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Landlords Deserve to Be Homeless

April 22, 2022

Anyone who profits from making people homeless deserves to experience same.

  1. Reality Check permalink

    Waaaaaaaa ive havent accomplished anything in my life so others should suffer too :(. Hey bitch boy, maybe if you stopped bullying companies and people on facebook iā€™d stop commenting. Eat shit šŸ™‚

    • You have the audacity to call anyone else a bully? Get your head out of your ass!!!

      Who the fuck do you even think that I’ve bullied?

      Landlords do nothing but create suffering. They should suffer, too.

      • Reality Check permalink

        Bitch harrassing overworked employees because you wont get off your ass and get a job is bullying. Go get a job at HRA, whatever fuck ass company your phone is through, those horrible stores you shop at when you rant about a pricing error. AND STOP TAGGING PEOPLE IN FACEBOOK POST WHO DISAGREE WITH YOU OR WHO YOU ARE TRYING TO GET OTHERS TO FLAME

      • Fuck off and die you anonymous coward! Too fucking stupid to understand medically limited to a desk job! Too fucking stupid to understand not filling vacancies due to budget cuts! TOO FUCKING STUPID TO UNDERSTAND LACK OF RESPONSES TO JOB APPLICATIONS!

        When I find out who you are, you’re definitely getting doxxed!!!

      • I’ve been in the workforce since 1994, asswipe! When I was in college, I worked first in supermarkets, then in call centers. Then when I graduated, my mom was insistent that I should be working days rather than evenings and pushed me to sign up with temp agencies (something she later denied), which were not able to steadily provide me with work, especially after 9/11 when everything went dead during the first Bush recession. At that point my mom started to bully me as the resumes went out and the responses didn’t come in. At that time, most businesses wanted you to apply by fax, which meat that Dad or Mom was sending them from work, so if I wasn’t actually applying for those jobs, then my parents were lying through their teeth, but Mom still held me accountable when the calls didn’t come in, and when they did, I didn’t erase them from the answering machine. So when I got accepted to graduate school, I went. Commencement was June 2, 2005, and I was in the emergency room June 15, 2005. And even though I didn’t get a diagnosis until February 2000, I was having tendinosis symptoms back in high school when I would walk to the bowling alley to play video games after school (still fat then despite all that walking), and then everything suddenly got a hell of a lot worse.

        Only a total idiot would call me lazy, and only a total idiot would call one guy with a master’s degree and eight years of homelessness under his belt a “bully” toward big business. It’s like you think you’ll get a gold crown if you say something stupid enough.

    • Your arguments are all illogic shit:

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