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If Incompetence Causes Homelessness, Why Are Mike Parry and Greg Kelly Rich?

July 25, 2022

Their educations aren’t better than mine, and both of them demonstrate themselves to be dumb as stumps. Why are they allowed to make fools of themselves before such a wide audience who won’t necessarrily realize how foolish they are because of the professional pacakaging? Presumably because they do their part to help sustain capitalism a little bit longer as it ncauses equatorial regions to become ininhabitable…

If homelessness and competence had any relationship, they would be the ones who experienced homelessness, not me.

  1. Pissy Teeth permalink

    Because they aren’t lazy sacks of shit who were coddled by their parents? Arent unkempt? Arent in fact incompetent?

    • None of those things apply to me, imbecile. I’m not sure what they do in the above videos that can reasonably be considered competent. Of course, the fact that you keep calling me “pissy teeth” because you’re too stupid to understand that my teeth were discolored by medication proves that you are incompetent.

    • Your modus operandi seems to be to make claims that you can’t support with any evidence or that don’t stand up under scrutiny, sich as equating not having a job with being lazy, which only an imbecile would do.

      For this post alone, I had to first identify the idiot as Mike Parry, since Kyle Kulinski never identifies him in the video, nor is he identified on-screen at any point. Then I had to determine the educational level of each. Parry has a bachelor’s from Nottingham Polytechnic University, and Greg Kelly has a bachelor’s from Fordham University. Neither has any further education. They are simply privileged boomers who got good jobs immediately after college, whereas I was never given a chance at a good job when I graduated college.

      That’s neither laziness nor incompetence on my part.

  2. Pissy teef permalink

    Your degree is in a useless field and you lack any talent soooooo…..yeah.

  3. Lu Bao permalink

    His education is no better than mine and he is a fool. Why do an audience joke so cleverly that they might not realize how stupid they are because of the professional packaging? Probably because they are doing everything they can to make capitalism last a little longer by making the equatorial regions uninhabitable…

    If he has a roof and a title, a roof, I don’t.

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