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Gee, why aren’t you fully unpacked after nearly two years?

June 1, 2022

I lost two tall bookcases and a short bookcase–antoher short bookcase fell apart in a mover’s hands–when I moved into storage. Most of my income goes to pay bills, do laundry, buy toilet paper and cleaning supplies. The little money left does often go for more books and DVDs (+ three rarities on VHS– Battle of the Commandos (Umberto Lenzi, 1969), The Sea Shall Not Have Them (Lewis Gilbert, 1954) (which came in a lot with the previous), Starship (Roger Christian, 1984)). Tall bookcases are expensive, and although sometimes you can find people giving them away, I have had no practical way to transport them within the available time frame in these cases because few of my friends have cars because this is New York City.

The lamp has no shade because the movers accidentally smashed it and left it behind in the storage unit even though it works perfectly fine. I haven’t been able to find a replacement because the only comparable-sized lampshades I’ve found at Home Depot weren’y comparable in terms of that top circle–they all plunged quite a bit downward so that they wouldn’t cover the bulb, making them pointless here.

The short bookcase under the Peter Schickele poster holds books by authors Dr-Fr. The next holds DVD/VHS From Cr-Ev. The next holds books from Fr-He. The next holds DVD/VHS from Si-Tw. The next holds books from Thackeray to the end of the alphabet. I have another short shelf with VHS/DVD U-Z because I started at both ends of the alphabet and worked inward. The same is true for my CDs, where artists A-G and Karr-Z are shelved, but H-Karajan and Q through Schwartz are in boxes mostly no more than three high across the floor of the apartment. I don’t like it, and I worry about getting evicted, but spending more money without a way to replenish it makes little sense to me.

It’s very galling to be told I live in a pigsty or be told I can’t organize when I clearly can organize and simply lack the appropriate tools to do it well, tools that could be acquired with money. I’ve had grandstanders publicly offer to help and then not follow through, which makes it worse than if no one had said anything, reminiscent of that time when someone offered to buy me the Philip Glass Symphony No. 5 CD, which came in elaborate packaging and cost over $30 (and is no longer in print), but never did.

And here I have all these parts of bookcases that I can’t really use right now and frequently fall over and cause me problems and pain but am not going to simply trash:

Simply reassembling them is not an option because they are incomplete. The tall ones lack sides. I think a friend had them in his basement, which got flooded during the last hurricance, so he had to get rid of everything. There should be a complete 100-CD case here, one I watched fall apart it one of the movers’ hands, but I have found all of the parts except one of the sides, so I have been unable to reassemble it. I’m assuming it’s here as opposed to having been left in the truck and subsequently discarded, but like I said in my Yelp! review, I would never use Divine Moving and Storage again despite their history of good reviews including from my own church.

So this is a really lousy situation, and as long as I’m making only about $400-450 a month, I really don’t see a reasonable way to change it. Of course, it doesn’t help that IKEA stopped making its tall, space-efficient Gnedby towers in North America even though they can readily be purchased from their European and Asian sites.

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  1. Hoarders Buried Alive permalink

    How about you get rid of some shit, if you dont have room in your apartment it is time to downsize. Hell if a landlord comes in there you’re likely to get evicted because at this point your place is a safety issue not just for yourself but others if a fire were to happen there it would be an inferno in seconds.

    • Tommy permalink

      Scott cannot get rid of any of that stuff. It is all immensely valuable. He needs broken IKEA chipboard in order to demonstrate the failures of capitalism. He needs VHS tapes of shitty B-movies for his library. He needs it all and it is the job of NYC taxpayers either to store it or get him the proper furniture!

    • I guess you’re blind. Only a fucking idiot could see the pictures and think that there is no room in the apartment. Thanks for demonsttrating to the world what a blithering idiot you are!

    • At least you didn’t put your name. If your boss, assuming you actually have one, knew you posted something that stupid, you would have killed any chance of a promotion.

    • Why don’t you join this site and suck this guy off? You’d be a lot happier.

  2. Reality Check permalink

    Atleast they have a job porky. God your parents really did fail to teach you any skills at all, you cant cook, cant clean, cant find a job, cant brush your teeth properly and cant even wipe your ass. Tragic really

    • You’re so stupid. My teeth are yellow because of medication I was forced to take for an ear infection as a toddler. I cook and clean for myself, but a pathological liar like you wouldn’t care. It’s likely neither of you have a job unless some rich jackass is paying you to harass me.

    • Faece Eater permalink

      He often has skid marks in his undewear.

      • Saying that people whose toilet paper roll lasts them a week must have skid marks is hardly the same thing as having skid marks. If I used only 13 sheets of toilet paper when I used the bathroom, I would definitely have skid marks.

