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Featured on PressTV over the Student Debt Crisis

May 23, 2022

I was expexcting there would be a bit more editing of ther uhs and pauses, and I would have loved to have had a chance to respond to the claim about college graduates earning more by highlighting Robert H. Frank’s comments on how skewed that claim is if one analyzes the statistics more deeply. At least you can tell, especially with Jameson Brewer, that we;re not actually interacting with the host. I also take issue with the blanket assumption that homeless people don’t have student loan debt.

  1. DeBoRah Dickerson permalink

    I find this info regarding People with Lived Experience don’t have Student loan. I had a Student loan and was in default. Up until 3 and 1/2 years ago I wasn’t was because the bank was no longer and existent. In the ’80s the banks were putting black and brown in default. They were not even honoring financial and health derest. I wanted badly to complete all bachelor’s degree in human services. However the loan from financial aid was not enough so you know the rest. Thank God I resolved my student loan just recently. Yes I was homeless and had a student loan

    • I also have $51k in student loan debt that is now over $75k, and IU and CUNY nsre both state schools. I encountered a lot of people with student loan devbt in the shelter system, and I’ve seen news videos about educated people forced to live in their cars in other parts of the country. Needless to say, I had no idea that they were going to make that claim when my part was recorded.

      • Scotmonk permalink

        Did you use the bathroom properly before your ‘interview’?

  2. Monkey permalink

    When is your kpart?

    • It’s cut in throughout as though we’re answering questions from the host, although I don’t think particularly well with either me or the other guy.

  3. babyboy permalink

    I like how they had to blue out your background when you took the full screen. Else everyone would see you live in a total pigsty.

    • I can’t unpack my books and videos without large bookcases. All but two of them collapsed when I vacated my apartment in the Bronx, and the side panels were destroyed during Hurricane Ida, as they were in a basement that got flooded. I don’t have enough money left over from my monthly dividend after paying for bills and necessities to buy them. That’s one reason I’m looking for work.

    • And it didn’t help that Hakan Shakirov publicly promised on my Facebook page to buy me tall bookcases, then told everyone that the ones to which I linked him and ridiculously high shipping costs, when the reality was that I showed him stuff on the Wayfair site that has free shipping on orders over $100. One of our mutual parrotted him ans said that I was the one being unreasonable with such a generous offer.

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