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LinkedIn Reveals Why They Suspended Me. They’re Still Wrong.

March 30, 2022

My response to them: “And did you also suspend Robert Congdon, who was spewing continuous lies to which I was responding? Context is everything.”

Clearly, this is a battle over ideology, not conduct.

Reference # 220324-013162Status: ClosedView your case(s) on our Help CenterYou may reply to this case for up to 14 days

Response (03/29/2022 08:15 CST)

Hi Scott Andrew,

Thanks for your patience in the matter.

Please find the violating content below you requested for:

Content Creation Time: Thu, 24 Mar 2022 06:46:26 GMT
Bob Killmer We don’t need pathological liars like you who don’t even know how to spell “loser.”

Mar 20 22 01:46:30 UTC
Leslie Fox Look in the mirror.

Content Creation Time: Sun, 16 Jan 2022 17:39:50 GMT
Robert Congdon You are such an elitist pig. Smearing the labor class as drugged up and lazy is proof of it. You believe in twisted, evil myths that the wealthy are virtuous and the poor are not. Who do you think controls the narrative, if not the wealthy? This is an issue of greedy employers, pure and simple. In light of your response to this article– –you are demonstrating what a bloody disgusting hypocrite you are. By saying that businesses have a right to demand more for goods strictly to increase profits while condemning people who demand higher wages as lazy and drug-addled just shows how much of a hypocrite you are. Wealthy people are far more lazy and drug-addled than the poor because they have the least need to work and the most disposable income. I knew a singer who went to a party at Oscar Hammerstein III’s mansion who said it was time to leave when Oscar brought pout the “nose candy.” Apparently, he had nothing better to do with daddy’s money. You seriously need to read Moshe Adler’s Economics for the Rest of Us: Debunking the Science that Makes Life Dismal. Adler is a professor of economics at the University of Tel Aviv.

Content Creation Time: Sun, 02 Jan 2022 03:27:14 GMT
Robert Congdon You’re a liar. You like the idle rich living off the labor of the workers because you’re pro-slavery trash.

Content Creation Time: Sat, 25 Dec 2021 02:19:41 GMT
You are one really sick f— projecting your own greed onto everyone else. I know first hand that the “personal responsibility” cult is the greatest lie ever foisted by the rich onto the poor. It’s mind-boggling what a thieving mentality you have. Also, learn how to use apostrophes. Watch this and understand why everything that you’re spewing is utter garbage:

Due to continued violations, your account will not be restored.


LinkedIn Member Safety and Recovery Consultant

Member (03/28/2022 15:02 CST)

I’m still waiting for an explanation of what my violations were, Was it because I said that Madeleine Albright is a child murderer? It’s no less true than what you’re allowing people to post about Putin. It says “you may reply to this case for 14 days,” but that’s a lie because you won’t let me reply without logging in, and you won’t let me log in.

Member (03/25/2022 13:59 CST)

Since you won’t even tell me what I specifically did that was in violation, I can only assume that this is not being honestly handled.

Response (03/25/2022 08:12 CST)

Hi Scott Andrew,

Thanks for contacting us.

Your account was previously restricted for violating the LinkedIn Terms of Service by posting content that has multiple violations of our Professional Community Policies. Sharing unprofessional content that harasses or bullies others goes against our policies. In order to reinstate your account, we had asked you to review and agree to comply with our User Agreement and Professional Community Policies.

• User Agreement:
• Professional Community Policies:

Due to continued violations, your account will not be restored.


LinkedIn Member Safety and Recovery Consultant

  1. Reality Check permalink

    Seems like a good reason to me

    • Why does it not surprise me that you think spreading lies should be OK for some people? It’s consistent with your own lack of principles, typical of right-wingers.

  2. Larry J permalink

    Linkedin has a right to suspend whomever they want, just like twitter,facebook,instagram,okcupid etc. Dont like it? Build your own website. 🤷🏻

    • It’s a violation of their Terms of Service to arbitrarily suspend people. Their Terms of Service, unfortunately, also limit their liability to $100 to deter lawsuits.

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