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Proof Positive 100% of Rational People Support Police Abolition

May 26, 2022

Cops are a complete theft of taxpayer dollars. And Reality Check will say “at least they have jobs.” Hey, imbecile, collecting money for a job you’re supposed to do but haven’t done is theft. That’s far worse than not being able to find anyone willing to pay you for something that you’re capab;e of doing. The police should bnot only be fired, but their pensions seized.

Kyle suggests that they be brought up on charges. A precedent against this was set in the Supreme Court decision, The Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales (2005), which says that police are not required to protect anyone. As far as I’m concerned, this makes it impossible, at least as an ethical argument, to steal from police, because they are taking our tax dollars with a false justification, i.e. theft. They don’t protect. They do not serve. Except maybe people who can afford to have private security, which don’t have the legal right to touch people unless they’re touched first.

That Supreme Court decision should have set the majority of the country against police, but generations of tradition have made it hard to convince people that police are neither enforcers of law, but authoritatians who improvise, nor are they a public good. Perhaps this failure will help to jumpstart the police abolition movement.

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  1. La Bao permalink

    This is a good example of police abuse. They can do what they want. They are now CEOs without approved oversight.

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