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The New York Post‘s Editorial Board Deserves to Be Homeless

September 19, 2022

This editorial, credited to the editorial board rather than any specific person, is typical fascist trash from the Post. The fact is, I’m most likely more qualified to be a newspaper editor than anyone on the board, even though I could never work with anyone with an agenda like theirs.

If they want to claim that they’re more qualified to be newspaper editors than me, they should be forced to prove it by having GRE scores better than this. I scored better than 94% of takers at verbal skills (vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and the like) and better than 73% at analytical writing (I don’t remember the details, but I remember that I found the practice writing question far more relatable than the actual writing question). If the editors of the Post editorial board can’t do better than this, then they have no meritocratic standards and need to be cast out onto the street as they would have the city do to me. The GRE is especially perfect because everyone who takes it has a college degree and is seeking to pursue higher education, so the cohort of comparison is not the general population, but an already academically advanced group of people.

And they should have their fellow conservatives saying to them, “yOU sHOuld Have maJoReD In ENgiNEerInG,” especially if their math scores are anywhere near mine…

  1. Reality Check permalink

    Test scores arent all the qualifications someone needs to be a good employee. Team player, can meet deadlines, relative experience, good references, porfolio, hard working, resourceful and dedication matter. Just because you dont think someone is qualified doesnt make it so.

  2. Lu Bao permalink

    If you want to say I’m a better scorer you should prove it with a better GRE name. Over 94% of the respondents had direct verbal skills (vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, etc.) and 73% analytical writing (I don’t remember the details, but I remember reading the question about the experience of writing remotely (i.e. there was the entire population, but a group of those who went to college.

    But conservative peers don’t ask them, especially if their math grades are similar to mine.

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