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“Reality Check” Loves When People Like Stefan Breznac Die Prematurely, Calls Such People “Lazy,” and Wants That for Me

June 27, 2022

To “Reality Check,” people like Mr. Mulius are great, admirable men whom everyone should aspire to be like and are lazy if they aren’t like him.

  1. Lu Bao permalink

    People who “check reality” like Mr. Mulius are wonderful and applaudable people, and they should all strive to be equal and lazy if they are not like him.

  2. Lu Bao permalink

    People who “check reality” like Mr. Mulius are wonderful and applaudable people, and they should all strive to be equal and lazy if they are not like him.b

  3. Reality Check permalink

    Hey Tubby Wubby

    Keep my name out of your mouth.

    Also see if library is hiring, since you can do a better job than them. They need your expertise.

    • Keep your name off my blog, scumbag. If you don’t have a degree in library science, you have to be enrolled as a student (and then you’re basically a shelving clerk–bad for my physical condition), as of last time I checked their career page.

      • Reality Check permalink

        Oh okay so you cant do their job. So insist on degrading over worked and underpaid employees online instead. Gotcha, gotcha. If you cant do their job, then you dont get to criticize and attack them online Karen.

        One of these days you will really get yourself in trouble for that outrageousness.

      • As long as they’re employed and I’m not, I have a right to complain when people do their jobs poorly. And I’m not saying I can’t do their jobs. I’m saying I don’t have the necessary credentials to be considered, which is not even close to the same thing, Braindead.

      • Reality Check permalink

        You. Cant. Do. Their. Job.

        So shut the fuck up, until youve had a long term job you dont to criticize anybody who has one. You dont get how stressful it is being screamed by entitled fucks like you and management. You dont get how hard it is being understaffed. Doing mandatory overtime. Your body hurting. No down time, day after day. Year after year because all you do is scream online all day about your bowel movements and how you dont drink water, read comic books and watch shitty ass movies. You dont live in the real world.

        You don’t got the qualifications, they do. Better go take a Mcjob my dude because they got education in a useful area unlike you. It entitles them to more work. They are better than you. Isnt that how it works in your delusion?

        I hope that library sees you tagging them in post and bans you.

      • You’re a fucking idiot telling me that I haven’t expereinced what I have experienced. Only a blithering idiot considers functionally illiterate people better than me.

      • Reality Check permalink

        Oh I apologize people should be 100% perfect all the time and never make any mistakes. Just like the perfect human being you are. Only slack jawed idiots make mistakes and don’t deserve common human decency, understanding nor respect

      • That’s funny, because I specifically brought up how I was treated when I made far smaller mistakes on the job

      • Reality Check permalink

        “I was bullied at my last job so I earned the right to bully them while they cant tell me to fuck off!” – Scott

      • That’s funny, since you just said that I wasn’t.

  4. Mug Trokter permalink

    What did Scott say about librarians?

    • Reality Check permalink

      He said they are idiots who tag famous people/businesses on Facebook like a coward. instead of commenting directly under their post and do nothing to better their life because they think the world owes them something.

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