      • Dookie Mouth Scott permalink

        He has a sick obsession with shitting and pissing. It is all he talks about when not tagging companies that dont give a shit about his post/dont see them. I bet you he buys videos from content creators of them shitting. Maybe his teeth are so yellow because he eats shit

      • My teeth are yellow because of medication I was forced to take for an ear infection when I was a toddler, which permanently discolored the enamel. Didn’t you jusrt ask for poop pictures a few posts ago, you sick fuck?

  3. permalink

    Don’t forget about the storage unit full of stuff he hasn’t seen in 15 years lol
    Also, nice chocolate milk over there. Still drinking sugary drinks like a 7 year old?

    • The Avengers movie came out in 2012. I’ve been boycotting Nestle for about eight years.

      • 490678203467234-6 permalink

        so you are keeping plastic bottles of milk because it says avengers?

      • I bought one of each–Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and the Hulk, but that was ten years ago, They’ve been washed out.

  4. Reality Check permalink

    I mean look at his hair, he styles it like a five year old on picture day. Could be also he is hiding a bald spot though.

    I don’t know why i’m fat *drinks sugary drinks*

    I dont know why I constantly shit 😦 *is probably lactose intolerant and drinks milk and eats cheese all day*

    Drink some fucking water and eat some leafy green vegetables it will do wonders

    • I don’t drink sugary drinks. I’m not lactose intolerant. I eat vegetable regularly.

    • How do you think I should style my hair, like a thug with a crew cut?

    • The more vegetables I eat, the more difficulty I have in the bathroom. I don’t eat red meat, and I usually eat poultry only if it’s served to me. On days when I do, I usua;ly have an easier time in the bathroom, although this doesn’t correlate that the overabundance of meat we were served (whether I ate it depended on my SNAP–they liked to screw over shelter people by saying they could eat the shelter food, even ast a place like Project Renewal where the food frequently made people sick–which idiots like you would restate as simply not liking the food) in the shelter system decreased my bathroom frequency.

      • Penisland2684687632578 permalink

        No one cares about your bathroom habits. Talk to your doctor. This is not the type of stuff to post online.

      • Whatever, “Penisland.”

      • Reality Check permalink

        Maaaaaan you must get all the ladies, unemployed 46 year old, fucked up teeth, obese so wouldnt be able to please one even you bought one, talks about shitting and comic books all day. MAN! Them barely legal women you pine over really must be lining up. Maybe you’ll lose your virginity before you’re 50!

      • I’ve got appointments for cosmetic dentistry and a nutritionist later this month.

      • Tubby Tubby 2 by 4 permalink

        Hate to break it to you, porky, but even if you lost 100 lbs and had perfect teeth you would still be a repugnant, hyper-entitled leech. Your jacked up teeth and morbid obesity are the least of the things that make you a reprehensible, subhuman troglodyte.

      • Says someone who harasses complete strangers on the internet.

  5. scott dumpkin permalink

    what is a nutritionist going to do? Tell you to stop stuffing your face?

    • Hey, idiot, I’ve been tracking my calorie intake for over a year and am still not losing weight!

    • It’s fucking hilarious the pride you take in being a simpleton.

      • Scott needs to be institutionalizes permalink

        It’s embarrassing the lengths you go to ignore your own behavior

      • You assume. You don’t even know me.

      • As though yough would have the slightest knowledge about what my behavior is, especially when you claimed that I eat McRibs…

      • Reality Check permalink

        You* god you can’t spell 😦 shows what a waste that masters degree is.

      • Says a guy who says “Scott needs to be institutionalizes”

      • I was trying to reply on my phone and literally couldn’t see what I was doing.

      • Reality Check permalink

        Institutionalized. God man what college did you go to where they couldn’t teach proper spelling?

      • That was a paste of what you wrote, imbecile. That’s why it was in quotation marks.

      • That was a copy and paste of what you wrote, imbecile. That’s why it was in quotation marks. Now you’re literally blaming your own mistakes on me.

      • Reality Check permalink

        Man Tits, I didn’t write that. Get your shit together.

      • Reality Check permalink

        No I did not you walking piss stain, you think i’m the only one that can’t stand your ass? LMAO! The only reason 99% of the people who follow you on social media is to laugh at you. You are a tragedy! Hur hur i’m an intellectual. A REAL INTELLECTUAL DOESNT LABEL THEMSELVES AS ONE. Such an ego, for such a failure. The one 50 year old in all of America who cant find a job despite trying for 30 years. EVERYWHERE IS HIRING. Hell McDeskjobs exist. “Duuuuuur i need to make 75k a year despite having no marketable skills and a masters degree from 1904 that can’t compete with younger people with more experience and newer degrees, guess i’ll whine about it online!”

