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Most Americans Are Stupid When it Comes to Homelessness

September 20, 2022

Also take a look at the comments. Numerous people with mechanical engineering degrees talking about dealing with homelessness, which shows how all the more idiotic the “yOu SHoulD hAVe mAjoRed iN eNgiNeErINg” crowd is.

  1. Lu Bao permalink

    See more reviews. Many highly qualified engineers have nothing to say, which shows how ridiculous 100 CHARACTERS is.

  2. Reality Check permalink

    And yet you were homeless 8 years dumbass

    • Again, lack of responses to my job applications when I met all qualifications on paper and physical disability limiting me to desk work. Most likely the result of applicant tracking software making gobbledygook of my resume like Lu Bao’s comments. Grow a brain.

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