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“Reality Check” Is a Liar

June 19, 2022

Either that, or he just doesn’t know what a receding hairline is.

  1. Scott Baldy permalink

    Notice how this clown pushes his hair forward to hide his receding hairline! Hahahah

  2. Reality Check permalink

    it is okay dude. You’re damn near 50 it is normal to be balding and fat, not as fat as you because well your heart is going to give out eventually. You really should find some chair exercises or something . But was insulting is you expect women your age to be wrinkle free, skinny, smooth and inexperienced/virgins. You pretend to be young looking to justify your perversions on 18-25 year olds and that is what is insulting. Lmfao

    But yeah your hair line is receding nice try buddy. I am honored I got an entry. I MADE IT BIG BOYS I STRUCK A NERVE!

  3. 40984096 permalink

    Dude, if you want to show your hairline, you hold your hair back.

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