      • You’re an extremely sick individual who is obessessed with me and needs mental help, and you overstimate my age by a mile. My master’s degree is from 2005 in a liberal arts field, so it dosn’t age that quickly, bnt you’re too fucking stupid to understand that. I applied to 772 administrative assistant jobs alone between 2012 and 2020 and wasn’t allowed to interview for a single one, but you’re too much of a dipshit to get that through your imbecilic head. I was in the hospital two weeks after I graduated, and it took me two years to get a job because the market was shit then, too, and when I was finally employed by an insecure, self-admitted “big baby” who took all his resentments out on me, paid me $8.50 an hour, and let me go immediately after the 2008 crash, yet you make up lies and act like all this was my fault. Someone who harasses me with the frequency that you do is clearly miserable and has no life, in addition to not having any ethics because ethical people don’t punch down.

      • “Everywhere is hiring” is a corporate media lie that’s been disproven.

        Are you ever going to post anything that’s not a whopper and a half?

      • I call myself an intellectual because I can’t stand anti-intellectual types like you.

      • The fact that you need to make up so many lies about me to attack me shows that your ire has no legitimate basis. Your mental illness is clearly extraordinary.

      • The fact that you think liberal arts degrees have substatially changed in the past fifteen years shows what an imbecile you are.

      • It’s not my fault you’re out of touch with reality in terms of housing costs and in terms of getting a response to your job applications.

      • Reality Check permalink

        Wow I was wrong about you, you’ve applied to on average 3 jobs a month in 8 years. That is quite the accomplishment and shows your dedication to bettering yourself. Sure most would be applying to at least 8 a day, in fields they didn’t really like. In places they may have to commute to, at minimum wage jobs, get said job, find a room mate and pull themselves out of the gutter so eventually they could get promoted and be able to afford their own home. But you! You know what you deserve and dont care if you stay homeless forever and end up in a shitty nursing home because you have no real social security because you haven’t worked enough. Just that shitty social security coming. BUT STILL MY GOD THE DEDICATION. You are a matyr. I will dub you Hobo Jesus.

      • You’reeither a fucking idiot or a pathological liar. You’ve already been told that I applied to 3,895 jobs during the period of my homelessness. I was referring specificallu to jobs of that title, and you know it.

        The case for you being stupid is bolstered by your belief that one shuld work a minimum wage job that requires them to commute four hours a day and live with a stranger in spite of having an advanced degree. A rational, intelligent person would question the point of doing that, but you don’t because you are pro-slavery filth who believes that poor people exist to serve the whims of the rich.

      • I know we’ve had this discussion before because I told you about how I was employed in a minimum wage call center job that afforded me no opportunity to look for work because I was dependent upon the library for both computer hardware and internet access, which was not available to me during the hours I wasn’t working or sleeping.

      • Again, as you were already told but too stupid to aborb, the job ended in a mass layoff 45 minutes into the workday.

        Again, as you were already told but too stupid to absorb, my hours at the job were from 11 AM to 7 PM, and my commute was over an hour long. The local library was open from 10 to 5. The Mid-Manhattan Library was open until 9 on Mondays through Thursdays but shut down the computers 45 minutes before closing. I had a flip phone and no Wi-fi at the time, and a desktop computer in the back of a storage unit that I currently can’t even get to turn on and need to take to the shop when I have the extra money just to access the files. I’m not sure when you believe I was supposed to look for and apply for jobs under those circumstances. And the fact that you think that’s fair employment for someone with an advanced defree and $66k (at the time) in student loan dead further exemplifies what a greedy, pro-slavery sick fuck you are.

  6. Bad Finn permalink

    Scott is desperate that he has been expelled from his local religion by disturbing feminine relationships and also by smell.

      • Reality Check permalink

        It is why his immediate family doesn’t want a thing to do with him as well. I mean if i had a brother no way he would be homeless or unemployed for a year let alone a decade

      • Because my brother is a selfish jerk, and giving your attitude, toward me, it’s clear that if you had a brother in my situation you would simply harass him and let in stay homeless.

    • Anybody can make things up abpout people, pederast.

      • Scotty is a card carrying member of NAMBLA permalink

        Oh look, Scotty the Hutt is projecting hard.

        People like you, who look like someone who just got pulled out of the bushes outside an elementary school, ought not be casting aspersions on other people.

      • You cast aspersions on my first, imbecile. Repeating my insult against you just shows how dumb and imitative you are.

    • Is this Jeremy Knowlton? Are you talking about when Gloria Moncrief started ecommunicating longtime members of Unity of Indianapolis, including my dad and Bill Probst, in an attempt to turn it into an all-LGBT church?

  7. Francis Bronnen permalink

    I would not trust my children around Scott.

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