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Another shitty reason I can’t post on Facebook

March 8, 2022

They didn’t even give me an option to contest it.

I found a group making fun of right-wing memes called “So this is the right’s fabled memeing ability.”

I posted it like this, captioned, in quotation marks:

“God, forgive me for all the n******s I’m about to shoot just because they scare me.”

The worst part is that they aren’t giving me any option to contest it, nor are they telling me why they’ve suspended me beyond not following community standards. It’s normally much more specific, but if they did it would be ludicrous. With the n-word censored with asterisks, they can’t justify calling it “hate speech.” With the quotation clearly ascribed to the cop, they can’t justify calling it “incitement or violence” because we all know cops shooting black people and claiming that they feared for their lives is a common occurrence, one that’s actually increased since the public has expressed its outrage. Finally, because the meme doesn’t identify the cop in question, and his badge is blurry, he stands in for police in general, so it’s clearly not about bullying or smearing the specific cop in the photo.

Yet another example of Facebook censoring material they can’t possibly justify. The last one they allowed me to contest, and they overturned it within a day. This time I can’t even tell them that they got it wrong. Even if they disagree with me, I should at least be able to complain directly to them that they made a mistake.

  1. Reality Check permalink


    • Fuck off, you pro-censorship piece of trash. It’s only for 29 days.

      • Reality Check permalink

        It’ll happen again, because youre a dumb fuck who cant keep his mouth shut 🙂

      • No, because the bots that police Facebook are dumb fucks that don’t understand anything, such as thinking closed beach umbrellas are an endorsement of the Ku Klux Klan.

  2. Post-script, in another brazen act of flagrantly unwarranted censorship, the group “So this is the right’s fabled memeing ability” was zucced the same day I got suspended. I can’t join the new version of the group ( until my suspension is up.

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