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Fascist Tyranny Is the Law of the Land

June 29, 2022

And the skyrocketing homelessness will continue to be blamed upon the victims. What else is new? It’s like the businesses that make people pay to use the restroom, then wonder why the streets smell like pee. Landlording is theft. Eviction is violence.

  1. Lu Bao permalink

    And the homeless will continue to blame the victims. That’s why you want a company that teaches people how to use the bathroom and tries to understand what the street is like. The owner is a thief. Detection is incorrect.

  2. Meth Mouth Mcgee permalink

    Youve been homeless since before inflation it is nobodies fault that you were homeless but yours

    • I was laid off during the 2008 recession, and there is no rational argument that my homelessness is my fault, especially whwn ATS can’t tell the difference between a skill and a company name. Only a functionally illiterate person would consider human resources to be among my top skills from “Represented Picture the Homeless in meetings with policymakers such as Steven Banks (New York City Human Resources Administration),” yet that what ATS does. Only an irrational moron would consider that my fault.

    • Absolutely and entirely the fault of others:

      “I think here it’s helpful to look at studies that maybe others have already mentioned to you. Like the one by Rand Ghayad, and others who have done audit studies where they send out resumes that are fictitious but which answer real job openings. In these studies, the researchers control what varies. So they will vary the duration of unemployment, the level of education, and/or the types of skills, and they found that someone unemployed for six months or longer is much less likely to be invited to an interview than someone without the right skills who is just short-term unemployed. Which is a very solid way of showing the power of the stigma against someone who is six months unemployed, and that it’s not about skills. If it were about skills, you should be interviewing the person who has the right skills match, and not the person with no relevant skills. So I think that this employer discrimination is a really important and under-discussed part of the story.” –Ofer Sharone in the above-linked interview

  3. Reality Check permalink

    Nah you dont produce anything you are a fat sad sack of shit who couldnt even write his own resume to find a job let alone a script worth reading. Lazy ass. Maybe if you werent busy reading comic books, stuffing your face and pissing yourself your whole childhood your body wouldnt be in as shitty condition as it is now porker and youd be accomplished. I hope you lose your whole entire inheritance like all your stocks lose value before you can cash out

  4. Pee Pee Teef permalink

    Finding sources that agree with you and only looking at things that agree is backwards as fuck and shows you arent an intellectual tbh. Especially from sources that are not credible. Did you not learn how to research in college? What sort of shitty college did you go to? No wonder not even a Mcjob would hire you. But hey whatever helps you sleep at night. When you’re 50 years old on the street in a cardboard box you’ll have your feeling of superiority to keep you warm and fills your belly.

    The fact that you think you havent made any wrong decisions your whole entire life and your inability to take any advice nor criticisms is proof of some sort of mental illness

    • It’s hilarious that you think an MIT professor citing a peer-reviewed study isn’t credible. Why don’t you find a peer-reviewed scientific study that sghows the opposite? I doubt one exists.

      You’re ableist as fuck telling me to work a McJob.

      Considering that I spent 99 months living in homeless shelters,l living in a cardboard box is pretty unlikely so long as I stay in New York City. It’s not as thougfh a McJob keeps people out of homeless shelters.

      I’ve made plenty of wrong decisions, the most significantr being accepting a job from Raj Amit Kumar, but majoring in something involving calculus or going to a trade school would cefinitely have been a surefire route to failure for me given my aptitude and physical condition.

    • Grow up. People have been making fun of my teeth since grade school, you classist pig.

    • Based on your comment, I searched for studies that refute the findings of Rand Ghayad and Ofer Sharone and haven;’t been able to find me. I’m guressing you’re relying on either your own prejudices or opinion pieces by employers, which would be similarly flawed.

    • I don’t apply to McJobs because I can’t do the work safely and sustainably in my physical condition.

      • James bully boy Scotlan permalink

        Whose fault is it that you’re 400 pounds? Someone forcing you stuff all that shit in your face?

      • You’re a fucking liar. I’m not even close.

      • Pee pee teef permalink

        You’re closer to 400lbs than 200lbs fat ass. Find some chair exercises or will that hurt too? Doomed to be a homeless, obese, friendless, virgin, man baby forever it seems

      • You’re a fucking idiot who needs to grow up.

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