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Objective Proof YouTube Is Run by Fascist Imbeciles

June 20, 2022

Next they are going to make it a policy violation to say that Israel murders Palestinian civilians. YouTube needs to be either regulated or made a public utility. What Kyle says about YouTube censoring Jordan Chariton but not the mionstream outlets that licensed his footage ought to be illegal.

  1. Scott the whiney baby permalink

    So then stop using youtube? Or make your kw. Website? Problem solved. Not everything needs to be a public utility just because you think it should be

  2. Scotty Shit Face permalink

    You really are an idiot.

  3. Scott the Meth Mouth permalink

    Everything that I don’t agree with or doesnt follow my line of thought is wrong! – Scott

  4. Lu Bao permalink

    He then proposes to consider accusations that Israel is killing Palestinian civilians as a violation of policy. YouTube must be reviewed or published. What Kyle is saying should be about controlling Jordan Chariton and not about licensing supermarkets for their illegal content.

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