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More ACP Lies

July 21, 2022

I want the FCC to explain to me where the fuck the ACP credit is going. I want it to go to Optimum, the transition letter from EBB said it would stay with Optimum. The FCC keeps telling me that it’s going to Assurance Wireless, which is already a free program, and this is the second time Assurance Wireless told me that they’re not getting it. If Optimum and Assurance both say that they’re not getting it, what is the FCC doing with the $30 credit that is supposed to reduce the je cost burden of my internet service?

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  1. MethMouth did it again permalink

    Got suspended by FB again, eh tubby.

  2. Ralen scourstin permalink

    Scott complaining about not getting free money. What a baby.

  3. Lu Bao permalink

    I would like Flintshire County Council to explain the reason for defaulting on the ACP loan. I want you to visit Optimum, stay at Optimum as per EBB letter. The FCC keeps telling me it’s Assurance Wireless free software and this is the second time they’ve said they can’t find Assurance Wireless. If Optimum and Assurance say they don’t understand, what will the FCC do with the $30 credit that should lower the cost of my internet service?

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