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“Fact Checkers” Have No Qualifications and Should Be Homeless

January 29, 2022

And people are going to have tantrums about my headline just like Politifact did in the above story. So getting a job in journalism is dependent on willingness to push a Koch Brothers narrative, not ability or credentials. The headline is based on people telling me that I deserve to be homeless because I won’t take jobs that my physical disabilities make unsustainable. If that means deserving to be homeless, people who are paid to lie to the public most definitely deserve to be homeless.

  1. Reality Check permalink

    Atleast they have jobs. Any suggestion towards bettering yourself you scoff at that fits within your so called “disabilities” so yes, absofuckinglutely you deserve homelessness and I will be writing the state suggesting stocks/bonds/savings should be considered when receiving welfare because someone like you with 200k in the bank has no business taking a home from someone without two nickels to rub together. Adults pay their OWN bills when they got money to do it.

  2. Meth Mouth permalink

    Dude shut up you dont pay your own bills the hard earned money your parents made does. Your rent is paid from their house which was sold. Get off your bluberous ass and get a job. Maybe if you ate some actual fruit and vegetables and cooked something other than from a can you wouldnt be a fat ass and your digestive issues would resolve. The ego of someone who hasnt had a real job ever is mind boggling

    • Congratulations on being a pathological liar.

    • Please provide a detailed explanation of how one gets a job for which one has not been allowed to interview. 3.895 jobs leading to 33 interviews leading to eight hires for stated short-term work. I’ve said it over and over again, but you just keep ignoring it.

      I buy fresh produce all the time, which is one of the reasons my SNAP benefits run out so quickly.

      Claiming that I’ve never had a real job is your own lying ego talking.

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