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LinkedIn Permanently Suspended Me

March 25, 2022

They didn’t even specify why other than claiming that I broke their Professional Community Agreements. My previous post about this made an assumption. They wouldn’t specify which agreement I violated nor what it was I posted that did it. I wrote back that their unwillingness to disclose this reeks of dishonesty on their part.

So my job search just got much harder, and it’s entirely because of the stupid choices of other people.

  1. Reality Check permalink

    Oh thank god, maybe facebook next.

    • Scotty the Hutt permalink

      Since he is on a 30 day, it is a good chance a permanent suspension is next.

      His account will be flagged and it won’t take much for a permanent. So remember everybody, keep reporting his posts. Won’t take much now.

  2. Scotty the Hutt permalink


    For a self proclaimed “intellectual” you really are a low IQ mouth-breather.

    Their house, their rules. I don’t understand why it is so hard for your little pea-brain to comprehend that simple fact.

    • The fact is that what they are doing is arbitrary and capricious, and the fact that they are completely opaque about it makes them look back to any rational person.

  3. Reality Check permalink

    It should be a public utility :(! Waaaaaaah

    • Yes, it should. If you plot illegal activity over the phone, the phone company can’t stop you, and they aren’t held responsible, either. And nothing I’m doing is illegal.

    • I have a suspicion it’s because I said that Madeleine Albright was a child murderer, which is 100% factual.

  4. Billy permalink

    Scott did you ever think about becoming a furry? It might be a good community for you.

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