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Facebook Suspends Me for Speaking Out Against Racism and Genocide

September 18, 2022

Calling Palestinians “filthy lazies” is completely acceptable to them when that’s clearly racist hate speech. Nor did they take down a post by ken Wallman saying that Palestinians are animals who all need to be walled off because of some bus bombings.

I wasn’t the only person who called out his racism, either. I’m not sure how blaming all members of a particular race for specific acts of violence could be construed as anything other than racism, particularly when Israelis have so much power over Palestinians.

Zionists believe that you have the right to kick people out of homes their families have lived in for generations because your ancestors lived there hundreds if not thousands of years ago. You might as well force me at gunpoint to go back to England without providing me any means of transportation there. I support indigenous rights even though I have direct ancestors who were killed by indigenous people, but indigenous people aren’t trying to kill me or expel me from the only country I’ve ever (unfortunately) been in because Europeans in the past vilely treated them as subhuman. The Palestinians are not the Nazis despite convoluted efforts to connect them. Zionists also believe it’s appropriate to use fighter jets of the world’s fifth-largest military to bomb innocent civilians who have nothing but stones and bottle rockets to defend themselves. They even jokingly refer to it as “mowing the grass.”

Anti-Zionism is not hate speech because it does not target anyone based on their ethnicity. Joe Biden and Donald Trump proudly identify as Zionists, and I have called both of them “scum” on Facebook (with an article attached that shows why I’m responding that way) without punishment. The Jews I met in Occupy Wall Street and the Independent Socialist Organization are quite vocally anti-Zionist, as is Jewish Voice for Peace. One year I was part of Picture the Homeless’s contingent for the International Women’s Day march, and one of our organizers, Jenny Akchin, who is Jewish, carried a sign in suport of Ahed Tamimi. She said that she felt that her identity as a Jew emphasized the gravity of the situation. There are a lot of propagandists on Facebook equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, and it simply isn’t true. Sherry Wolf, also Jewish, gave a presentation before ISO in which she stated that most working-class Jews do not support Zionism or any sort Jewish isolationism. Tony Buontempo, an Occupier, who was raised Catholic but is Jewish on his mother’s side gets in Facebook jail a lot, often for saying much worse things about Zionists than I said. There is a large contingent of Hasidic Jews who say that the Tanakh says that Jews cannot return to Israel until they start fully obeying God. The God of my understanding expressly forbids coveting others homes, let alone forcing them out at gunpoint and moving in.

The most reputable of all Israeli papers, Haaretz, says this:

“Israeli Propaganda Isn’t Fooling Anyone – Except Israelis
“‘Hasbara’ is the Israeli euphemism for propaganda, and there are some things, said the late ambassador Yohanan Meroz, that are not ‘hasbarable.’ One of them is Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.”

Given the actions of Israel, there is little difference between saying “Zionists are scum” and “Nazis are scum,” which I have also posted on Facebook without incident.

The above image got me in trouble with LinkedIn, but I successfully contested it, although it was later used against me when I was banned, which doesn’t seem right to me, kind of like when the Indianapolis Public Library kept a “claims returned” on my account even after they found the item in question, which I checked out on a later occasion.

One of our board members at Unity of New York said that he felt Israel was similar to the abusive child that grows into the abusive parent. Many of our congregants at Unity of New York identify as Jewish, including today’s speaker, David Friedman. I have heard many people at our church object to what Israel is doing to the Palestinians, as well as to what the United States is doing to more than a dozen countries throughout the world, and what Putin is doing in Ukraine. The Unity church in general deplores violence and embraces all faiths and ethnicities. While I think we would mostly agree that calling someone “scum” isn’t exactly “Unity language,” many of us have admitted to using aggressive language like that on social media. Shawn Moninger, staff minister and David’s partner, has scolded from the pulpit about how many of us do it. While he gives good spiritual reasons for not doing so, I also think on how Holmes Osborne, in the actors’ audio commentary track of Donnie Darko, said that he once heard at a Unity church that the only the only acceptable intolerance is intolerance of intolerance, which is exactly what I was doing.

  1. They actually gave me a chance to submit an appeal.

    This is what I wrote

    Zionism Is a Concept, Not a People

    “We define hate speech as a direct attack against people — rather than concepts or institutions—”

    This is where Facebook got things wrong. Zionism is comparable to Nazism, not any ethnic or religious group of people. The initial post said “Zionists are scum” and had a photograph of a man with a sign saying “I am a 100-year old Nakba survivor. At age 28 I was kicked out of my home at gunpoint in Lydd Palestine. I am very proud of the new generation of Palestinians for rising up again and again.” I have used the term “scum” for Nazis, fascists, murderous cops, unjustified uses of the military, and people in government I believe to be fascists including Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Kathy Hochul, Eric Adams, Greg Abbott, Boris Johnson, Vlodomar Zelensky, and Ron De Santis. Never before has it gotten me suspended for hate speech. The only reason I can see for doing this is the false equivalency Zionists make between Zionism and Judaism, which Shulamit Aloni, a former Israeli cabinet member, admitted was a “trick.”

    There is constant racism against Palestinians used to harass anti-Zionists on Facebook. Just today, one smeared Palestinians as “filthy lazies.” I have made multiple reports of these smears, but Facebook never takes down the posts. The preceding comment was in a thread on a post in which a Zionist org wanted people to sign a petition against anti-Semitism at CUNY, but if you actually read it, it was calling for the firing of some CUNY law school professors who exporessed support for the boycott, divestment and sanction movement that is frequently smeared as anti-Semitic despite being started by Palestianians. The Daily Beast did an excellent article about how most Palestinians are not anti-Semitic:

    I believe this was simply Facebook taking sides in a political battle and censoring the side it doesn’t like.

    • Update 9/29/2022

      The Oversight Board chose not to deal with my case because they knew that they would look like racist pieces of shit if they did.

  2. Jewish Voice for Peace has a petition to get Facebook to remove one of its current Oversight Board members, so I have no faith that I will win my appeal, rational as it is:

  3. Facebook is really cracking down on people who don’t condone Israel’s murder of Palestinian children:

  4. A federal judge just said that I’m in the right:

  5. In what way are Zionists not scum???

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