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Gargoyles (1972)

May 8, 2022

Monster Zone

The lead gargoyle!
The lead gargoyle!

Dr. Mercer Boley teams up with local cops and some dirt bikers in the southwestern USA to take-on cave-dwelling gargoyles to save his kidnapped daughter (Jennifer Salt) and prevent all the gargoyle eggs from hatching, which could mean them spreading around the world.

DVD cover
They’re coming for you!

GARGOYLES was originally broadcast on Tuesday, November 21st, 1972 in The New CBS Tuesday Night Movies slot.For a made-for-television production that runs a brief 74 minutes, it boasts lots of on-screen time for the creatures, which were created by Ellis Burman (who designed and built the lead gargoyle), Stan Winston (who did all the background gargoyles) and makeup supervisor Del Armstrong (who oversaw everything).

A gargoyle lurking at the bottom of the bed!
A gargoyle lurking at the bottom of the bed!

Gargoyle vs biker!
Gargoyle vs biker!

The winged leader
The winged leader

The gargoyle creatures are a varied-looking bunch: the leader and his queen have wings, the others don’t, and they have different…

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