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The Democratic Party Opposes Voting Rights

June 10, 2022

They write unconstitutional laws and have the power of attorneys to enforce them, just as they illegally and unconstitutionally threw the Green Party off the New York state ballot after the 2020 election. Bought-off judges ignore the Constitutional arguments for ballot access for third parties and instill fear in voters even though if all eligible voters who didn’t vote vote Green, Green would win.

The Democrats are just as fascistic as Republicans. Case in point: the failure of the Democratic Party-controlled legislature to pass Good Cause Eviction, a bill that would prevent landlords from large rent increases without justification, something more than 70% of voters support. People willbeome homelss as a result of this failure, and some of them will meet an untimely death as a direct result of these Democrats’ choices, yet they won’t be rotting in prison for what is, in effect, legalized murder for profit. Placing profit above human life is the epitome of fascism and the epitome of evil, and both of the two major parties are guilty. Even so-called leftists, such as Julia Salazar, who wrote the Good Cause legislation, has sponsored another legislation privatizing NYCHA and eliminating Section 9 housing. In New York City, Eric Adams supports raising the rents of people in rent-stablilized housing 6% when people are still reeling from the massive job loss from a pandemic that is far from over.

People who believe that the United States is anything other than a fascist dictatorship are fools.

  1. Reality Check permalink

    Scott is a green party bottom. He would still be worshipping Rush Linbaugh if he wasnt an utter failure. More at 10pm and now for the daily incel update? Scott? Scott? Oh that 20 year old called you a creep so you called her ableist for wanting someone who can lay it down in the bedroom and not just food? Oh okay. Now for Jim with the weather

  2. Lu Bao permalink

    Democrats are fascists and Republicans. For example, a democratically elected parliament did not pass a law banning charges against homeowners and won more than 70 percent of the vote. This failure will lead to homelessness, and some of them will die prematurely as a result of the popular elections, but unexpectedly it is a legitimate criminal. Trade is a symbol of fascism and evil, and everyone is to blame. Left-wing companies such as Julia Salazar, the organizer of the Mourning Law, have passed laws banning NYCHA and imposing a 9.6% tax on accidental theft. Not well equipped. †

  3. Reality Check permalink

    Do you use a 10 year old fb picture because you have 10 extra chins, less hair and your complexion is sallow now? Just wondering

    • I have plenty of hair and don’t look any different according to people on Zoom.

      • Meth mouth permalink

        If you don’t look any different than post an updated photo

        Yeah exactly.

      • Except that I did, jerk-off. It’s just that the lighting isn’t very good in my apartment,

        I took these last night, but the lights are in the celing and make everything look overexposed on the laptop camera.

  4. Reality Check permalink

    Your hairline is obviously receding and styled in a way to hide it. You are also looking 100lbs heavier there tubby! Ahahhahah

  5. Reality Check permalink

    Scott: Ugh this women obviously using old pictures, she looks nothing like her picture/ Ugh she is obese! The nerve of that porker using a picture where she is slimmer!

    Scott: Uses a picture from 2012 as all his display pictures claiming he looks no different when he obviously has more wrinkles, more chins, ashy skin, less hair and is atleast 100lbs heavier.

  6. Reality Check permalink

    You have a lot of red flags for a fat, balding, smelly, unkempt, lazy, obese (just to emphasize), sloppy, unemployed, self centered, self proclaimed intellectual, loser,virgin. You should be thankful for any woman that gives you the time of day, tall, short, fat, pierced, ink, cis, trans, sheep. Anyone because you are one greasy looking ugly mother fucker let me tell you.

    A red flag for women is being a virgin at 50 with no relationship experience and having never had a career ever. No woman wants to support a loser my dude. It screams of being mentally ill. Have you even touched a tit? Touched some pussy? Maybe buy a sex worker it’ll motivate you. Like damn this is what women feel like? Better get off my gelatinous ass and do better.

    • I’m not 50, and half the stuff you’re saying you made up. You must be either Hakan or Villalocos because it’s the two of you who like to make up shit to smear me.

      • Reality Check permalink

        Whatever you say you fatphobic ableist scum.

        Lmao how are you going to post a picture of a fat bed ridden unemployed person and not see how problematic it is to make fun of him? Id say it is the pot calling the kettle black and a look into your future


      • Considering that you;’re fatphobic ableist scum, you don’t have reason to talk.

        Apparently you can’t read that the water in my house tastes like mildewed books, Villalocos, and I’m too broke to buy a filter.

      • What did I say that was making fun of the person?

    • You sound like that pervert, Howard Gibson.

      • Reality Check permalink

        Hur hur “Howards crush”

        Whats wrong with him? His fat? His inability to get out of bed? How is that NOT fatphobic ? Don’t worry i’ll wait

        “He makes me look skinny”

        So being larger than someone is wrong? Oh dont say you didnt day that you delete comments. You sneaky sneaky fatphobic ableist pos

      • That’s taunting Howard, who is married to a woman but is a devotee of LaRouche, who is infamous for his homphobia.

      • Reality Check permalink

        Annnnnnnnnnd still Fatphobia

        Insinuating someone is gay like it is bad?/insulting someone by calling them gay or implying they like men when they dont because you find it hilarious is also homophobia btw.

      • Hey idiot, the fact that thus far 44 prominent homophobes have been outed as gay or bi doesn’t make someone homophobic for suggesting that a homphobe is closeted.

      • You calling anyone fatphobic is hypocritical.

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