places, homeowners benefit at the expense of taxpayers, and many municipalities pay for homeless shelters for those in need.

    There is no profession that automatically prevents a person, including a doctor, from becoming homeless. And fighting at school is bad. Many recruitment agencies offer vocational training. I have a mechanic friend who was laid off.

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