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More Proof Facebook Is Run By Morons

June 21, 2022

This is a prety clear-cut violation of Facebook’s community standards on racial hate. To any intelligent person, Kristian Schüller posted something far worse than anything that has ever gotten me suspended.

  1. Reality Check permalink

    So if facebook is run by morons stop using it? What does that make you if you keep using it?

  2. Scott Is A Creep permalink

    Scott talks so much about children that I wonder what he is hiding.

  3. Wiretap droop permalink

    That is that prety clear-cut violation for facebook’s community standards in racial hated. To anytime intelligent person, kristian schüller posted one thing far worse than anything this is ever get my suspended

  4. Scott come out the closet permalink

    Hey question why do you have such a hardon for Howard? Why are you so fascinated with the intricacies of his sex life? Is it because you lack one and won’t ever have one?

    • Howard is a perv is why–he’s always telling me to go to prostitutes and told me to get a rectal exam when food was getting stuck in my esophagus. Not to mention that when I asked him for help to get copywriting and editing work, which his what he does, he took it upon himself to impersonate me and apply me to entry-level marketing scams.

  5. Lu Bao permalink

    Howard is that perv is why–he’s always telling my to went with to prostitutes and tell my to have that rectal exam what time were getting stick on I esophagus. Don’t to mentioned this what time myself ask himself of helped to have copywriting and editing worked, which he is a to what himself does, himself take it upon himself to impersonate my and apply my to entry-level marketing scams

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