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100% of Rational People Consider Capitalism Theft

April 7, 2022

  1. Reality Check permalink

    I consider collecting benefits when you have 200+K theft. Id rather my tax dollars go to people without a nest egg. Tax billionaire but also your ass needs to stop being a leech on society as well.

    • Because you are the scum of the earth who wants me to be forced to do exactly what I did to become homeless the first time. Go harass the owner of the Buffalo Bills, who is a billionaire getting $8.5 million in tax money for a scam that has long since been debunked in a chapter contributed to this book by Philip Mattera:

      The reality is that I have no income and have never had an income I can live on, and that is entirely the fault of other people. As someone with an advanced degree, I did everything right, then got hurt, then effectively got told to fuck off (as though I wasn’t basically told to fuck off after earning my bachelor’s). I’m not stealing from anyone. I had my human rights violated for 99 months because of scumsucking filth like you.

      • USA/UK etc just stole $350 billion from Russia, so I can see where your theft argument on the Big C comes from. Howard G

    • As long as businesses are allowed to use functionally illiterate software to weed out resumes, anyone who blames my poverty and homelessness on me is a blithering idiot:

  2. Reality Check permalink

    No youre stealing from society and an asshole. No matter how you spin it and your failures are all of your own making.

    • Repeating your lies doesn’t make them true. There is no rational way to spin it being my fault that the software decides that my top skills are human resources and architecture because my resume mentions one time that I met with the New York City Human Resources Administration and gave a public presentation at the Columbia University School of Architecture, nor is there a reasonable argument that such things don’t belong on my resume.

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